How to Start a Brake Replacement & Repair Business in Bangladesh

Start a Brake Replacement & Repair Business in Bangladesh

How to Start a Brake replacement & repair Business in Bangladesh

Indeed, starting brake replacement and repair business in Bangladesh is a profitable business. As brake check is one of the routine things for the car owners, there are scopes to start a brake replacement & repair business in Bangladesh.

This is because brakes are the crucial things that prevent accidents during driving an auto. When many auto accidents are caused by the faulty brake, auto drivers are advised to check and repair their brakes once they notice something is amiss in their braking system.

For example, when you’ll notice a squealing or grinding sound you must check your brake immediately. So, a brake repair shop is a business you can start if you have the knowledge of auto repair. But, you might be wondering thinking about what you need to start a brake repair business in Bangladesh.

Identify the Scope of a Brake replacement & repair Business in Bangladesh

You have to identify to what extent you will help them and how many customers you plan to help per day. If you start from scratch or buy a current shop, you must determine it.

When you’re buying new, it means you have to buy everything including tools and equipment and you already have everything you need to run your business. But, you get the advantages of marketing and the recognition of a national brand name if you can afford it.

This is because the financial barrier to entry is high. So, it’s the most important right here to determine the scope of a brake replacement & repair Business in Bangladesh.

Discover a Strategic Location

You need to put the highest priority while choosing the location to main roads or highways to set up a brake replacement & repair Business in Bangladesh. It’s at the base of the customers and it needs to be in a central location. They may go somewhere closer if you are not near your customers. That’s why towing services are normally charged by the mile.

As it allows customers to drive their cars in, a high ceiling of at least 15 feet to accommodate car lifts, the garage needs a wide access. Because it helps the mechanics when checking the cars, look for a location with good natural lighting. What you need more a waiting area for customers who plan on waiting for their cars to complete repairing and space should have an office area for your administrative needs.

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Get the Equipment

When you’re with a brake replacement & repair Business, Your equipment is one of the most important things. If you need to buy them, you can visit the online shops. You need a wide range of equipment, which is depending on the services you provide. What you need as basics are three of them below:

Expert set of mechanic’s tools

If you buy this set, you’ll get 200 or more pieces with it. It comes with various tools including a variety of wrenches, hex keys along with a wide range of various nuts and bits.

Diagnostic machine

This is the machine that reads engine’s fault codes and shows the data with the display using a live sensor of the engine.

Car Lifts

In order to make you and your machine work, car lift raises the car. And if you have 4 to 6 of them, that is good to start working for the brake replacement & repair Business.

Understand the Startup Costs

You need to know the total predictable cost to get up and running before you spend a dime opening your shop. Otherwise, you might run out of funds before gaining your first customer if you don’t do that. The most common and expensive line items easily can predict while it’s impossible to project certain costs ahead of time. Your cost might be more than the said amount, but you can start with this.

It depends on construction costs and buying a building and making alterations can significantly change that number. However, you have to a good option to reduce the price if you can buy or rent an existing brake replacement & repair Business.

Get Licenses and Permits

Your auto repair business needs an auto body repair license or the equivalent, in addition to the trade or business license.

You can register your company either as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship business. Also, you need to get a trade license and tax identification number along with other local requirements. If you follow zoning requirements, you’ll get all necessary paper works that you need.

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Also, there may be subject to value-added tax for some of your inventory. As the paper works are essential, you can’t start your business without them. But, there is another option that’s you can talk to your lawyer if you’re not familiar with these terms.


Networking and establishing relationships with car dealerships is one of the best ways to promote the brake replacement & repair Business.

If you have mechanics that are expert to work on particular brands of cars, it’s one way to get work from dealers.  It’s more likely to refer clients to you when a dealer knows that you specialize in fixing its brand of car.

Mechanical knowledge on auto repair

Either from experience or from having enrolled on an auto repair program, you should know how to repair vehicles. Moreover, you must have experience working in auto repair shops is a must.

If you want to boost your credential, you should get a certificate from any institute for automobile servicing course. Replacing the brake linings resurfacing the rotors and/or drums etc is usually involved in a brake repairing job.

Distinguish when to wonder

Rotors and drums can be resurfaced rather than replaced altogether in many cases. But, if they’ve become worn beyond specific safety limits then sometimes they really will need to be replaced. And the rebuilding or replacement of failed calipers, wheel cylinders etc is the other potentially necessary repairs. However, if anything needs to be replaced and the rotors or drums need to be resurfaced then ask for reasons and evidence. As it’s a common rule, you have to investigate it carefully.