10 Profitable Business Ideas in the Food Industry UK

Business Ideas in the Food Industry UK

Profitable Business Ideas in the Food Industry

There are plenty of options out there if you’re passionate about the food industry UK and keen to start a food-related business. Also, they are all about not cupcakes only. Moreover, some food business ideas can be run from home and require low investment to start.

The UK food industry is one that requires great fervor and tenacity to survive in and it’s one of the more democratic sectors to enter.

It must carve out a niche and promise something more special than the myriad foodie start-ups vying for a share of the market when any business entering the food industry.

As you must be prepared to subvert them with innovative culinary creations and expect hard, physical work and long unsociable hours, the foodpreneur must have a palette finely tuned to contemporary tastes and trends.

What are 10 Profitable Business Ideas in Food Industry UK?

The ‘fourth meal’ is going to be big in 2018 according to the Waitrose Food & Drink report predicts of this year. In the increasingly busy lifestyles, Britons are adapting their eating schedules.

It means that we might squeeze in the fourth meal before bedtime if dinner is particularly early one evening.

So, let’s find out a suitable one for you from these top 10 profitable business ideas in food industry UK below. Upcoming Topics:

  1. The healthy food business in Food Industry UK
  2. Food truck business in Food Industry UK
  3. Raw food business
  4. Food waste business
  5. Food business for Christmas
  6. Food technology business
  7. Baby food business
  8. Homemade food
  9. Bakery
  10. Banana Wafer Making

1. The healthy food business in Food Industry UK

With growing demand for healthy snacks, healthy fast food, and healthy meal planning, healthy food in food industry UK is a big business idea. You’ve plenty of options, from setting up a food stall to baking low-calorie cakes if you’re interested in starting a healthy food business.

However, this could really hit the spot if you’ve got a new healthy foodstuff to bring to the market.

Some of the latest food businesses that are redefining healthy eating earlier in the year include ‘crisps’ made of fruit, ‘rice’ made of cauliflower etc.

2. Food truck business in Food Industry UK

You’re now likely to spot food trucks business at hip street food stalls and festivals as well as on the roadside, but the words ‘food truck’ conjured the image of a burger van parked once upon a time.

From fancy hot dogs to curry, and from coffee to cocktails, a vast range of food and drink is served from food vans.

However, you have to consider the practicalities carefully if you fancy starting a food truck business of your own.

Moreover, if you’re planning to park on public land there are various licenses and permits that you’ll need.

3. Raw food business

It doesn’t necessarily mean cooking while starting a food business. You could consider setting up a raw food delivery box business, selling raw food snacks online, or starting a raw food stall if you’re enthused by raw food.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to speak to local health food shops first to see if you’ve developed your own raw food products.

Also, if you want to test your product and get the word out you can go to food fairs and healthy food festivals. So, write a raw food blog and be active on social media is important because there’s a whole community of raw food fans out there.

4. Food waste business

The problem of food waste is a whole bunch of recent food startups. Besides, in order to make it into juices and chutneys, which are then sold locally, the Brighton Permaculture Trust has been picking tonnes of waste fruit from orchards.

So, you can talk to an existing business owner may be a good place to start if food waste business appeals to you. It could be one of the great business ideas that’ll bring money and fame.

5. Food business for Christmas

You could sell luxury Christmas hampers online if you’d like to run a seasonal food business.

Or, you can apply for a pitch at a Christmas food market to sell edible Christmas tree and decorations homemade Christmas cakes.

Additionally, you could run a festive supper club in the weeks running up to Christmas if you’re an excellent cook and a consummate host. As a foodie genius, though, these business ideas rely on you having a solid reputation.

In this concern, make sure your culinary credentials are up to scratch and work on your food blog!

6. Food technology business

But, you’ll need to make sure your product is unique, useful and well-designed if food technology is your thing. So, get your friends and family to try it first and work up a prototype.

You can apply for a patent if you want to protect your invention. Although the process can take around five years, you can heed the government’s warning that patents can be expensive and complex.

7. Baby food business in UK

If you’ve spotted a gap in the market it’s a viable business idea of making and selling baby food. Mothers couldn’t find tasty readymade meals for her daughter.

It wasn’t keen on the idea of baby food from a jar as well. So, mother and former MasterChef contestant Lesley Harris set up her baby food business Super Dish.

It sells nutritious frozen ready-meals for babies. These include herby couscous and a five vegetable ratatouille. So, why not you start this business on your own? It’s one of the great and small business ideas to start for many entrepreneurs.

8. Homemade food

There is a resurgence in popularity of the artistic food. So, it’s a great time to share your cake-making skills with your consumers!

If you get your recipe right, you can make delicious foods.

The foods include biscuits, bread, sweets, jams, preserves, cakes etc.

9. Bakery

You also can start a bakery business, which is one of the most profitable food processing business opportunities.

The biggest factor in getting success in bakery business is to select the right product and proper marketing strategy.

You’ll need to choose the specific products for your bakery business According to the demand and financial aspect.

10. Banana Wafer Making

You can start banana wafer making a business where banana wafers are under-ripe bananas.

They need to cut into slice dipped in syrup solution and then dry by oven or under the sun. After that, they’re ready to eat as a dessert or snack food. You can sell them in the local market and export in the foreign as well. As its small-scale basis, you can start this business.


These are 10 profitable business ideas in Food Industry UK that you can start of your own. Moreover, you can do some other small businesses as well.

These include Biscuit Making, Bread Production and many more. You’ll need to be prepared to spend a long time getting your branding and packaging right if you want to follow in the footsteps of Lesley. This is because it can be a hard market to crack for the starter.