Business Plan Outline – Checklist of a Business Plan

Business Plan Outline – Checklist of a Business Plan


Learn how to write a business plan. Write a business plan sample or proposal by using this formula. A business plan should take into consideration the checklist in the process of its preparation. In addition, it is advisable in order to avoid defects in the plan resulting from missing some important variables.


The art of preparing good business plans should include nine sections. In general, the nine sections are- introduction, basic consideration, competitive advantage, production, marketing, management, accounting & finance, conclusion, and appendixes.

Here is the checklist of a business plan. Let’s introduce with these lists.

A plan to be complete in order to satisfy the needs of the entrepreneurs should include the following.

  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Description of the business.



Basic consideration

  1. Acceptability of products or services.
  2. Legality of products or services.


Accounting and Finance

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Income statement
  3. Ration analysis
  4. Cash flow analysis
  5. Break-even analysis
  6. Profitability

Business Plan Outline – Checklist of a Business Plan

Competitive Advantage

  1. Potential market share of the proposed enterprise
  2. Market share of the existing company
  3. Likely response of the competitorDevelop a Business Plans


  1. Choosing a products or service for production or delivery
  2. Maintain and servicing
  3. Insurance
  4. Controlling wastage
  5. Make or buy to resale
  6. Equipment and machinery
  7. Quality control
  8. Delivery schedule



  1. Products or service description
  2. Advertising and promotion
  3. Price determination
  4. Distribution
  5. Target customers
  6. Market demand
  7. Marketing area
  8. Market segmentation
  9. Location


Buying habits and capacity of the target customers.



  1. Management skills requirements
  2. Personnel-management polices
  3. Organization hierarchy
  4. Customers relations policies
  5. Inventory controls.




  1. The individual and overall impression of the study by the consultant.
  2. Benefits gained by the owners.
  3. Additional reference for business owners on the subject matter.



  1. A map.
  2. Trade association.
  3. Layouts.
  4. Flyer.

A good plan is a key to success in all business. If you have an idea but you have no good plan then the ideas would not too effective. As a result, a plan is very important to start a business.