How to Choose a Good Location for Business in the UK

Ways to find a Good Location for Business in the UK

How to Choose a Good Location for Business in the UK

If you’re looking for a good location for business, we can help you with this concern. It’s easy to find out a place for your business, but it’s difficult to get a right location for a business that you need.

This is because a business location factors much to start and get success in the business. Moreover, in the Four P’s: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place, it’s the place or location.

It’s one of the foundational concepts taught in almost every introductory marketing course. Also, place refers to distribution. It’s the location where your customer evaluates and ultimately receives your service or product.

Although it’s critical for restaurants, retailers, and even many service businesses, this may not matter much for people who work virtually, or who run a business that drop-ships from a third party.

Points to Consider Choosing a Good Location for Business in the UK

Though good location for business one of the most important things to consider getting success in the business, ironically, it’s often the most ignored.

That’s why you can make a huge impact on its performance while finding the right location for business you own. Also, it’s more than just choosing a building when you find a location for your business.

Probably, it’s given up while opening your business in your own town, or even your part of town. However, consider the points to select a location of your business are below:


As do regulatory requirements income taxes and sales taxes vary greatly from state to state. What about the state you live in?

Is it entrepreneurship-friendly for the specific type of business you want to start on? If it’s not, or even possible to open your business in a nearby state if you live near a state line, it’s the time to consider a move.


From city to city, even within the same state, it varies the rent and other costs, availability of labor, taxes, regulations, and government economic incentives. Or, the perfect spot for your business would be a small town.

An annual list of the Best U.S. Cities for Small Business publishes in the Entrepreneur Magazine. You can get the idea from the list.

Part of town for a Good Location for Business

Type of commute that involves with the business is important to know.

Also, know if the part of town consistent with the image of your business or not. Moreover, according to the good location for business, rent varies.

Get attached with others

If a location relates to other business, parking, and street, it can draw attention to the clients. So, if you want to be visible and/or easily accessible to pedestrian and automobile traffic, you have to attach with them.

Also, when you’re closed to businesses that draw a similar clientele, it’ll help you to bring in more customers. You’ll do very well next to a gym when your sporting goods are near it.

Location Type

Decide the type of your business before of getting the business location, such as warehouse or retail. Here, retail is the more expensive of the two in general. You must also think about these 12 incredibly important factors that’ll affect your business while cost is obviously a major consideration. So, think about who the location is going to be important to when you’re in the process of finding a location for your business.

How to choose a Good Location for Business that may be a major factor?

  • You: If this one doesn’t feel right space has to work for you, or it won’t work. So, it’s time to find another one. But, keep in mind that you’re the one who has to work in it daily.
  • Your customers: As you know “No customers = no business”, so it won’t work if don’t work for your customers.
  • Your employees: If you don’t have any employees yet, this issue may not be as critical at first. However, keep good employees will affect your location so that they can attract customers.
  • Strategic partners: When the partners are local to each other, the reality is that strategic partnerships happen more easily.
  • Cost: Can you afford it or not? Moreover, consider if your customers and employees can afford the business. Such as, is it expensive or, there free parking? Etc. But, if you buy your own property income taxes and sales taxes vary greatly from state to state. In addition, you have to consider the points, such as Convenience, Safety, Prestige, Traffic, Facility requirements, Zoning etc.

Skill base in the area

Check out it can fulfill your needs and find out the skill base in the area. Moreover, take into account the employment rates. It’s best to go to where there is a healthy bank of talent if you rely on skillful workers.

Choosing a location that’s lacking in necessary talent may be the start of your business’s downfall because employees are often a business’s biggest asset.

Also, if you subsequently decide to interview and hire someone some recruitment agencies will happily send you CVs on spec to gauge the market.

On the other hand, it’ll quickly show you the caliber of employees in a particular area when you’re posting a free job via an online job site.

Potential for growth

You must ensure whether the premises be able to accommodate business growth or a spike in demand or not. It’s not only time consuming and costly but moving premises is a big upheaval as well.

As to whether the premise you are choosing is a short-term location, even if you would like to stay there for the long haul a decision needs to be made.

As a result, the premises’ suitability for your business needs, so a location’s flexibility could be a very important factor. You can check more: Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners

Business Rates in the Good Location for Business

It’s true that “Cash is King”. If you want to survive and pay its bills, cash flow is critical as it determines the viable ability for a business.

So, researching the average Business Rates including rent, utility bills, and taxes in the area is important.

Before committing to a location, check out the hidden costs such as deposits and whether you need to pay to park need to be snuffed.

Also, you can prevent a commitment outside your means by estimating the living cost of the location.


You know that a fully informed decision involves a fairly complex matrix of issues for any business.

So, keep an open mind about your options, determine your priorities, and do your research to find out a good location for business of your own. Additionally, we’re here to help you with all aspect. Just knock us and let us know your issue.