Cleaning Products Business Plan

Cleaning Products Business Plan

Cleaning Products Business Plan

About this business
Cleaning products are a high wanted product. People clean everything every time, everywhere. From churches to schools to homes and offices, people always require cleaning products. Potential clients for this business include cleaning companies, schools, churches, and businesses. Plus, you can sell directly to anyone who cleans. Products can be sold in person, at home parties or even over the Internet.

Investment- Cleaning Products Business Plan

The investment required to start up this venture is not more than around $70,000.

1. Shop
2. Suppliers
3. Register your shop
4. Permits and license
5. Employees

Business Location – Cleaning Products Business Plan

Your business location should in a busy traffic area so that you can get noticed by the passers-by. And so that people can visit your shop when they are in need of products

How to start – Cleaning Products Business Plan


Find a company that makes the type of cleaning products you want to sell. Many companies are offering environmentally friendly products now, so that might be a niche you can promote. You will need to determine how you will sell these products and who you will target with your marketing program.

Draft your promotional materials. You will require a name for your business, a logo, brochures, a website and other promotional materials like a catalog or flyer. Get help from a local graphic designer if you are unsure of your creative ability to do this yourself.

Call your state tax department and your city clerk’s office for guidance. You may need a permit to operate a business out of your home and also materials so that you can collect sales tax on orders you take.

Describe your materials. You can advertise your business at different venues, like a flea market, fair, or home party, where you can demonstrate how great your cleaning products are. Keep advertising materials and order forms handy so that customers can order from you. If you can, store products to sell directly at the time of your demonstration.

Market and promote your products

You can do this by giving away business cards and flyers were permitted on public bulletin boards, such as in supermarkets, restaurants, and libraries. Make some calls to area schools and churches and know where they get their cleaning products. You can offer a description as well as ask if you can bid the job. Many schools are replying to parents by looking for and using new “greener” products in their classrooms. Ask cleaning companies where they purchase their products. You may be able to offer them a more profitable deal or–if you are selling eco-friendly products–suggest to them a new niche for their business.

Merchandise your products online. Consider having a partnership up with a company that will drop ship your products for you, so that you don’t have to worry about packing and shipping your orders to your customers.

Keep up to date with trends in cleaning products. Staying up-to-date with news in your business will help you give the best customer service possible to your clients.

Target markets – Cleaning Products Business Plan

Your target markets are the big institutions like schools, churches etc. and also the local customers. It is your duty to provide your customers with the best products. Also, keep up a good relationship with your suppliers.

Qualification – Cleaning Products Business Plan

You do need a degree to establish this business. However, ever a degree in management might make things a lot easier for you. But do not get disheartened if you do not have one. You can easily educate yourself by reading articles and blogs online.

Advantage – Cleaning Products Business Plan

The business can be run online if you have a low budget to lease a shop. Online cleaning products shop today are making huge profits these days.

Key to success

Your key to success in this business is marketing. Promote your shop, since you are starting new. You need to grab everyone’s attention in order to get profits in your business.

Possible earnings
$300,000-$400,000 per year.