Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Which is best for Bangladesh to Start a Business?

Dairy Vs Goat Farm

Dairy Vs Goat Farm Which is best for Bangladesh to Start a Business

This is one of the questions that’s so difficult to answers the greatness of dairy Vs goat farm, which is close to the debate of egg and hen. As it prompts us to look into owning our own dairy animals at the beginning of our homestead journey, these reasons, joint with the fact that people are crazy do-it-yourself people.

And there are many proud goat-milkers for several years before finally purchasing our first milk cow because goats were our gateway animal into the world of home dairying.

Although goats have been dried up for a while and we are exclusively milking our cow, many are still very much pro-goat, there are definitely advantages to each animal–and people are highlighting the pros and cons for you today.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm of Bangladesh Context

It’s essential to identify how exactly you acquire it when you decide that raw milk is a priority for your family. As cows for the dairy purpose are somehow expensive and many people have not the ability to buy them.

Also, cow farming, even for a single cow, is a difficult task for many people as it takes a lot of time. But, goat farming not only easy but also sometimes it doesn’t need any extra care as it can grow itself. You can bring up a goat or two without a high investment and a lot of time that you don’t have.

That’s why there are two main reasons for goat farming, such as the milk itself and the animals themselves. Moreover, in order to find out the best one, we’re going to discuss of their characteristics that will make you clear which one is the best among dairy Vs goat farm of Bangladesh context.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Taste of Milk

It’s the most important to discuss among other points of the diary Vs goat farm. If you don’t like the flavor of the milk coming in from your barnyard then all of the other considerations don’t matter. Also, it’s important to decide which flavor of milk you prefer.

And, if you won’t drink it then it’s not necessary to go through the hassle. But, when you use to from the store, you can’t expect raw cow’s milk to taste the same. When milk is starting to sour many people been drinking their own cow’s milk for years the stuff at the store tastes an awful lot like.

On the other hand, as it’s clean, properly handled, and breed can all factor into the flavor, many are concerned that goat’s milk tastes “goat-ey.” Although some people dislike the odor of goat milk for its high concentration, they are enriched with different mineral and vitamins more than cow milk.

So, we can’t define your tastes and your selection, but we think goats’ milk is tastier than the cows in the debate of dairy Vs goat farm.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Initial Expense

You can guess it simply that the upfront cost of purchasing a cow is considerably higher than a goat, which is definitely not something you want to get a deal on.

You get what you pay for in the dairy world. And don’t go bragging it up too much if you got a killer deal on your livestock.

So, it’s the time that will tell which one of you it is when you got the short end of the stick. Also, avoid buying a cheap animal because they could be sickly, incapable of breeding, have a bad temperament.

Moreover, as you don’t know anything at all about those animals- where they come from, how they were raised, what health problems they might have, you should not buy your animals at an auction.

Lastly, you can buy a decent goat for less then BDT5K when it’s smaller in size instead of buying a cow for BDT50K to BDT100K.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Quantity of Milk

Goats will probably give you just enough milk to drink and a bit more to play with depending on the breed. On the other hand, cows will most likely give you a surplus of milk that’s enough for you need to manage.

So, the debate of dairy vs goat farm goes for cows in this case as they provide a plenty of milk that you can fill your family need and even you can sell some of them.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Quantity of Cream

As goat’s milk is naturally homogenized, its fat globules are smaller and don’t rise to the top of the jar to form a cream line. That means a goat might not be the best fit if part of the attraction in having a dairy animal for you is using cream to make butter.

But, goat’s milk is good in this fact for those who are lactose intolerant. It’s the size of those smaller fat globules that do while it’s not the cream itself that makes the milk more digestible. So, drinking goat’s milk may solve your belly troubles if you have problems digesting cow’s milk.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Amount of Pasture

Regardless of breed, a milk cow is going to need significantly more acreage than goats as they are large in sizes. The rule of thumb is 1 head per acre with cattle while you can feed 5 or more goats on 1 acre of good pasture. But, if you plan to keep her calf or kids for any length of time then you’ll need more than that.

Also, when your pasture quality is marginal, you’ll need more. Moreover, that’s not always the case and with the lower feed bill also comes lower yields while smaller cattle breeds may eat less.

Dairy Vs Goat Farm: Fencing

As goats are little escape artists, they need more secure, permanent fencing with 4″ squares so that they can’t stick their heads through along with at least 4′ high fence.

You may want to consider running a strand of electric around the inside as well since goats will climb the fence. Since escaping and getting stuck in the fence decreases their protection from predators, it discourages that behavior and protects your investment and possibly even the life of your beast.

On the other hand, if you train your cows then fencing will be inexpensive. As 50% of our pasture is not permanent, the only issues we’ve had with this type of fencing is when calves breakthrough. But, it’s a problem for the first week and after that, they tend to hang out with the rest of the herd.

Our Recommendation

We wholeheartedly recommend starting out with a couple goats if you’re a beginning homesteader. This is because they are a wonderful introduction to the world of home dairying.

Also, you don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash to start as they are cheaper in price. They just need to provide a water-tight fence so that you can prevent escaping. But, a cow just might be the perfect addition when you are ready for the next step. So, in the debate over dairy vs goat farm both are won for the context of Bangladesh.