How to Donate Car to Charity 2018

How to Donate Car to Charity 2018

How to Donate Your Car to Charity 2018


We warmly welcome you to this post because you want to donate car to charity. You have a great heart to help others and that’s why you want to donate your car to a charity.  Indeed, your this contribution will be very important sources of income for the charity. Here in this post, we tried to find out the easy ways to donate car to charity 2018.

Understand donate car is an exact decision for you.


Before deciding to donate a car to a charity you have to know your tax deduction. How much will save of your tax deduction is completely depends on your income tax bracket. Suppose the car you want to donate to a charity is the prized at $2,000. On the other hand, if your income tax bracket is 20%, then the value of tax deduction will be $400. So before you donate a car you have to understand all the tax deduction.


Know the market value of your car

Before donating car to a charity you need to know the market value of the car. You should use trusted car valuation services.

Compare the car with your other cars.

Whenever you want to donate a car to a charity it is very good decision for you. But at the same time, you have to good backup also. Before donating a car to a charity you have to ensure you choose the perfect car to donate.

Choose the needy charity to donate car

This is the most important step to donate a car. There are a lot’s of charity who wants to chat with you. Before choose a charity you need to know if they are qualifying charity. The most important step you have to keep in mind that all the charity does not qualify for tax deduction.

Ensure the Charity accept donation when it is a car!

There is much charity who wants money instead of the car. So you have to make sure they receive cars as a donation.

Make donation and fill out all papers carefully

Donating a car is an easy process. It is like you call a charity and give them the key to your car, it’s very easy. But it is important to find out the perfect and needy charity when you are donating your car.