Duck and Fish Mixed Farming Methods

Duck and Fish Mixed Farming Methods

Duck and Fish Mixed Farming Methods

According to fish scientists, adopting a pond and integrated farming method of fish is very easy to gain more easily. There are many benefits to this method, for which there is no additional fertilizer and food for the pond. Duck shit abandoned waste and poisonous food are used as fish food. On the other hand, poultry snails, mussels, aquatic insects, feeding the needs of the water hyacinth and keeping the pond well.

The duck mixing the ground beneath the pond and mixing the soil into the water. It consumes toxic gases. Fish grows faster. At the same time income from fish, poultry and eggs can be earned. Additional income can be arranged by keeping poultry. A good variety of ducks yielded up to 300 eggs per year. This duck name is Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner.

A house can be built on pond, bamboo or closed water, there is no separate place for the duck. Destroy damaging plants and animals of poultry. Above all, the cost of production of fish and poultry is low. Benefits of collecting duck eggs. Increase the amount of oxygen in water by shifting duck water.

Ducks control the growth of damaged plants grown in pond water. Ducks farming on the banks of rivers, ponds, and wetlands are very profitable. In this article, I would like to discuss Duck and fish mixed farming methods. The discussion is given below-

Pond created

If you want to implement this project correctly, you will need a pond of 40-50 percent area. 100-150 ducks, 1500-1800 fish pond, duck house. It is better to do these plans. It is better if the guard’s room is on the south side of the duck house. To implement this project properly, the pond around the pond should be tied high with soil.

The pond should be reformed. Apply lime to pond at 1 kg per century. After the application of lime, water will be supplied. Remember to leave fish after 2-3 weeks of application of lime.

No weed can be kept in the pond, even if it is a pan, it will be cleaned. There should be measures to reduce or increase the pond water. To clean the harmful fish, animals, and plants from the pond. No need to fertilize. Because duck shit will work as fertilizer.

To select fish of any kind

Due to the cultivation of poultry, various kinds of fish are produced in the pond. For this reason, different types of fishes should be cultivated from different food habits.

Besides, different species of fish eat different levels of food. Fish species eat fish at the upper level of silver carp and Katla-water; Acreage of carp-pond in grass and weeds and grass, common carp and pond in the food of the underground food, said Fisheries experts. You can also cultivate different species of fishes such as Mrigell, Lalibous, Mirror carp, and Sarpunti.


The possible number of fish

For every century, silver carp 10-15, Katla / brigade 6, mrigal 6, Kaliboush 3, grass carp 3, Sarputi 7-10. After 10 to 12 months fish will be suitable for sale.


Duck Room

The room will be built on the pond or on the pond. If the height of the house is 5-6 feet good. Bamboo, cane, tin, chhon, straw etc. can be used to make the house. The room should be open and free from snakes and rats.

It would be better to place the house on two floating drums. Duck fish will fall in the pond which will be the food of the fish. The room can be filled anywhere in the pond. Arrangements should be made to take or close the room with a rigged rope. For every duck, there will be two square feet of room.

The door of the house should be so big so that the duck can keep the head high in the house. There will be no room on the wall or roof of the house, which can light up with it.

The bottom floor should be made of bamboo sheets as well as tightness so that the fluid can fall into the water with a little gap. Straw should be made in thick 6 inches on the floor so that duck can lay eggs in the night.

After the evening, the doors of the house should be properly pushed into the pond, so that the hare or other animals cannot come in the duck. Or dump the pond and water in the pond with the cistern. You have to step down from the house to the pond. Learn How to Start Fish Farming

Duck varieties and numbers

Indian runner gives 200-250 annually, zinding and khaki camel 230-250 eggs. These varieties are useful for keeping. These ducks give eggs from the age of five months to two years. Two ducks can be performed in the pond every two ducks. Every pond should have two to three male ducks. A total of 100 ducks can be observed for 40-50 percent.


Required Equipment

  1. Feeder: Feeder or Feed Hopper Tin or made of plastic or wood and can be eaten in both directions; 4 feet tall 10 feeders;
  2. Liter: Rice or wheat straw, rice husk can be used, but it is better to use a straw;
  3. Egg laying house: Egg laying house is not needed for the duck. If you give rice straw with the walls of the main house or wall, put the eggs in the stomach and the eggs will be clean. To collect eggs in the basket or tray.

Up to 6 months of age (excluding land and house): 1100 children will be able to pay Tk. Up to 6 months of age 550 children’s meal cost (food 6 months of age 15 kg and cost per kg 18 rupees) 1,48,500 Other expenses are Tk 5,000. Total investment is 1 lakh 75 thousand 500 taka.

Duck food

The amount of meat in the diet should be 17-18 percent for the duck and 21 percent for the duck. For duck-balanced foods, half-baked wheat 45% -46%, rice cooked 27% -30%, sesame oil 14% -12%, fish powder 12% -10%, molasses 1.5% -2 5%, salt for both 5% and vitamin and mineral 1.5 g / kg and 2 grams / kg. In addition to feeding poultry like pond weeds, khudapana, cottage, insects, kachighas, leaves, mussels, snails etc., almost half the demand is met. Duck food and water should be given in separate containers.

Usually two to two months of age, the duck will be fed four to five times a week, two to three times a day, and growing ducks twice. An adult poultry needs to be fed 110 grams per day. The duck will be eaten for the first time at 9 am.

Then they will have to leave the pond. Before sunset, you have to eat again at home. You should keep the water and food for the night so that the duck can eat arbitrarily.

Places of Duck Delivery: You can contact for duck delivery to your nearest farm.

Duck Disease prevention

Duck diseases are less. Duck plague cannot be saved. Therefore, it is better to prevent disease. Duck room, food utensil, and water tank should be kept clean and clean. The diseased poultry should be removed from the team and after the death, the soil will be laid down. Vaccination vaccine should be given.


The main benefits of poultry and fish farming are-

  1. A poultry can spread 3-4 kg of the biological pond every month. There may be 1 kg extra fish from 3-4 duck organic fertilizers.
  2. Duck helps in cultivating fish by taking unwanted weeds of the pond.
  3. Snails, black beans, insects, which produce poultry eggs by eating things that do not come to the fish.
  4. Fishery and poultry farming can be increased to 1-15 ton (fish poultry) production per hectare in a year.

In summing up, duck farming is an integrated farm system with fish. Each other’s helpful if there is a combination of fish and poultry in the pond, then production will be available in the limited area. Many people in Bangladesh can be able to produce a double crop if they know the method of cultivation.

Fisheries and poultry practices in some places have been introduced in many developed countries. Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc. have been widely spread in the country.

Duck can be called a biosocial manufacturing machine in the pond. Due to the cultivation of fish for the cultivation of duck, continuous organic fertilizer can be spread at very low cost. So, everyone should do this farming aptly.