How to Be an Ecommerce Consultant in the UK

Be an Ecommerce Consultant in the UK

Be an Ecommerce Consultant in the UK

Are you ready to join the growing e-commerce industry being an E-commerce Consultant in the UK? If yes, then go with this guide and you’ll find the right directions to get success in this career. As you know, Ecommerce Consultant is the best business idea among many. E-commerce consulting services not only require a very low investment but you can start it at home. So, if you’re ready to get this challenging job for you, you must go with us to read the content till to the end.

Overview of the Ecommerce Consultant in the UK

The online spend in 2017 and Christmas 2015 was around £17.7bn. In the amount, with countless shoppers shifting behind their screens, UK mobile ordering for the festive season rose to 49.7%. This number of shoppers has used the online platform instead of going to the crowd at the highway shops. While globally the figure sits in the trillions over £260bn is thought to be spent online every year in Britain alone. So, you can give the top priority to be an E-commerce Consultant in the UK.

Qualities of a Professional Ecommerce Consultant

An Ecommerce Consultant must have the professional attitude with some special qualities. These include finding new clients, enhancing content strategy, Competitive Research Analysis, Detailed Market Research, SEO Copywriting etc. Moreover, he has to select KPIs for a Marketing Strategy, Expertise in Analytics and Data-Driven Strategy etc.

What does an Ecommerce Consultant do?

With the above-said qualities, an Ecommerce Consultant does almost all for your business development. So, let’s discuss what an Ecommerce Consultant does.

Keyword Research

Customers search for you through online channels about your business. It means that your ecommerce consultant needs to know keyword research with high-quality. Through this research, you’ll get a view of how you can serve your customers better and what they’re looking for. So, if you want to grow your business, you have to ensure the online consultant knows the basics of SEO and how to use search engine optimization. But, if they don’t know how to perform detailed keyword research for your company you should not hire a digital marketing consultant. Now, let’s see what a professional ecommerce consultant has to know:

  • Keyword research with the best keyword research tools
  • Valuable keywords for your business
  • Method to use keywords in your content

Ecommerce Consultant Provides Great ideas

A professional ecommerce consultant provides a potentially great idea when you hire to work for you. Being attentive to observe every daily situation from an entrepreneurial point of view, they are all about opening your mind. You see and think if its products could be sold on the Internet if they aren’t already when you’re walking around, have a look at every single physical business. Without filtering them, a consultant observes and writes down any ideas that he/ she may think of.

Analyze the idea

An ecommerce consultant narrows down the first list of ideas. The e-commerce ideas they analyze are below:

The proposition of the Value: The meaning of value and the need it meets.

  • Business Competitors: Could you improve upon it? Who is already meeting the needs that you have detected?
  • Market Demand: What is the problem when you are going to solve widespread enough to create sufficient demand in the Market?
  • Challenges/ Difficulties: What are the challenges that you may think?

The strategy of an Ecommerce Consultant

From January to March 2018, 167.717 new companies have been registered in the UK. However, without designing any type of strategy, most of them start out in a much-disorganized way. So, an Ecommerce Consultant must ensure which means will determine the success of the e-commerce and clearly knowing where to go. In this issue, you can ask some questions to you. Such as:

  • What are clients going to learn about you for your idea?
  • Are you going to be cheaper?
  • Why are they going to refer you to your competitors?
  • What characteristics do they have in common?
  • How are you going to grow?
  • What defines your clients?
  • What are your business goals?

Marketing Strategy

It’s only half the battle while building an ecommerce site as an Ecommerce Consultant. You’ll need to learn to succeed on this front with some key concepts. As this is what you’ll need to do to get visibility on Google and other search engines, the most important is SEO (search engine optimization). Try to explore some of their helpful SEO add-ons if you’ve built your site using Shopify, Magento, or WordPress.

Market Research

Knowing the needs of your customers is more important because it’s great to know your competition. It’s the basis of content marketing to publish content to meet the needs of your customers. If you don’t know the needs of your target audience you’ll waste a lot of money and time marketing. Based on market trends and demographics, a digital marketing consult should know how to direct the content production.

You’ll be able to personalize content to improve your messaging and ROI from this information. Align your product or service with the needs of your target audience and the ecommerce consultant is able to identify gaps in your market. Avoid hiring a marketing consultant who suggests that you just “jump into” content marketing. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run while marketing research will cost a little extra.

Don’t forget the details

To set up your e-commerce site, you have done your research and you’re done! But, there’s still the tricky topic of logistics, so, unfortunately, you’re still not done. As your products won’t pack themselves and delivery isn’t always cheap postage is likely to be your biggest consideration here. If you need help to factor this into your financial planning, you can bring in extra hands.

And that’s an Ecommerce Consultant who will do almost all for you. Besides, if you do take on staff, you’ll need to cover yourself with employers’ liability insurance. Also, you’ll need to cover yourself with employers’ liability insurance by experimenting with Google AdWords and check our small business guides to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc.


We hope that this content about an Ecommerce Consultant in the UK will help you to understand how to become an ecommerce expert with ecommerce consulting services.  If you make this the year your store takes off, you’ll get everything you need at your fingertips. And we’re with you to help you every step of the way to make you successful.