Event Planning Business Plan | How to Start

Event Planning Business Plan

Event Planning Business Plan

Reality is that there are many business opportunities which an aspiring entrepreneur who is still stuck in the web of a paid employment can test run without leaving their jobs. One such choice is the event planning business.

Investment – Event Planning Business Plan.

Establishing an event planning business can be pretty cheap. If I give you a meaningful amount, that would be around $250,000.

Requirements – Event Planning Business Plan

  1. Permits and license
    2. A suitable office facility
    3. Equipment
    4. A business card

Business location – Event Planning Business Plan

You do not a location to start up your event planning business. However, having an office would keep your business organized. Your office could be located anywhere. The location could be near your home, then it is going to get easier for you to maintain your business.

How to start- Event Planning Business Plan

Name your event planning business. If you choose a name that is not your own legal name, you will have to register a business name and pay a fee to use this new name for your business. The fee amount will alter depending on what state your company is located in. Your secretary of state officials will have name registration forms accessible on the website or in the local office.

Get professional advice to build your business legally. Talk with a lawyer to draw up contracts to use between you and your clients. Since event planning can be an emotional activity, you will want the client to sign a contract to ensure that you still get paid if they decide to bail on the project. Have a talk with an accountant if you need assistance with bookkeeping or have questions about filing taxes for your business.

The event planning is such an industry that needs you to be extensive and well informed about news about the industry. Any idea what it means? This means that you have got to be aware of everything as it concerns events planning all around the globe. You may account reading up a whole lot- do not be far away from information. You can successfully pull off being a researcher off by reading books on this business, as using the internet.

Market your event planning business.

Sign up for a booth at all local trade shows and business events to advertise your new business to others. Put up a website and start a social media campaign to get the word out to potential clients so that they can read about your services at their own convenience. Advertise in the local paper, phone book and hand out business cards to all the passers-by you meet. Network with wedding and event vendors in your town to see if you can work out special pricing for client referrals. Offer to organize an event for a local organization, such as a charity or church event, for free to get your name in front of others.

Target markets – Event Planning Business Plan

Your target markets are the ones who want their special days to be beautifully organized. And it is your job to make their dreams come true.

Qualification – Event Planning Business Plan

You do not need any qualification to startup this venture. You can easily educate yourself by reading blogs and articles. Or you may even work under event planning business owner as an employee to get more experience.


The advantage of this business is the small amount of capital required. But if you have the capability to manage this business, then trust me you will earn loads each year!

Key to success – Event Planning Business Plan

The key to a successful event is to make sure that all that is listed in your event planning checklists is ticked. As a matter of fact, if you experience event planning training, you are going to be taught how to draft event planning checklists for many events and key components that must be listed in your checklists.

Possible earnings
$500,000-$700,000 per year.