Should I Start with F-commerce or E-Commerce Website to Get Success in Bangladesh

Should I Start with F-commerce or E-Commerce Website to Get Success in Bangladesh

Before we get the decision which one is the perfect either f-commerce or e-commerce you should know about them. If you know them well then you can get the right decisions in this issue. Also, it will enable you to decide whether f-commerce or e-commerce or both are essential to get success in Bangladesh.

The affordability of a new mobile responsive website for their business in the early days would be out of the question for some local businesses and SME. But, you’ll get the ability for the merchant to sell their products through an all-improved platform though f-commerce as it’s offering a more cost-effective system to grow their local business.

Besides, the natural progression should be on to a more powerful e-commerce platform in the long term. But, it could prove to be a useful tool for SME’s & local businesses in the short-term. On the other hand, merchants are able to offer their customers a much more personal approach through an e-commerce platform.

As f-commerce refers to conducting online business, its activities are on a Facebook page or Facebook application. Also, whether a customer uses the Facebook “Share” feature on an e-commerce site, f-commerce refers to sharing information on Facebook about purchases. Or, whether he or she shares information on Facebook about offline purchases made at a physical point of sale, f-commerce also refers to giving out information on Facebook about buying. This is creating a new mode of consumption on the web as the principle of F-commerce – social shopping.

F-Commerce or E-Commerce – which is the Best

As there are quite a few definitions, you can understand marketing. Talking about satisfying the customers’ requirements profitably is the thing that you’ll like most. This is because it makes it clear that businesses are there to make a profit.

They go out of business and no one benefits from that if they don’t. And another considering think is that it emphasizes the profits that customers make should come through satisfying the customers’ requirements.


The definition of e-commerce, at its widest, would include any type of business transaction so that it’s conducted through an online medium. But, their minds would be concentrated on buying and selling, or online shopping as it is popularly called for most people when they think about e-commerce.

As some retailers reside in the physical world only, some reside purely in the virtual world and others occupy both realms. Successful businesses know that the customer is king whatever realm a retailer occupies, any size of the enterprise may be. But, the truth is that things don’t go always like this.

When the job of a company’s marketing department was to sell the company’s products, there was a time. Well, before we go for a conclusion, let’s know them in details whether it’s f-commerce or e-commerce you should select.


Although f-Commerce (short form of the Facebook Commerce) is essentially shopping through Facebook, it means of an e-commerce store embedded within the social network. So, we’re going to explain why that’s a logical thought to have made, and why so many others have agreed so ferociously in the past as you’re probably thinking about it.

Also, as it could potentially develop into a capable selling tool for SME’s and local businesses, we’re going to explain why social media marketing platform, f-Commerce is essential.

Because of it’s, the first and foremost reason, need to expand their sales network and offer a more personal approach.

And they enabled a small selection of brands to display their available stock in a shop section and let the customers check out without having to leave the site as part of Facebook’s aspiring e-commerce ambitions.

Besides, it seemed like f-Commerce could be the ideal platform for the perfect shopping experience with the first item sold. But, it went down like a lead balloon, when it was tested with a number of high-profile brands.

It seemed that there clearly wasn’t a market for selling products through Facebook for big brands.

This is because either consumer feels comfortable in using the payment gateways, or it simply didn’t deliver a worthwhile return on investment (ROI). However, some date it to 2005 and was first use on Yahoo, the term “social commerce” is relatively new. Although the phrase does not have a long history, the activity of social commerce is very much older. For the activity of social commerce to take place, the Internet has given a new outlet.

The Customer King

You can ask for advice when you go shopping in the physical world there is any number of people. You’ll find them all kings have advisors. We all know, and we’re also along with other people, spending a good proportion of their time on various social media platforms.

That’s why you’re getting allowed gradually to be made on these social media sites for all sales. As they take advice and make a purchase there and then, online shoppers can talk to their friends about what they are doing.

Although that’s social commerce in action, that doesn’t run away with the idea that social commerce is just the facility to buy on Facebook.

Click and Buy

One of the great advantages of Internet shopping is the facility to click and buy that has to be said. A long drawn out buying process is just a total turn off for some people. But, this is the big disadvantage of e-commerce sites for many others.

As they want something more, social commerce allows social networks to be used by shoppers. However, social commerce is a great deal more as it comes with-

  • The use of customer reviews,
  • Ratings of products made by customers,
  • Referrals made by customers,
  • Forums
  • And communities

But, if you go back then you can remind about what enlightened marketers have been doing for some time now. That’s nothing but they have been building relationships with customers. And what they want is an online retail site that is-

  • Easy to navigate,
  • Easy to find the products they want
  • Along with making it easy so that they can complete the sale

Conclusion Ideas on F-commerce or E-Commerce Website

It’s nothing new of the activity of social commerce. Building relationships with their customers are the most important thing for businesses. In the world of e-commerce, social commerce does is to facilitate customer relationship marketing. We mean that although both are essential, among f-commerce or e-commerce, the best one is the f-commerce. Other than, the decision is yours what you like to prefer for your business success.