Best 5 Farming Business Ideas in Bangladesh

5 Farming Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Best 5 Farming Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Do you want to start a profitable farming business in Bangladesh? Are you looking for the best farming business ideas? It’s essential to create a business plan that includes research on market demand and how to get them to the market before you decide on any of the farming business ideas in Bangladesh. Also, as most agricultural businesses require access to the large area of land, you should have a proper financing plan.

When we talk about thinks like paddy, pulses, sugarcane, jute, and maize, and wheat then agriculture like groundnut, pulses, sugarcane, tea, jute, cotton, and wheat. But, it’s not up to its capacity despite being one of the largest employers its contribution to GDP.

In terms of new and innovative business opportunities and ideas, there is an agricultural revolution this time. And it has increased its prospects in all forms with educated youth going back to the roots in the form of agro-based products.

An Overview of the Farming Business Ideas in Bangladesh

The first and foremost answer is for profit while getting the farming business ideas to start a business in Bangladesh. However, if you decide to do kind of business needs knowledge and experience in the related field. In this case, you not only need effective administration skills but management tactics.

When you have them, you’ll be able to deliver at the right time and place in the right quantity. Also, it’s very important at the beginning of your venture to set up your goals. So, before you start your business, you should be setting your business goals.

What you can make a better business person are when you’re-

  • Identifying your target consumers,
  • Finding their needs,
  • Planning accordingly,
  • Organizing,
  • Implementing,
  • And being accountable

5 Profitable Farming Business Ideas in Bangladesh

As it allows a perfect interaction between natures, technology, humans, and markets, farming is unique. But, when planting a certain crop, there is uncertainty with weather patterns, fluctuating market prices, insurance schemes and terms of trade when planting a certain crop.

So, it’ll help a farmer gain his stand in the market with greater opportunities while doing an allied business with traditional farm income. Well, let’s know top 5 farming business ideas in Bangladesh that you can start easily.

1. Poultry Farming Business

This includes rearing of hen, quails and other birds for egg and meat production when we talk about poultry farming business. In all parts of the world along with Bangladesh, products from poultry farms are widely consumed. That’s why there is a large market for poultry farmers.

And one of your options is to settle for poultry farming if you want to start a livestock breeding business. Also, the supply of eggs is also a major source of revenue generation for poultry farmer aside from the fact that people consume birds and chickens.

This is the reason to be one of the great markets for commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh. And it’s that type of business opportunity that’s already established.

Besides, it’s well-known that the economy of Bangladesh is not only mostly dependent on agriculture but agricultural related production also. So, the main source of animal protein for Bangladeshi people is poultry products like meat and eggs.

Also, there is raising some other poultry birds like quails, turkeys, ducks, pigeons, and peacocks etc apart from poultry. That’s why poultry farming of the best farming business ideas in Bangladesh.

2. Quail Farming

As a lot of people have come to discover the amazing health benefits of quail egg, a lot of people are now going into quail egg farming. This is not only one of the easy farming business ideas but much profitable small business as well.

Also, it cost as low as BDT5K to start this business. In addition, it’s gaining popularity of the commercial quail farming business. Did you know, you can start a profitable business in Bangladesh with 5 lack BDT?

You must have to prepare an effective business plan before starting if you intend to join this profitable business venture. And it’s very important for all types of farming business to prepare a clear and expository business strategy.

Besides, because quails are among the smallest species of poultry birds, it’s very easy to maintain a quail farm. The purpose of meat and egg production is to start of the commercial quail farming business in Bangladesh.

3. Fish Farming Business

It’s a very profitable business to venture in Bangladesh to start fish farming. Also, this is for those who are interested in making money from the agriculture industry. As fishes are demanding in all parts of the world, there is a large market for fish.

It’s playing an important role in the total national income of this country while farming fish in Bangladesh. Here is some important Tips for Fish Farming Business

There are a river and many other water sources available in Bangladesh to start fish farming. If we say in short then Bangladesh is surrounded by rivers and various types of water sources like pond, stream, and LakeEtc.

Besides, there is involvement of fish farming for a major part of the total population of Bangladesh either directly or indirectly. Those who are living in the southern area of Bangladesh are directly engaged with the commercial fish farming business. As the best place for commercial fish farming in Bangladesh, there are Khulna, Barisal, Bagerhat, Satkhira etc.

4. Rice Farming Business

Rice farming business is not only a staple business but its favorite in all parts of the world. It’s one of your best options is to go into rice farming if you’re looking towards starting an agricultural crop cultivation business. But, it’s most preferable if you live in an area (preferably swampy and watery areas). Plus the areas that are the soil composition and the climatic conditions support the growth of rice.

And, it’s true that before you make huge profits from rice farming you don’t have to go all the way from cultivation to processing to bagging and to retailing. And you’ll find readily available buyers of raw rice after successful harvesting. The buyers are those who have a factory for processing, bagging and wholesale distribution of rice.

5. Livestock Farming Business in Bangladesh

People who are going into livestock farming business have an increasing number of successes. As there are good profits, the business is growing exponentially. But, if the qualities of the feeds you produce are very good then this can only be true.

Also, you can start producing feed for people to feed their animals as a smart investor. But, you should ensure some things so that you can get more profits and these include-

  • Carry out a lot of research
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Promote quick growth
  • keep good health of the animals