How to Find the Perfect Chinese Suppliers

Find the Perfect Chinese Suppliers

How to Find the Perfect Chinese Suppliers

Are you looking for perfect Chinese Suppliers? It is difficult to find and evaluate a well reputed China supplier. This process has become very necessary because businesses worldwide want to be affiliated with Chinese suppliers.

This research process can be complicated because of few reasons:

  • Language Barrier: Even when English is global it is difficult to communicate spontaneously, thus making language a barrier to trade.
  • Expenses and Communication: It is very expensive to travel to China and deal with the suppliers. And traveling consumes a lot of time and money.
  • Work Environment: Familiarity with the Chinese business environment may not be available in-house, and is difficult to create a similar atmosphere.
  • Trust: It is hard to trust people nowadays and even harder to trust people related to business because there is loss and profit both affiliated with it. It is hard to find a trustable and genuine Chinese Suppliers because the supplier market is filled with frauds.

Here are a few ways we can find a decent and genuine Chinese Supplier:

Finding a Supplier in China

The first step which we are more likely to take is going to a search engine which is in operating in the global language English and search for Chinese Suppliers. But sadly the results of the search will most probably disappoint you.

Chinese suppliers are more likely to have their content in Chinese rather than English. And whatever websites your search will lead you to will most probably be something unpleasant. And the genuine Chinese supplier websites will contain minimal information which will convince you to believe the website is fake.

The websites you visit which are in English will most likely help you reach a “middleman”. Doubtlessly you would wish to be in direct contact with the supplier of your product, which is why we recommend one of the following methods.

Using Sourcing Websites – Chinese Suppliers

If you are in the search for Chinese Suppliers most likely you have heard of Alibaba or other sourcing alternatives. The websites which give you a scope to communicate with suppliers have come a long way. Their usefulness has increased with time. These websites are a great way to communicate with suppliers with low cost.

Visiting Trade Shows

The more expensive way to find your supplier is to go to trade shows. But the communication with China is very costly but then again you can directly meet your suppliers. This gives you an opportunity to assess their professionalism. It is harder to fake a first real life impression than faking a website. So it might help you find your perfect supplier.

The sad part about trade shows in China is that they don’t speak English so communicating with the suppliers would be difficult. So an advice which I could provide is to hire a trustworthy translator.

Using Trade Companies in China

Another way you can find your supplier is by taking the help of Chinese trade companies. They give a remarkable service to find your supplier. They at times refuse to provide suppliers because later it creates problems while trading.

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Drawbacks about trade companies in China is that they pretend to be the supplier themselves because they think it is easier to get clients by providing exactly what the client wants. They fake their identities in order to make business. Finding a good trading company can be an asset but if you come in contact with a bad one it will cost you for a lifetime.

Building a Shortlist of China Supplier

By using all the methods mentioned above you can shortlist some of the prospective suppliers. Now you need to select the few which you think might give you all the services according to your needs. After selecting you to need to send your project proposal. After finding the few selected ones, you’ll need to assess the Chinese suppliers.

Assessing a China Supplier

Assessing the suppliers may be difficult because they might be faking it. So you’ll need to be extra cautious about your selection. The way you can assess their company is by looking at their website. You can go through their past business records. Find public opinions about thee suppliers. See which supplier is being referred a lot.

In business, reference is very important. After using all the tips you’ll remove the ones which are a bit doubtful to you. As a result, you’ll get only a few which goes perfectly with your conditions.

 The Business License

Once you’ve recognized a few Chinese suppliers that appear to have potential, it’s time to initiate contact. Basic identification can be done by checking the supplier’s business license. It is pretty normal for you to want their license if they hesitate you need to understand that there are hidden issues.

The business license will tell you various basic details about the suppliers, such as their registration number, official name, and registered capital. The most valuable part of the business license is that it helps you to identify business scopes.

Confirming the Background Details of a Chinese Company

China Company Verification Services will help you to identify the legitimacy of your selected supplier. This will help you to judge your supplier and make the right call for your upcoming business.

Visiting Manufacturers in China

After all, the emails which have been exchanged it is very important to visit the supplier’s factory or office where the products will be made. This will give you the final decision of making your new deal. It is very important to sign the deal in China after all the examination is done. It is not difficult to fake a trade show but it is next to impossible to have a fake factory.

Aside from the fakeness mentioned above, many suppliers may have some idea of what exactly you’re looking for. So, in conclusion, we can say that finding a Chinese supplier is hard but finding the right one will be the best blessing.