Fishing Shop Business Plan {One Page Business Plan}

About Fishing Shop Business Plan

Fishing Shop Business Plan – One Page Business Plan

Building a fishing shop, then, is setting up shop in a market ripe with opportunity. But risks and hazards remain. You have to run your business just as any retailer: choose the right location, promote and create an appealing atmosphere for your customers. A planned out business plan and an eye on the details is required for you to establish your very own fishing shop. Even if it’s your dream job, opening a fishing store is still serious business and needs to be treated as delicately and with dedication.

Investment – Fishing Shop Business Plan

Assess your finances. Have a look your credit report and look at your investments or bank statements. You need to have the idea about how much you need to make to not only keep the fishing store in business but to pay your day-to-day living expenses, such as your house payment, car payment, insurance and utilities. You will need at least $5,000 in startup capital to launch a barebones, bait, tackle and fishing shop business. But this amount can easily climb higher depending on the inventory and equipment you stock in your shop.

Requirements – Fishing Shop Business Plan

  1. Permits and license.
    2. A business plan.
    3. A suitable location.
    4. Employees.

Business Location – Fishing Shop Business Plan

Find yourself a location. Some fishing shops are run in concurrence with other services, like a gas station or a motel. If you can start a partnership with someone that already has an existing business in your town, then you can save yourself a lot of start-up time. Fishing shops can be even run out of your own garage or barn if you have one, or you can rent or purchase a location near your preferred waterway, preferably on a busy road. You already know that you need to include open floor space, shelving, refrigeration, freezing and water tanks and aerators — and you require a space within reasonable distance of a waterway — your choices should be pre-fixed for you.

How to start – Fishing Shop Business Plan

Reserve your store. You will need refrigerators for the bait; worm bedding; minnow tanks; and containers in many sizes to store the bait. You can find bait provincially or contact a wholesale bait distributor which can ship your bait to you. You will also need to determine on the type of equipment you want to have in stock. Fishing rods, reels, nets, and all of the small items that fishermen look for will be important to have on hand.

Most probably, you will be the closest store to where people are fishing and having a stocked store will make you the first place to go. Get to know the wholesalers of fishing gear and then contact them to get you stocked. You can also purchase used equipment and resell it as a service to your customers. Advertise your store. Design a logo and decide a business name. Use these on all stuff relating to your store.

You may want to put it on fliers, business cards and in newspaper or tourist magazine ads. Print up a brochure that can be placed in visitors’ centers around the state, mainly if your waterways are popular tourist destinations. Organize a party to launch the opening of your store. Market your “fishermen’s hours” and offer coffee to early morning anglers. Throw a fishing derby for little kids with the prize being a gift certificate to your store.

Target market – Fishing Shop Business Plan

Your target market are the fish lovers. You have to provide them with best quality fish, so that you do not lose them and get new customers every other day.

Qualification – Fishing Shop Business Plan

You do not necessarily need a degree to start up your fishing store, but in some areas they require some degrees before granting you the permits and license.

Advantage – Fishing Shop Business Plan

The business may sound pretty hard to you. But it gets very easier if you can partnership with someone who already has a fishing shop business. You work gets easier and you earn a good amount each year.

Key to success – Fishing Shop Business Plan
Marketing and keeping your items top quality.

Possible earnings
$50,000-$80,000 per year.