How to Get More Visitors in Bangladesh Based E-commerce Business


Get More Visitors in Bangladesh Based E-commerce Business

You might be wondering how to drive traffic for your e-commerce business. When you have exactly what customer need when they need it, finding ways to encourage consumers to purchase from you, as opposed to well-established retailers, can be challenging. But, generating traffic and leads is the leading challenge facing companies today according to the experts.

So, as a chance to get as much traffic and attention as you can, you want to use the launch. And there are a number of things that you can do to get traffic to take advantage of a grand opening before you become a seasoned marketer with big sales. That’s why if you’re struggling to grow sales then you should learn how to go from the first day to the first sale in this free training course.

Overview of Bangladesh Based E-commerce Business

Although it’s commonly known as e-Commerce, electronic commerce that consists of the processes of buying and selling products or services over electronic systems. There are 1,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs in the country according to the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). Also, there are running 8,000 entrepreneurs of f-commerce, which is run through Facebook pages.

But, there are only 500 registered e-commerce businesses under e-CAB. Moreover, there is more than 30% growth, which is not commonplace for most sectors in Bangladesh. However, for the running year, the predicted growth rates are higher.

Besides, most actively involved e-commerce users in Bangladesh are between 25 and 34 years according to a study. And over 80% of e-commerce traffic in Bangladesh comes from three major regions, such as Dhaka, Chittagong, and Gazipur.

Steps to Get More Visitors in Bangladesh Based E-commerce Business

While targeting influencers and getting attention, this post is all about getting traffic to your new e-commerce business in Bangladesh. A number of e-commerce stores are offering the services to the people as the demand for online shopping is rapidly fueling.

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Moreover, people are comparing the likes of the big store like Amazon with that of the small independent stores to find the best products and services. The owners of e-commerce stores are finding it hard to attract the maximum and quality customers that would add value to their business in this era of tough competition. Well, here are some tips that would definitely let you plan an effective strategy if you are running an e-commerce business.

Tip #1.Invest in Google Ads

Paying for it is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your e-commerce business. And they can afford to pay for some advertising using Google Ads who are on a limited budget. It’s not only a pay-per-click advertising method but it’s designed to draw more people to your e-commerce site. It means that if someone clicks on your ads then you should pay.

This advertising strategy of several ways to take advantages like-

There are several ways to take advantage of this advertising strategy:

  • Google search results show your e-commerce business’s ads
  • Present text or banner ads in Gmail, on websites, or in apps
  • Display video ads on YouTube and target your audience
  • Market your online store’s app across Android and iOS devices

Tip #2.Premium Content

Driving tons of traffic to your eCommerce site while publishing consistent, valuable, and all-around enjoyable content. But, only half of them have an established method for producing content on their websites as 92% of content marketers believe blog content is an asset to the success of their business. And it’s not all about selling products or service while you’re in an e-commerce business.

This is because most consumers are looking for more than just a retail shop to purchase from. So, it’s a great way to give your customers more of what they want while staring blogging.

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In addition, if you have great content, it gives customers a reason to come back to your shop more than once. That’s why you can publish product reviews, tutorials, news pieces, and other informative articles, which is great to encourage people to visit your site. When it relates to their purchase decisions people love to find content that is worth something to them.

Tip #3.Leverage SEO

It’s important you understand the role SEO plays in helping drive traffic to your site if you’re going to add content creation into your overall marketing plan to increase eCommerce traffic. It’s used to help your eCommerce site “get found” in search engine results by people interested in what you have to offer as a marketing tactic.

And there is a lot to take in all at once when it comes to SEO. But, it will get you started in the right direction while focusing on the basics.

And take a look at these advantages of Google Ads:

  • Attach keywords related to your eCommerce shop in your blog content
  • Incorporate external links in your content by pointing to relevant experts in your industry
  • Make a web of internal links so Google indexes your entire site
  • Comprise keyword descriptions on all product images
  • Write detailed meta descriptions
  • Make your website to perform at top speeds
  • Pointing to your content from high-quality sites Build links etc

Tip #4. Start a Referral Program

It’s an easy way to utilize existing customers and drive traffic to your eCommerce site while starting a referral program.

If you give incentives to your current customers and blog followers then they will share their favorite products with their friends and family via email and social media. And give them either discounts or free shipping on future purchases, free gifts, or even credit to use on their next shopping.

Tip #5.Submit Guest Blogs

Avoid ding underestimate the power guest posting has on your site traffic while creating killer content. Also, you typically receive a link leading people back to your website if they publish your guest post.

Moreover, you have a great chance to add one or two backlinks within your content, which is when clicked, drive those interested back to your online shop. It helps establish you as an authority in your industry as this is a time-consuming method for driving traffic.

Tip #6.Email Marketing

It’s one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your online shop to build an engaging email list. While focusing so much on attracting new customers that you forget about everyone else is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an online shop owner. So, in order to target new customers, you can launch email campaigns. And chances are higher they will leave a good review when you’re able to convince a customer.