How Long Time I need to wait to Get Success in Bangladesh Based E-commerce Business

How Long Time I need to wait to Get Success in Bangladesh Based E-commerce Business

Defining an average time to get success for a start-up e-commerce business in Bangladesh is somehow impossible. That’s because the start-ups will measure profitability in different ways. Although it can take two to three years in conventional terms, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing poorly.

Even while it is making a loss on paper, the entrepreneur can take an income from a company. Also, if they pay back a preset interest rate on their investment regardless of how the company is doing then they can profit.

On the other hand, several business publications recommend having enough money lineup to support your company and yourself for six months while it’s possible your new business will be an instant cash machine. However, before you’re in the black, careful financial analysis can give you a better idea of how long it will take.

Features to Measure Success for Bangladesh Based E-Commerce Business

Although they might not affect your e-commerce business, they work to make short/ long your success timeframe. On average, the majority of businesses don’t start turning a profit until as late as the third year.

As a result, this isn’t the only metric you should focus on while it’s important to know what you need to achieve in order to run a profit. Also, some e-commerce business may take up to five and, but many of them don’t take so long time at all. Well, let’s know some features that may make your e-commerce business success within a short time.

Well Planning of the Initial Startup for Bangladesh Based E-Commerce Business Success

As a significant success, making enough to break even in your first year should be seen. And one-off costs associated with starting a business, consider the entire initial with a well-research plan.

After significantly more outlay than following years should require, can’t expect while generating a profit in your first year as a company.

Because your costs outweigh your revenues within your first 10 months, don’t consider yourself a failure. In this case, you need two things essentially like a good business plan and financial projections. And you’re looking good already if you’re sticking to them. Also, your business plan will say when you’ll start getting profit and success in the timeline of your e-commerce business.

Measuring Profitability

Those who leave a BDT50, 000 monthly salary job to start an e-commerce business, they should consider the hypothetical case of an entrepreneur. Most probably, it becomes the entrepreneur’s salary when the first year the business clears BDT125, 000. Although the business as a whole shows no profit, as that salary is another business expense, the entrepreneur profits well from the startup. Similarly, as payments to investors can be structured, they’re earning interest even when the business is officially breaking even or losing money.

You should measure your business profit and there are three ways to measure your profitability.

  • For the principals
  • For the investors
  • And for the business as a whole

Potential Time Frame for E-Commerce Business Success

It isn’t usually a good business strategy while bleeding away the company’s revenues for your own income. According to a rule thumb for an entrepreneur, in the first running year your own business successfully-

  • When you’ll take less than your prior salary,
  • Along with re-invest most of your net revenue in the business.

In the second running year your own business successfully-

  • You can draw your former salary

In the third and subsequent years-

  • You can draw a larger salary
  • in addition, any proceeds from his ownership of the company

However, it’s entirely dependent upon how much start-up capital is needed to create the products and services of the actual time frame to company profitability.

And how much money is drawn from the company for compensation and investor servicing also depend on your startup investment?

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Identifying Profits for E-Commerce Business Success

They remove from the profit sheet if these profits reinvest in marketing or additional product development. It means that if investment capital is still there is flowing a highly successful but swiftly growing company can show no profits on paper, or even a loss. For example, with great success, Amazon famously operates that way for much of its history.

And the company can begin to show a profit when corporate profits also invest as cash or liquid assets for future corporate use. When there is monies remain after all expenses are in accounting for corporate profitability and these include salaries of the-

  • Principals
  • Staff
  • And payments to investors

How Much Profit to Consider for E-Commerce Business Success?

As beginning entrepreneurs, they should distinguish between what is “ramen profitability” and actual corporate profitability. When the founders of a company can sustain a minimal lifestyle as quickly as possible without the need to resort to outside jobs or income, ramen profitability is enough cash flow.

Although “Shoestring” start-ups that need very little capital to launch can reach ramen profitability in a very short time, it may take far longer for the founders to draw a decent salary also leave enough cash on hand for the business to show a profit.

So, you can consider that you’re successful in your e-commerce business when you’re-

  • Able to pay all bills easily
  • Getting a BDT100K monthly
  • Able to start up the second business
  • Getting success in the second business as well

Further Considerations for E-Commerce Business Success

When designing your ledger sheets consider your goals. If there is a genuine business interest in doing so then your business only needs to show a formal profit. And when the business is profitable on paper, which in turn implies good reason to draw the smallest possible salary, investors may be easier to find.

But, it may never be necessary for your business to show a profit if your goal is to live well off the proceeds of your business. Also, while enjoying the ancillary benefits, your aim is to live wealthy the proceeds of your e-commerce business. Moreover, over the long term, it can also be advantageous from a taxation perspective, minimizing the taxes your company pays.


Keep it in mind strongly that you should adjust your business plan before your savings run out. Especially, it needs to do when your timeline shows you won’t attain profitability. This is the main factor that can bring early success in your Bangladesh based e-commerce business. It can define how long you have to wait for BDT100K salary being your own boss. Best of luck!