Handmade Product Selling Business in the Philippines

Handmade Product Selling Business in the Philippines

Handmade Product Selling Business in the Philippines


Homemade products are very easy to create. You do not need to give any extra efforts to make any homemade products. You can do profitable business by selling homemade products in the Philippines. Now a day’s people like to use homemade products in their everyday life. As they are busy in their life, they cannot make things on their own. So they run after homemade products.  That’s why we think that you can start your business life in the Philippines with this business. In this business, you are not going to see any loss for sure in the Philippines. You do not need to have any extra talent to do this homemade product selling business.

You have so many options for this homemade product selling business in the Philippines. You do not need any big amount of money for doing this kind of business. You can start with any zero and make a lot by that.

There are millions of ideas on making home products. Doing this business this like practicing your own creativity. You can make things at home and can sell them at the good price. Here are some handmade products ideas that you can make and sell them and do the business from your own home.


If you know how sewing and how to design dresses then here you go. Start your business from your home. Take orders of dress and supply them in different places. You can also do some advertisement on social media.


T-shirt Designer or T-shirt Customizer

You design shirts for many occasions like valentine day, children day, father’s day, mother’s day and so on you can make your own designs on shirts and sell them at the good price. You can also customize t-shirts with names or other items for specific customers and sell them at the good price.


You can make foods like sandwiches, pizza, meals, cake, snacks and so on. And sell them online or you can take the order of those foods and sell them at the good price. You have to be careful about the quality and the quantity of the food


Portrait Artist

If you are an artist and you know how to do the portrait then you can offer artwork to customers who want portraits are drawn or painted of them or their families. You can call your customer in your home and make their portrait or you can take the online order.


Paintings and Sculptures

You love paintings and have all the equipment of it like canvas colors and so on. You design on your plain canvases and you can list them for sale online. You can sell life paintings also.

The sculpture is a special form of art. If you are a fine art student then you can create your own design sculptures and sell them online. You can make sculpture by using clay or even put something with found objects.

Head Accessories

People are becoming more fashionable about their style. You can make hats and sell those hats. Tying, crocheting, and sewing all can be used to produce handmade hats and you can sell them at good price.

You can make hair accessories and can sell them in online. You can make different types of headbands, clips, pins and various other accessories.


Pillows Curtains Blankets

People are fond of buying decorative pillows and those pillows are made at home. You can make designable cute pillows at home. For that, you need the fabric which you will stitch it to fit around your pillow stuffing or a standard pillow size if you want to just sell pillow covers.

You can make curtains at home if you are skilled in a sewing machine, you can design curtains and stitch it by using unique fabric. Or you can also do the embroidery work on the curtains that make your curtain more creative.

You can make Blankets at home and sell them at high price as they are very rich in quality. You can knit, crochet, stitch, quilt or use any number of other techniques to make a homemade blanket. If you think making a blanket is very much time consuming then you can make babies blankets and sell them at a good price.


Gift Service

You can make gift baskets where you can keep things which are made at home like a homemade pen holder, homemade tissue holder, and homemade purse and so on. You can sell them online and give many advertisements on social media.



Everyone loves candles. You can make fragrance combinational candles. You can make the design on those candles. You also can decorate them with laces and glitters. You can sell those candles in a profitable price and this candle business is very much easy to do.


Online Blogger

You can write online articles and earn good amount of money.

You can sell much product that is homemade. Homemade products are always in demand. You can turn your hobby into your income source.