How to Start an Auto Repair Garage Business in Bangladesh

Start an Auto Repair Garage Business in Bangladesh

Auto Repair Garage Business in Bangladesh

Do you want to start a profitable business in Bangladesh? An auto repair garage business in Bangladesh is one of the best. As an employee at an auto body shop, most people who graduate from mechanic colleges will go on to work. But, if you’re with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can decide to open own auto repair garage business in Bangladesh.

Also, you can be involved a lot more than just fixing cars when you’re a business-minded individual. When you decide to start an auto repair shop, you must have knowledge of advertising, accounting, marketing along with the consciousness of the start-up costs. While purchasing an existing auto body shop, auto entrepreneurs can make things easier on themselves.

An Overview of an Auto Repair Garage Business in Bangladesh

If you own an auto repair garage business in Bangladesh, it’s a path to personal wealth for many. Although the business is not well-familiar in the country, it’s one of the great business ideas. That’s why it looks like it would be a little hard to start this business in Bangladesh, but it’s not quite impossible.

Reaching that dream might start with the idea of opening your own auto repair shop if you’re a mechanic or working on becoming a mechanic. This is the control of your future when you work with customers on pricing; specialize in interesting vehicles setting the hours. Your earnings top out at your salary or hourly wage when you work on the shop floor without ownership. The only limit on profits is the capacity of the garage when you own the shop.

Steps to Start an Auto Repair Garage Business in Bangladesh

Do you want to start an auto repair garage business in Bangladesh?

The first and most vital point is to find a proper location so that you can be found by your customers easily. Because these are typically high traffic areas, beside highways and in the middle of the city are key locations for an auto body repair shop. If you go little more to the business, you can start a car wash and auto body repair shop. Now, let’s know what the steps are to start an auto repair garage business in Bangladesh.

Get Training and Certification

Although you might find it substantially more difficult or expensive to obtain liability insurance and find financing for your new business, you’re not required to have an engineering certification to work on cars. There are many training institutes where you can get proper training and certifications. But, the best training is that when you’ll get practical experience from any well-known car repair garage business. But, your customers will know that you have the knowledge if you have a certificate.

Also, it not only works as a very important marketing tool but it gives you enough confidence. There is another way if you don’t want to get either training or certificate that you need to employ some expert workers for your auto repair garage business in Bangladesh.

Know the Startup Costs

You need to know the total predictable cost to get up and running before you spend a dime opening your shop. Otherwise, you might run out of funds before gaining your first customer if you don’t do that. The most common and expensive line items are easily predicted while it’s impossible to project certain costs ahead of time.

But, it’s assumed that the potential costs would be something like BDT10, 00,000 for the aspect of Bangladesh, this is not final though. Your cost might be more than the said amount, but you can start with this. It depends on construction costs and buying a building and making alterations can significantly change that number. However, you have to a good option to reduce the price if you can buy or rent an existing auto repair garage business.

Be a Master Technician

It depends on you to be specialized in repairs for specific car manufacturers or types of repair. You might earn a reputation as the best garage for brakes if you specialize. On the other hand, you’ll lose many other businesses. So, you need to know the scope of the services you plan to offer before you open up.

Besides, you’ll need to do some serious market research to make sure there is enough demand to support your new shop if you want to specialize. And when you’re a master technician, you’ll be expert in 16 different specialties. Some of them are below:

  • Medium – Heavy Truck
  • Car/ Auto Repair
  • Collision Repair
  • School Bus
  • Truck Equipment etc.

Get the Right Employees

It can be a difficult and time-consuming task to find exceptional employees. So, what you have to do is that you need to contact the training institutes who train people and make them auto technicians. Making your garage has an effective ratio of experts and novice; you’ll want to strike a good balance between veteran employees and recent grads. The employee will continue to work for the repair garage after the apprentice period.

Advertise Your Business

Although fulfillment of promises made in your ads will keep those same customers coming back, year after year, good advertising will get customers to your shop. If you have your own website on which to showcase promotions then online advertisements can go a long way.

A popular route is to offer customers guarantees as for your advertising content. For example, if your brakes wear out within a certain time limit, surefire free repair. So, when you’ll guarantee your work, it’ll give customers a reason to trust you that will do a good job.

This is because marketing is another big part of opening the doors of your auto garage repair business. For the reason that locals can stop in and see the shop, be sure to schedule a Grand Opening. Also, you can get the strategy to advertise special discount pricing for that first day or week.

These are all about for the day about auto repair garage business in Bangladesh. If we leave something, comment to let us know that. And if you an experience of this business, share it with our readers and they’ll get courage.