9 Special Techniques to Identify Fresh Fish Easily

9 Special Techniques to Identify Fresh Fish EasilySpecial Techniques to Identify Fresh Fish Easily

Special Techniques to Identify Fresh Fish Easily

It is difficult to find people who did not come to the fish to buy fish or the shopkeeper did not fit rotten fish. Regardless of formalin or color, there is a strategy for identifying fresh and medicinal fish. In this article, I would like to discuss 9 Special Techniques to identify Fresh Fish easily. If you can apply these 9 techniques, you will never have to cheat by buying fish again in life. The techniques are given below-

Fresh fish eyes will always be transparent. It will be very shiny eyes, if you see, the fish is alive. Over time, this eyes are dull, come dead. As long as the time goes, eyes are lifeless. Fish meat does not rot in formalin, but cannot prevent the loss of the living organisms. You can recognize the eyes of fresh fish

You will see that fresh fish will never be tough, nor will it be soft. Fresh fish will be “bouncy”. If you press with the finger, you see that the fish is quite strong, that it was kept in the refrigerator. And if you put the finger inside you will understand, the age of the fish is. If you press on the fresh fish you will be able to press. But if the finger is removed then the place will be okay.

You have to remember that a good way of catching fish is to show the fish. Although the fish is now able to mix colors in the cankas, shopkeepers. So do not just buy fish from Canca. Keep in mind that fresh fish will have fresh blood color and slippery, slimy feel.

You have to see the fish body after seeing the eyes and ears. Is Fish body shiny and bright silver color? Especially in the supermarket, you can see the color of yellow, reddish or other colors rather than shiny silver color. Understand that the fish must be very old. Fresh fish will shine, as time goes on, the shiny feeling will be completely faded, no matter how formalin is given to it.

You have to remember that the smell of fresh fish will be like water, sea fishes are like the ocean. The smell can also match the smell. You should recollect a thing that the fish that smells bad, it is definitely not fresh fish.

All the time, remember a thing that in the case of shrimp fish, the procedure is different. If the shrimps are hard and crisp, then the fish is fresh. If the shells are soft and negative, then the fish are not good at all.

Do you want to buy a super shop cut fish or fish? You have to notice the color of the cut fish. You have to remember that fresh fish will be bright colors. As the color fades, the fish are rotten.

Do you want to buy fish in the market to cut? Notice that there is no white or pale water around the fish. If you know, fish are not good. There will be transparent water around fresh fish. Can Read – Start Fish Farming Business

You have to be careful even if you buy jellyfish such as a horn. Nowadays the shopkeepers say that the dead Jelly Fishes is fresh. Buy jellyfish if you stray in the tray. Do not fish out from the tray before it is decorated.

In summing up, I would like to suggest you remember the above-stated rules while buying fresh fish anywhere in the world.