How to Become an Insurance Lawyer in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Become an Insurance Lawyer in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Become an Insurance Lawyer in Bangladesh

You’re looking for the information about how to become an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh because you’re interested to be so. Those who handle a variety of insurance issues such as policies and claims, they are insurance lawyers. They are not only are specially trained legal professionals but specialized in insurance law and also provide representation and advice to people involved in a variety of insurance issues.

As they investigate a variety of cases related to personal and corporate insurance, they gather the necessary documentation. Apart from these, they provide representation and advice to victims and defends involved in insurance cases.

In order to build their case, they interview witnesses, obtain evidence, and collect reports. Also, they oversee the process of writing new insurance policies for those who are their professional clients.

Why Become an Insurance Lawyer in Bangladesh

Among the body of law, insurance law is one of the complex bodies of law, which often occupies a lawyer’s entire career. They have the opportunity to become an expert and practice their chosen area of law for an entire decade as a lawyer who chooses insurance law. While there are changes and updates in the law, lawyers may have the opportunity to contribute.

They might consider insurance law when a Lawyer wants a stable career in one specialty. Those who are insurance lawyer in Bangladesh they have a chance to be hired for their entire career by an insurance company.

Also, there are opportunities to go ahead with their career for the better wages and benefits. The contract might last for decades, for those lawyers who work with an insurance company on a contract basis.

In addition, you’re not only helping others but you’re able to income good money while you’re an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh. That’s why although there a big shortage of qualified insurance lawyers in Bangladesh, there are thousands of insurance cases to solve.

There are some other reasons that you can be an insurance lawyer, including:

  • Flexible job
  • You help them who can’t help themselves
  • Good earnings
  • A chance to do something for your countrymen

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Degree & Salaries of an Insurance Lawyer in Bangladesh

Certain education is required if you’re interested in becoming an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh. As a result, if you want to be a lawyer then usually it takes around 6 years of full-time study after your HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exam.

If we say in details then it’s 4 years for honors in a law degree that calls LLB degree and another two years for masters in a law degree that’s known as LLM in Bangladesh.

Moreover, according to the government pay scale, an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh gets BDT 16,000, to BDT 25,600 as monthly salary. Thus, the range is up to BDT 39,600 in the top grade. The pay scales are of the government issued, but in the private sectors, the salaries and other benefits vary greatly.

Steps to Become an Insurance Lawyer in Bangladesh

As insurance law is the collection of laws and regulations, it relates to insurance. Since insurance is a contract between two parties, it transfers the risk of loss to the other party to the contract in exchange for a fee called a premium.

Also, the laws not only manage but they also control how insurance contracts are formed and enforced. So, if you want to become an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh then you have to follow some steps and procedures. And we’re going to know them in the next topics.

First Step: Complete an LLB and LLM Degrees

Since a bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement for the law field, no singular field of study is recommended by the Bangladesh Bar Council (BBC) at this level. From political science to mathematics, the BBC notes that students gain admission to law school from nearly every area of study in fact.

Along with English, political science, economics, business, philosophy, and journalism are the common undergraduate majors for pre-law students. It’s the first and foremost step while choosing to be an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh.

Moreover, you’ll want the degree course you choose to have a strong emphasis on the insurance law if you want to become an insurance lawyer.

Apart from these, you can take a conversion course, or you can transfer to study law from a paralegal apprenticeship if your first degree was not law.

Also, many people choose to study an LLM at this point when trying to gain a training contract with a firm of solicitors. Although you can start with your LLB degree, it’s best to have an LLM degree as well.

Second Step: Choose Your Specialization

You need to complete the Legal Practice Course and then undertake a training contract at a firm of solicitors to become a solicitor, which is the second step to qualify as a solicitor or barrister or advocate.

But, if you wish to become an insurance lawyer ideally, this firm of solicitors should have a large amount of insurance law work.

And you need to complete the Bar Professional Training Course from the United Kingdom (UK) and then a pupilage to become a barrister.

Third Step: Get Practical Work Experience

It’s vital to gaining a training position or pupilage as these are very competitive by work experience throughout your studies. Also, it will help you at every step.

t is a great idea to get involved with your university’s law society and participate in pro bono work through them as this will give you vital contacts while you’re networking throughout your studies and training.

And getting involved with your university’s law society and participate in pro bono work through them as this will give you vital contacts is one of the best ideas. Although all parts of the law are very competitive, insurance law is the most competitive. That’s why; you should be prepared to work hard.

Fourth Step: Get Engaged with Reputed Law Firm

You should gain a position at a firm of solicitors that specializes in insurance law to become an insurance lawyer in Bangladesh.

You can apply for a tenancy as a self-employed barrister in a chamber or as an employed barrister with an organization such as the Crown Prosecution Service of the UK for barristers after the pupilage. Many people consider an LLM in Insurance Law to sharpen their skills and develop their understanding after qualifying as a solicitor or barrister.