Why should you Invest in Capital Market Bangladesh?

Why should you Invest in Capital Market Bangladesh?


Can you give me a business idea where you don’t need a house, warehouse, security person, insurance, staff, management, furniture, etc.? If you can’t find any business then here is Capital Market Bangladesh or investing is share market in Bangladesh.

Investing in stock or capital market Bangladesh in an old business from the past. From the beginning, the market growth is increasing day by day. The new company is coming in the stock market and at the same time, new investors are highly interested to invest in capital market Bangladesh.

There are lots of reason you should invest in the capital market in Bangladesh.

Why should you invest in Capital Market Bangladesh

No startup cost. Like other business, there is no startup cost to start. You just need to open a BO account that is cost 500 BDT only. It is easy as like that.

There is no need to invest your all money in stock market. There is no limitation and as well as no minimum amount. So this is free and easy to invest as new investors.

You don’t need to hire an employee. Could you imagine you run a business without employee or staff? Here is you can run your own business without any employee. Capital market Bangladesh is the market where you can buy and sell from your office, home, classroom or anywhere even you are not in the country.

Investing in capital market Bangladesh you can take as a part-time business. The market open time is 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. So you can take it as a part-time. Students, housewives, corporate officer all are free to invest in the stock market in Bangladesh.

There is no age limit. From 18 years old student to 70 years old retire officer all are free to invest in capital market Bangladesh.

This is profitable business ideas. There are lots of examples who won IPO lottery and they earn 5x or more. Luckily, I won two CNA Textile IPO share out of two and I earned 28000 against 10000.

Start Investing in Bangladesh Stock Market

Therefore, investing in Stock Market in Bangladesh is free for all, no age limit and this is an obvious profitable business. But the last important thing is, money is yours. So it is your responsibility to save and gain profit.