How to Become a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Become a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh

Become a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh

You’ll create landscapes and plan, design and manage open spaces as a landscape architect in Bangladesh, including both natural and built environments. While ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable, your work will provide innovative and aesthetically-pleasing environments for people to enjoy. You’ll work on a diverse range of projects in both urban and rural settings collaborating closely with other professionals.

It will be from parks, gardens and housing estates to city center design, sporting sites and motorway construction. As the people creating the places in which we work live and play, Landscape Architects are the peacemakers.

But, the profession is still comparatively unknown to many until they discover studying to be an architect.  It’s implementing a landscape strategy to be a ‘city in a garden’ and cities with nations like Singapore.

Why Choose to Become a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh

You could move on to a supervisory or management position with experience and you either become a partner in a private practice or set up your own practice. Also, you have a chance to be an eligible teacher so that you can be a lecturer or associate professor or a professor in some colleges or universities.

Along with taking on greater responsibility, taking charge of projects, managing a team or becoming a specialist in a certain area, the ways in which you can progress your career as a landscape architect include.

Depending on the how ambitious you are and how quickly you acquire additional knowledge and skills, your rate of progression will go ahead. But, as this demonstrates that you are a fully eligible landscape architect, the most important landmark in your career is obtaining chartered membership.

Besides, you may progress to leading consultancy roles, become a partner in a private practice, or set up your own business with substantial experience and a strong commercial awareness.

Also, you’ll need a good client and contact base as well as excellent experience, knowledge, and skills to be successful in private practice. As there is seen a great need to make well-planned cities in Bangladesh, the prospect of a landscape architect in Bangladesh is bright.

Necessary Degree to Become a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh

Because landscape architecture is a chartered profession, the first step towards getting chartered status is to ensure that you have reached Bachelor and Masters Levels on Architecture affiliated by the government of Bangladesh. And with an option of taking a year out to undertake paid work experience, undergraduate degree courses typically last four years.

Although you do not need to have studied a related undergraduate degree for a place on the conversion course, you should have a keen interest in design and the environment. There are some types of landscape architect and if you want to be a landscape architect in Bangladesh then you must complete one of them:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Environmental conservation
  • Landscape design and ecology
  • Landscape management
  • Garden design
  • Landscape restoration
  • Landscape planning

Salary of a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh

You’ll earn BDT2, 000, 000 to BDT24, 00, 000 annually as a graduate landscape architect, which varies depending on the skills and experiences. Also, salaries can rise to BDT29, 00,000 with some experience and Licentiate Membership (having achieved your initial professional education).

Moreover, it’s possible to earn in excess of BDT10, 000,000 with further experience. And if partner status is obtained the financial rewards may be higher in the private sector for veteran landscape architects.

Steps to Become a Landscape Architect in Bangladesh

You’ll have to do the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes when you’re a landscape architect in Bangladesh.

Designing interventions that will produce the desired outcome, it involves the systematic investigation of existing social, ecological, and soil conditions and processes in the landscape. Those who are called landscape architects are practitioners in the profession of landscape architecture. Now, let’s know some other steps to become a landscape architect.

First Step: Essential Education & Skills

Apart from gaining a graduation, if you want to be a landscape architect in Bangladesh then you should have the following skills:

  • Good designing and drawing skills using computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Outstanding communication and negotiating skills
  • Creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm
  • Understanding of conservation issues with concern for the environment
  • Dedicated outlook
  • Having an admirable observation skill and an eye for detail

Second Step: Professional Development

You’ll be eligible for Licentiate Membership after successfully completing an accredited undergraduate or postgraduate course. As part of the Pathway to Chartership (P2C), this is followed by a period of mentored experience, which is carried out while you work. It leads to chartered status and full membership of the LI after the successful completion of the P2C.

You’ll be known as a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute and can use the letters CMLI after your name when you have full membership. Also, the P2C not only develops your knowledge but understanding and professionalism in landscape architecture and ensures that you have the required competencies for chartered status. And before moving on to the final stage, which is an oral examination, most people need between one to three years working on the P2C in professional practice.

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Third Step: Work Experience

As it shows your interest and commitment to the landscape profession, the relevant pre-entry experience is desirable. You should consider finding a vacation or part-time work if yours doesn’t as some courses include industrial placements.

Involving design or creative skills, anything in a landscape-based area will be useful. Also, it will be helpful if you join the volunteering projects linked to the environment. And you can use the LI Practice Directory to locate practices in your area and get in touch about available opportunities to organize a work placement or visit an organization.

Fourth Step: Strong on Collaboration

It’s the number of spaces and disciplines it covers and the collaborations involved with architects, engineers, and experts in biodiversity that’s fascinating about landscape architecture. Employers always look at the ecology, how it affects people at Grant Associates.

And with landscape architecture, there are so many more factors involved. The factors that make more interesting and creative pushing you to continually learn new things, such as ecology,

engineering, architecture, art etc. And your employers wouldn’t love to be in if you don’t agree with something there is the freedom to say so and as a firm we don’t design anything