5 Low Risk High Profitable Business Ideas for 2020

5 Low Risk High Profitable Business Ideas for 2020

5 Low Risk High Profitable Business Ideas for 2020

Are you looking for low risk business ideas? Do you want to start a high profitable business? If yes, here are 5 low risk high profitable business ideas for 2020. It really does not matter how good your business idea is or how hard you work at it, there’s still a chance you could fail. And it’s that simple.

However, if you can start a business with a low risk then danger can be reduced. Today in this article, I would like to share with you 5 low risk but high profitable business ideas for 2020.

#1. Start a Consulting Business

You should not start a business where you have no knowledge and experience. You can advise your clients as a consultant by using your knowledge and skills on a particular business niche.

If you are an expert in SEO (search engine optimization) you can start a business as a SEO consultant. If you are an expert in e-commerce, you may want to publish yourself as an e-commerce consultant.

The main thing is that you have to find out the section in which you have skills, knowledge and passion.

#2. Service Based Business

The biggest advantage of these businesses is that you can start with a small investment. Among the service-based businesses, the most profitable businesses are the Gardening and Landscaping business.

Nowadays, many homeowners are looking for gardening and landscaping designers to decorate their home’s backyard or front yard or terrace.

If you are capable in outdoor design then you can start this business. In the primary stage you can advertise on social media to get new and more clients.

#3. Domain Name Buy-sell business

This business is quite simple and extremely profitable. If some good names are moving around in your head and you think these names will become popular in the future, then the Domain name buying and selling business is for you. To succeed in this business requires patience and creativity.

#4. Open Retail Shoe Store Business

Opening a shoe store business is one of the best business in the retail industry. It is possible to make good amount of money with relatively little investment in the shoe store business. If you consider the risk factors, this business is less risky than any other retail businesses.

Before you run this business make sure you have a good location, beautiful shoe design, and good customer’s service. The main challenge in this business is to manage the stock and to set the price.

#5. Make money by blogging

Blogging may not make you rich in a very quick time. If you want to earn money by blogging, you must have good writing skills and passion.

There are many ways to make money from a blog such as advertising platforms (Google AdSense, Media.net), direct company advertising, Affiliate Marketing, selling your online course and selling your own products.

Before you start blogging, you need to find out your passion and skills. If you are interested in health issues you can start a health blogging. If you are expert in technology, you can open a technology based website.