How to Open a Sandwich Shop Business in Bangladesh

Open a Sandwich Shop Business in Bangladesh

Open a Sandwich Shop Business in Bangladesh 

If you’re going to start a sandwich shop business in Bangladesh then it would be a rewarding venture. Although it isn’t complicated, it takes a lot of work. And it takes a lot of time while finding the perfect location, completing all of the government requirements, getting equipment and supplies and creating the menu. Actually, no special skills are necessary for opening a sandwich shop.

However, it requires a small amount of start-up capital for building rent, utilities, equipment, and supplies while starting a business. A smoothie sandwich shop will depend heavily on location and quality of ingredients for success whether you plan to tempt guests with peach smoothies or triple-decker subs loaded with organic turkey and sour pickles. Careful planning and organization can help you achieve that goal if you have dreamed of opening your own smoothie sandwich shop.

Why Open a Sandwich Shop Business in Bangladesh

The first and foremost reason is that a sandwich can be very profitable. If you have even a small sandwich shop business then you can make just a little more than you ever expected you would with very limited desserts the only menu.

The profit you’ll get that is out of your rent, average electric bill, a number of employees/payroll you’ll need, etc. As they’re inexpensive, quick, tasty, and can even be a healthy meal, depending on the sub, submarine sandwiches are a go-to food for many people. When a sub shop serves submarine sandwiches for lunch and dinner, most also have sides, beverages and other types of sandwiches, and some serve breakfast.

So, you might be well-suited for running a sub shop business if you’re serving people and is passionate about food. Since sandwiches are typically assembled to order as customers request them, there’s lots of hands-on work involved in a sub shop.

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Sub shops are usually open during most of the day because people eat submarine sandwiches for lunch, dinner and at other times. Although some shops close for one day a week and major holidays, owners ought to expect to work almost every day.

Steps to Open a Sandwich Shop Business in Bangladesh

No one will buy them if they’re not being served in the right place, it doesn’t matter how good your sandwiches are. In case of you’re opening a sandwich shop business in Bangladesh, there are three points of advice we’d like to share with you:

  • Define your customer
  • Conduct foot traffic counts at your location
  • Crunch the numbers

Now, let’s know the steps how to open a sandwich shop business in Bangladesh.

First Step: Create a Business Plan

Hearing how important a good business plan is to your sandwich shop startup may make you tired by now. But, it’s true that writing a solid business plan is the most important thing you can do for your startup. The end product will be a document that will guide your company through the critical first year and beyond if you take your business plan seriously.

Apart from these, business plans help prevent key startup mistakes. Your business will be on course for growth and profits, protected by a carefully conceived plan that reflects real-world business conditions and your business’s unique characteristics while other startup sandwich shops are floundering.

And a business plan should come with a:

  • Business summary report
  • Marketing policies
  • Market research
  • Business finances
  • Scope of businesses
  • Business goals and many more things

Second Step: Find a Perfect Location

As a sandwich shop business tends to have a fast turnaround, the customers want quick, easy access. In this case, it can be ideal locations if you select busy shopping malls, beach boardwalks, business office complexes and large institutions, such as hospitals and universities.

On the other hand, the location should have an ample parking, large storefront windows so that pedestrians can watch diners enjoying lunch along with sufficient refrigerator space for storing produce and deli goods are key characteristics.

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If you do these then you also should consider allocating one or more parking spots for customers quickly stopping by for to-go orders.

Although smaller shops cost less, and the electric bill runs lower than in large buildings, try to find a small shop with enough room for a small kitchen and seating area.

Third Step: Get Kitchen Equipments

When you’re going to start a sandwich shop business, you’ll need commercial-grade blenders, ice-makers, storage coolers, cutting boards, commercial-grade knives, and storage units for dry goods.

If you’re serving only cold sandwiches and contracting for bread supplies then stoves and ovens may not be necessary.

In order to heat hot sandwich orders without investing in an oven, a broiler or sandwich press can be an efficient way. Apart from these, you’ll need tables, chairs and simple decorations or artwork if customers will dine within the shop.

On the other hand, remember the paper goods, such as paper cups, napkins, to-go boxes, and straws. So, the summary of the equipment that needs for your business:

  • Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Cold bar
  • Hot bar
  • Sinks
  • Commercial-grade blenders
  • Ice-makers
  • Cutting boards
  • Commercial-grade knives
  • Storage units etc

Fourth Step: Marketing Your Sandwich Shop Business

As foot traffic alone won’t drive customers into your shop, you’ll also need to create incentives for passersby to walk through the door and try your sandwiches.

So, if you make grand opening deals then it would be helpful in establishing an initial base of customers those who will share their experience with friends and coworkers.

And you have to make some takeout menu cards then each customer should be given it so that they can leave at their desk and share with others.

Also, many sandwich shops offer club cards entitling customers to a free sub or sandwich after they have purchased a certain number of sandwiches at regular price to improve customer loyalty.

Moreover, it’s another way to get your business into the community while donating smoothies and sandwiches to fundraising events.

Fifth Step: Get Good Suppliers

Consider finding good suppliers for various things that need for a sandwich shop business. Although there are good companies with good services, some companies are slow about installing their machines.

In this case, you should request a drink dispenser and drinks from your chosen company at least a month in advance. Summary of goods that need for your shop:

  • Drink dispenser
  • Drinks
  • Bread
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Meats
  • Cheeses
  • Beverages
  • Wrapping paper
  • Salad containers
  • Cups
  • Lids
  • Utensils etc