How to Open Ladies Tailoring Store Business in Bangladesh

Open Ladies Tailoring Store Business in Bangladesh

Ladies Tailoring Store Business in Bangladesh

You can start ladies tailoring store business in Bangladesh if you love sewing. In this concern, either you can do it yourself or you have a chance to manage other employees to work for you. Whichever you do is a good business idea for you and anyone who like to start own tailoring store.

This is something that you love and this is the job of handling clothes along with fabrics. It’s surprising that thousands of people search in Google for cloth alterations and some other for tailoring every month.

It means that the job must have a higher demand not only in Bangladesh but across the world as well. There should be some people from your area who need good quality ladies tailor.

Market Demand of Opening a Ladies Tailoring shop in Bangladesh

If you see the market opportunity for starting ladies tailoring store business at home then you’ll find the apparel market is filled with the readymade garments.

Although the number of men who wear customized ladies wears is a very few, women love wearing customized and fitted clothes. When they buy a lot of readymade garments from a mall or a bazaar, they need someone to alter the brand new cloth.

This is because they often visit to tailor for alteration or custom fit clothing. And this is the opportunity that you can start your business then they will get their need done and you’ll earn good revenue in return.

Apart from these, many women prefer wearing a sari and designer blouse in festival season. So, they need one blouse when they buy a sari. Although they get a blouse piece with the sari, they need a good tailor who can make their blouse custom fit and custom designed.

As they want to stop fraying out of yarns, they need to attach fall to the sari and need to finish both ends of the sari. These made a demand of good ladies tailors in every society and colonies.

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On the other hand, some tailors are already providing tailoring services in your locality. And you also have to chance to start doing it, but you must be a good tailor as the women look for.

Steps to Open Ladies Tailoring Store Business in Bangladesh

This is the time of women empowering and most of the women want to do something on their own. Earning some money and get involved in some productive works are the purposes of their works. If you’re a woman and you need to look after her family then you can start ladies tailoring store business in Bangladesh.

The best part of the business is that you can do it from your home as it’s a kind of home-based business. But, things are not as easy as you see start the business.

Because many people start this business and get failed within a few months as they don’t have proper steps and planning. Well, let’s know what the steps are to follow while starting this business.

First Step: Business Plan

Not only for ladies tailoring store business but for any business, a business plan is the first thing you have to make. While you’re doing a business plan it should include most of the things that you’ll be doing 6 months, 1 year and even 10 years from the start of your business.

However, it’s vital to decide what kinds of cloth you’ll make or what your area of specialization is. Also, you can decide it according to the need of your area.

For example, if your area people prefer to wear mostly ready-made clothes and they are not bothered about the fit of the clothes then you have to target cloth alterations. Apart from these, a business plan also should include startup overhead expenses like:

  • Space rent if you get it to rent
  • Office supplies,
  • Tools and equipment,
  • Insurance,
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Employees’ cost if hiring etc

Second Step: Necessary Training

This is one of the first and foremost things to do while opening a ladies tailoring store business. It could be either business training or sewing training or even both.

You’ll not know some of the tricks and techniques only privy to the experts in this business if you have been sewing for a long time. You can get trained while joining an already established business which is doing the same job as you plan to.

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Also, you need the experience not the money at this stage if they don’t want to hire you as a manager or a tailor you can join as an assistant or even a non-paid employee. And you can get the necessary training from a good sewing school near you if you feel not so sure about your sewing.

In this case, you have to learn things including:

  • Basic knowledge of sewing machine
  • Garment stitching
  • Body and garment measurement,
  • Pattern drafting
  • Cutting the fabric
  • Learn about fabrics and their properties
  • Know about garment fit

Third Step: Business Costs

Basically, the costs are needed for ladies tailoring store business when you buy equipment like machinery. And also you need money if you rent a space, for your employees’ salaries etc. So, you have to find out the sources of your business costs and as a woman, you can get a bank loan especially for women entrepreneurs.

Apart from these, there is a government body that provides sewing machines at free of cost for those who get trained from their organization.

You may pledge an asset if other avenues are not open when you have it. Also, you can get loans from local NGO or soft loans from your relatives.

Fourth Step: Business Location

If you want to be successful in ladies tailoring store business then location can be one of the main determinants. A residential area is the best location for a tailoring shop or clothing alterations store. You may struggle to get customers if you’re located in an area with mostly business offices.

It may be the best place though the rent may be high and you may end up with loses when near a mall with heavy traffic of women.

Fifth Step: Business Marketing

In the marketing strategies, word of mouth is the best marketing for a tailoring shop. You may not even need a marketing policy if you have satisfied customers.

You’ll need to let people know that the shop is open and services are available when starting new. Also, you can do things including:

  • pamphlets
  • Advertising in the newspaper
  • posters
  • Social media ad
  • Online presence through blogging etc

Some Other Essential Steps to Follow to Open Ladies Tailoring Store Business in Bangladesh

  • Decide on a name
  • Legalities right
  • Equipment needed
  • Employees needed for the business