How to open a small restaurant in Bangladesh

How to open a Small Restaurant in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country with large population so it has a great demand of food based business. Open a small restaurant can change the fate of an entrepreneur. And it is a great idea also for one who wants to start a small business with small investment. For opening a small restaurant in Bangladesh have to fulfill some requirements.

How to open a small restaurant in Bangladesh

Requirements for starting a small restaurant:


Location choosing is the first and most important requirements for starting a business. You should remind in mind that for food outlet you have to choose a massy place. It can be a market, shopping mall or business area premises. At the near of any educational institution or office area your restaurant will run so well and smoothly. You can also start your restaurant at the near of any sea beaches or visiting place.

Licenses and permits

you should careful that you need license to under the control of government agencies involved in the permits and licenses. If you want to serve alcohol, for example, liquor license with fried chicken dishes. Laws vary from state to state and local cuisine. Michigan, for example, if you have permission to create a food does not know, and the food are prepared off-site.


In order to obtain financing for your business, with a detailed plan to potential investors and business budget. Your bank or credit union can be fried shop is willing to fund research on companies and market feasibility of the target process reliable and robust plan. It may be venture capital and angel investors, is open to suggestions. However, if you accept these terms before the contract is considered to be a lawyer should not be.


you need to determine your purchases from suppliers, wholesalers and got a quote from the farmers in the region. You have raw chicken, spices and cooking source of goods and other food for sale to find out. Potential suppliers of inspection facilities and hygiene to meet the legality of its activities. If your material comes from local suppliers to ensure that, if approved by the US Department of Agriculture meat and poultry in terms of the principles and criteria should be addressed.

To eliminate the elements will sell their products to make a list. Fried chicken in different sections and contains several recipes for sauces and chicken. It can also be included foods such as dishes, salads, sandwiches and fried vegetables served chickens you think. This menu item, which should be ready for tools that can help identify them. Other manufacturers of food products in the field of research to find out the amount of overhead on the market value of your product.


New marketing your fried chicken shop in the local newspaper or launch a special opening ceremony with potential customers by announcing needs. Designing and printing flyers that can be distributed to households and businesses in the region, offering a taste of the chicken. Encourage customers to try to make their products special promotions during the first week. Food quality and excellent customer service, because these factors will ensure the success of your store.