How Do You Perfectly Take Care of Your Chicks

The best ways to Take Care of Your Chicks

Perfectly Take Care of Your Chicks


Chicks are one of the most beautiful things in this world. You can make fun and play with them. However, taking care of chicks is not a fun. You have to follow some rules while taking care of them perfectly. I will introduce you to three methods through which you can take care of them. The methods are given below.

Before Getting Chicks


Thinking about your pet chickens. You have to spend money and time behind chickens. You have to think of their feeding, fresh water, cleaning the coop, providing extra space, collecting eggs, worrying about diseases, checking on the chicks, and vice versa. Actually, that you hear will not happen so much. But you have to be aware all the time.


Making a decision about taking care of your chicks. You have to remember that taking care of chicks is harder than hens. You have to think of the sex of the chicks and noisy roosters of the chicks. You must think of purchasing chicks or incubating chicks.


The realization about chicks. After above information, you have to know the real work. By taking care of your chicks, they will be friendlier and tamer to you. It will be a great experience when the chicks will turn into hens.  Getting fresh eggs every day, fertilizer for the garden, and getting rid of chickens’ unwanted pests such as snails and slugs will give you pleasure.

Brooder Setting

A list of equipment is described below-

Heat lamp. Chicks need to warm their body. You can use a heat lamp of 100 watt light bulb in this case.

Bedding. You will need absorbent bedding like paper towels and wood shavings, not a newspaper as baby chicks leave a lot of mess.


Feeder and drinker. You have to think of feeder and drinker that the chicks have easy access to them.


Chick Starter. Chick starter, a chic feed has more protein. You can buy it from a local feed store with mash or crumbles and medicated or non-medicated. Medicated one checks Coccidiosis of chicks.


Thermometer. Indeed, a thermometer is needed to measure the temperature of the brooder whether it too cold or hot for the chicks.

Decision of the chicks’ stay.
 Chicks need a perfect place for growing up. You have to keep them in a calm, quiet, warm, well-ventilated, and predator-proof room so that you can take care of them daily.


Setting up the brooder. A brooder is a box-like container for raising chicks. You can make it by a cardboard box, an aquarium, pet carrier, or something like. The brooder has to be warm with good ventilation for keeping the chicks joyous and healthy.


Adding the bedding. You must spread your choice of bedding around the brooder for your easily accessible place.


Setting up the heat lamp. The heat lamp must be at 95 degrees for the first week of the chicks. You have to reduce temperature 5 degrees every week until the chicks become 6 weeks old or get their feathers.


Putting the feeder and drinker inside the brooder. You have to put the feeder and drinker inside the brooder so that the chick can easily get them.

Caring for Chicks

Feeding the chick. You should give the chicks a chick starter daily.

You can feed them chick crumbles or chick mash.

Providing fresh, clean water at all times.  You have to provide fresh and clean water all times. Be aware of their easy access to the drinker and you should keep it away from the heat source. You can use pebbles in a bowl of water to encourage the chicks to drink.

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Increasing the availability of food and water while the chick grows.  You have to use a grower feed at 8 to 10 weeks and give all sorts of treats including table scraps. Actually, you cannot feed avocado, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, or salted treats the chicks.

The chicks should also have more space since they are a lot bigger than they were before. At least 4 square foot of floor space is necessary.

Preparing a proper Coop for your chicks. Therefore you have to prepare a proper coop before getting the chick, or when they are very young or before transferring to a coop. You have to be prepared whatever be the one. You have to make ready 4 square foot of floor space.

Finally, I want to assure you if you follow these rules, your chicks will grow up in a congenial environment.