How to Start UK Based Pet Grooming Business

Start UK Based Pet Grooming Business

How to Start Pet Grooming Business in the UK

If you’re passionate about animals then UK based pet grooming business is a great one for you. It can also be a good choice for first-time entrepreneurs with no formal training requirements and low start-up costs. You also can choose mobile pet grooming to the extent your market penetration while using a modified van. Moreover, there is a range of products to help make your business stand out and choose from a wide range of animals to work with. Although you can increase your potential revenue by extending your services to other animals, such as cats and guinea pigs, dogs are the obvious choice. When you’re with pet grooming services, you should ensure you’re aware of them. This is because every special species has unique qualities that present challenges.

What to Consider Starting UK Based Pet Grooming Business?

As the time and financial investment for a larger pet like a dog, you’ll also need to consider whether to groom all breeds. Or, you can be vastly different than for a small pet that one with a high-maintenance coat. It’s the same for the cats as well. It needs either decide on a case-by-case basis or indicate exactly what breeds you cater for. But, there are some breeds that you may need to charge more. Above all, you have to ensure that you’re doing the business because of you love animals. As your investment in grooming products and training for that particular animal will offer a poor return on investment, there needs to be a market.

Starting UK Based Pet Grooming Business at home

As you’ll be able to test the waters without a significant capital investment, so starting UK based pet grooming business is a good choice. You’ll get many advantages from it, for example, reduced overheads like rent, dedicated utilities, signage etc. also, it has some disadvantages as well including the constant presence of hair, finding the space etc. Moreover, there is an issue of the difficulties that can sometimes arise from having personal space so entwined and your work. But, starting up at home is often the best first step because it’s relatively easy to move your equipment and products to dedicated premises.

Besides, there are a number of things you must think about if you want to move into dedicated commercial premises. These include location, cost of rent and overheads, using your products and suitability for storing. Moreover, you have to consider your employees, and whether you can expand there with additional services, such as kennels and ease of parking for you.

Moreover, you need three things to start the UK based pet grooming business so far. And they’re as below:

  1. Physical Stamina: Pet or dog grooming business requires physical fitness, from wrist ache (from Clippers), backache (lifting large dogs), and sore legs (standing all day).
  2. Emotional Strength: It’s a lonely business to work solo. So, yes, there’s no substitute for a quick vent to a colleague or high-fiving a success because you have only the dogs for company.
  3. Animal Empathy:  What is your reaction when an anxious dog tries to bite? Put down the scissors and walk away now, if a small part of you feels frustrated with the dog. So, this isn’t for you in fact.

Decide what services you’ll offer

As it’s the basic level of service you’ll provide, the base level pet grooming means cleaning a pet. You can increase the number of services offered because you become more confident and want to diversify revenue streams. As a result, you may involve an extension to grooming, such as treating fleas, specific styles, and nail clipping. In addition, you can branch into other areas, for example, product sales, obedience training, and holiday stays. Make sure you fully understand its effect on your current operations if you do add an additional service. These include any legal compliance issues as well as cost and profit. For more complex and subtle services for example obedience training, you may need follow-up training.

Moreover, there are some additional services that you can consider to offer your customers. They are as follow:

  • Painting nails
  • Clipping nails
  • Ear cleaning
  • Gland expression
  • Teeth descaling
  • Perfume and a quick freshen up

Cost of Pet Grooming Franchise

If you consider mobile pet grooming, the average cost is of the franchise was £16,125 in 2016. But, the cost of a dog grooming franchise can be much higher and varies according to personal circumstances. Moreover, dog grooming franchise was calculated by averaging the prices of mobile dog grooming businesses. You have to take into account is business insurance as one of the costs.

Consider Mobile pet grooming

You come to them that mobile pet grooming offers pet owners advantages. It’s making easier to fit grooming into busy lifestyles by reducing their costs. So, you must raise your prices to ensure you still turn a profit because it can spike your overheads. Getting the best possible return from the miles traveled, it’s also important to drive the most efficient routes. Mobile pet grooming increasingly appreciated by pet owners in today’s ‘time and certainly a growing business. But, before you invest in the necessary equipment, you must be sure there’s a market.

Pricing for UK Based Pet Grooming Business

You need to understand the pricing to be able to get the most from your area whether starting small and just doing a friend’s Pomeranian in your own home or hand stripping in fantastic brand new facilities. Keep in mind some essential tips when you’re pricing for UK based pet grooming business for your clients. Those are below:

Avoid underselling or the cheapest.

Understand what others are charging in your area.

And, understand your local area and target market as well.

Price guides for pet grooming business: Here is a rough guideline to where you can price your services and this pricing are a suggestion. But, in your local area, you will need to think about when sorting your price structure. Moreover, there aren’t included additional services that you may wish to charge for and up-selling prices.

Extra small dogs, for example, Pugs and Pomeranians from £25 to £35. Small dogs, for example, Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, and West Highland White Terriers are from £30 to £40. Medium dogs, for example, Cocker Spaniels, Cockerpoo’s and Schnauzer is from £35 to £45. Large dogs, for example, German Shepherd, Samoyed, and Standard Poodle are from £45. Extra large dogs, for example, Bernese mountain dogs, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard and Great Dane Hand stripping is from £40from £65.


Hopefully, you get a good idea about how to start UK based pet grooming business from the above content. So, getting proper planning for the pet grooming services is as important as the publication of it as well. Besides, if you feel you need to get training, you must do it. This is because you’ll find your competitors more than 30 or more years experienced. Also, they’re doing a beautiful job on each of the dogs. Besides, marketing is a complete and mapped out strategy to get more customers. Another thing is just to say, patience. There is no alternative of patience because you’ll not get immediately starting any business.