Physical Massage Therapy Business Plan

Physical Massage Therapy Business Plan

Physical Massage Therapy Business Plan


As a young women entrepreneur, the physical massage therapy business is a perfect business idea. It is very much required for people to have a good relaxation time after a long day work. The physical massage therapy business was invented only for these and also because of medical needs.

Those who have started this business have done so well by helping people to solve the problems associated with stress and relation. As such, starting this business in the United States of America is one of the best things to consider as there is sure a great return on investment.

Investment – Physical Massage Therapy Business

A physical massage therapy business requires a lot of money to start with. The equipment required costs a huge amount, plus the employees will be trained and experienced you cannot pay them less. And you also have to lease or buy a space which has to be big enough to compliment your business. An average of $100,000 is required to start up this business. The amount might vary!

Minimum Requirements to Start Physical Massage Therapy Business

1. Equipment.
2. A decent looking store or room.
3. Employees.
4. Register your shop.
5. License and permits.

Business location – Physical Massage Therapy Business

Pick a location for your physical therapy business. As soon as you have secured capital, or while you are in the process, you have got to look for a location with the nearby demographic you often treat. It is better being away from your competition but close to a medical facility.

How to start – Physical Massage Therapy Business


Write a business plan. Within the plan, you should include the business objective, plans to accomplish, financial help, competition, management, promoting, a calendar and the time period in which the business should become beneficial. If you are having troubles with this step, get help from a chapter of the small business bureau or hire a business consultant.

Hire proficient and trustworthy staff for your business. After you assure a location and file paperwork, you will begin forming the structure of your office. Determine and fill the places according to the space, number of physical therapists you want, assistants and other staff.

Begin promoting your business as soon as you are able to. As well as putting up advertisements in television, radio and print advertising, you should begin marketing your specialty services to local doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

Cases from friends, family and medical practices are likely to provide the majority of your patients. Set your rates in accordance with their going rate in your state. You may determine to give discounts for new clients in the first 6 months, to help your business get started.

Purchase all the necessary equipment and set up your office. As recognized by your business plan, starting a physical therapy practice requires good startup capital because you need a location and a good amount of equipment. Make investments in long-lasting, essential workout, massage, and other equipment.

Therefore, make yourself determined and persistent. It will take a few years of broadcasting, promoting, overtime and strong management to make a new physical therapy business a success. If you are determined to see the business to a successful stage, then you are more likely to be able to handle the hurdles that you face.

Target markets – Physical Massage Therapy Business

Your target markets are especially the elderlies and people aging from 25-75. Each and every one us need a relaxing massage to get over the stress. So make sure to provide your customers the best services.

Qualification – Physical Massage Therapy Business

If you are not planning to give massage and therapy to your customers you need a qualification, except the skill about how to run your business. Read books, articles, and magazines about how you can establish your business.


This is a very lucrative business with loads of opportunities.

Key to success

The key to success to your business is providing the best services to your customers so that they come back over and over again.

Possible earnings
$45,000-$60,000 per year.