Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Which is the best for Bangladesh to Start a Business?

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Which is the best for Bangladesh to Start a Business?

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm

You need a good guideline for the debate of pigeon vs. turkey farm in Bangladesh when you’re confused whether you should start rearing pigeon or Turkey in your poultry farming. If you have a passion for pigeon farming and you are thinking of venturing into the profitable turkey business then we’ll succinctly outline the benefits, economic importance, and disadvantage.

And you will end up choosing the one that seems more profitable to you at the end. That’s why it is ideal to appreciate the concept of whether pigeon or turkey profitable prior to moving farther. As they possess a strong gene, it makes them grow faster. However, turkeys are poultry birds and usually, they rear for more meat production.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Lifestyle

It’s a bird that has lived a happy and wildlife and they eat whatever is available at the time from their surroundings. These may include the farmers finest oil seeds amongst other crops.

If you compare even the finest bred turkeys have no choice of what they eat, they might have a patch of grass to walk on and stretch their wings. But, as it’s nothing in comparison to pigeons that fly everywhere, actually use their muscles to escape danger etc. This is because pigeons have a fuller and richer flavor, whether they have dined on seeds or berries; their lives have truly been ‘free range’.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Housing Costs

Although good housing is essential for both pigeons and turkeys, the housing costs are comparatively costlier for turkey. This is because they are big in size that needs more space to move and stay. But, pigeons are small in size and they live friendly with others, so they need less space.

For example, a pair of pigeon needs 27 cu. ft. of space, but a turkey needs at least 3 to 4 square feet space for it. That’s why you can bring up more pigeons while you’re in short of an extra space.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Business Costs

While starting a Turkey farming business requires much capital, to begin with, the less startup cost needs to start a pigeon farming compare to Turkey as the initial costs.

And, in order to be ready to sell and you can start rearing another set; turkeys need clean water, few vaccines, space, light, and food, within a few weeks. Besides, Turkey requires all that turkeys take with multiple vaccines and debeaking.

And, just imagine the extra cost you will be in need of to set up the battery cage system plus the additional cost of feeding for longer months’ sequel to the chicken start laying if you are going to practice battery cage system to avoid debeaking.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Selling Your Products

Make out your potential buyers if you have the interest in Turkey farming. What’s more, know how much they could buy, what can hinder the market and what you could do to leverage the market. But, because the turkeys will keep on consuming the feed whether you have a prospect to buy the chickens or you don’t, turkeys are not too good to market.

You’ll keep incurring a loss because irrespective of the excessive weight or how big turkeys are, in as much the pigeons stay in your poultry without selling. It’s the thing that depends on the amount the customers are willing and able to pay.

Otherwise, because the eggs the pigeon’s products can be stored conveniently without getting spoilt while pigeons are easier to market. Without being desperate about it, you can decide to sell the eggs whenever you are willing, but it’s better to bring them up with pigeons. So, we’re sure that you should identify which is more profitable in term of marketing while looking at the marketing difference and disadvantage.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Disease Controlling

You’ll lose some of your turkeys and within 2-3 months when there is a disease outbreak. And then you need to rear another set of the turkeys as new. However, it’s reverse in case of pigeon farm business. It’s practically impossible to spread diseases to other boxes as they are separated from one another.

And you’ll not need to wait for closely a year to fully recover that the loss occurred. Now, you can understand and you should be able to determine which is more profitable, looking at it from this perspective, between pigeon and turkey.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Vaccinations

If you talk to vaccinations for pigeons and Turkeys then the amount of money you will spend while treating Turkey’s diseases will be more than that of pigeons. This is because pigeons stay longer as such it requires more money to purchase their vaccines, drugs and other processes like debeaking. Also, it will reduce their egg size if there is a shortage of feed for the birds.

And it affects pigeon’s egg production greatly, on the basis of infection or disease even down to debeaking. Moreover, while using vaccines to the prevention or treatment of diseases it affects pigeon’s egg production as well. And if your pigeons reduce their egg’s production then you must get lower squabs.

Pigeon vs. Turkey Farm: Long-Term Revenue

Turkey can be sold as meat which this kind of opportunity is not available in the Pigeon. So, the Turkey farming will, in the end, bring in extra revenue when you sell them, which is not available from pigeon’s farm. Also, pigeons should be sold and replace with new ones when they get aged to sell.

And this is the time when the rate of their consumption is higher than that of egg production. But, if you know the ideal marketing strategy you are to adopt, the demand and challenges of the two before you begin then you can only determine which is more profitable between pigeon and turkey.


In the conclusion, there nothing rest as you already know Pigeon vs. Turkey farm from the above discussion. So, we can say that both birds production is a profitable farming business. But, a single mistake is enough to wipe your entire flock. It means that whichever you select, you must get well training and be very careful. That’s all.