How to Start UK Based Pooper Scooper Business

Ways to Start UK Based Pooper Scooper Business

How to Start Pooper Scooper Business in the UK

You would pick up dog poop for cash and stat UK based pooper scooper business as your profession. You could actually get paid to pick up dog poop if you already pick up your own dog’s poop. Also, if you want an easy way to make some money but you don’t own a dog, you can do it. If you work with an average of four clients per hour, you can earn $40 to $45 per hour. Although pooper scooper may be an unpopular task, if managed properly, it’s a business that would earn you profit. Because the people who love dogs, they would pay someone else to pick up the poop. So, it’s an opportunity you cannot afford to miss with the increasing number of households in the middle-class to high-class income bracket.

Business Plan for UK Based Pooper Scooper Business

A business plan is essential to the success of your business as with any other business as well. Find out how you’ll deal effectively with your competitor. Because your success will attract competitors to your business this question is important. Moreover, you have to estimate the local and national marketplace. Identify their strengths and weaknesses of the biggest competitors in your location. Also, you have to learn how to write your business plan from various sources, such as Google. But, thoughts are not a plan and it’s not enough to have the idea in your head since ideas. You would be able to see your business project in entirety, including the strengths and weaknesses when you put down your plan in writing.

Overview of UK Based Pooper Scooper Business

As there is at least one dog in their houses, the UK based pooper scooper business has a wide demand. As a result, this is a great opportunity you can’t miss, the pet care industry seeing about over $3,000,000 in expenses. Moreover, this is the business that’s easy to do, does not need you to have any form of specialized education or training, inexpensive to start,  can be started up regardless of what age you are. The only requisite is that you have to have the desire to work for you and like dogs.

Besides, as there are at least a couple hundred scoopers in the UK, it’s already said the job has a plenty of demand. Moreover, there is still enough room in lots of cities for additional services. You could make well over $50,000 or $60,000 a year once you gather a few hundred weekly clients if you decide to get serious and establish your own business. Also, you can employ several employees to help you manage the workload when you gather a few hundred weekly clients.

Advantages of UK Based Pooper Scooper Business

  • The business is suitable for the people of all age group.
  • Need no or a little formal education.
  • Very low startup cost.
  • Easy to start and operate
  • It doesn’t require any special registration or license.
  • You can work with a very flexible schedule.
  • A chance to resell the poop to the fertilizer manufacturers or farmers.

Getting Started UK Based Pooper Scooper Business

Potential UK based pooper scooper business can take several ways.  You can test it out without much risk if you want to ease into this line of work to see how it suits you. What you need for this job is a pooper-scooper tool, some plastic poop bags, and a vehicle to get you to your clients’ homes. It’s typical to charge $45 per month for a once-a-week visit when you get your first client. However, you can set your rates more as there are some other factors.

In addition, you can adjust your price accordingly if a client wants you to visit twice a week, and or, has multiple dogs or other variables that make the job tougher than average. Also, you can charge by the visit, instead of the month. When you say you will, or you won’t last long in this business just make sure you show up.

Pooper-scooper tool

As the job is so simple to do, the pooper-scooper tool is also nothing but some simple things. These are:

  • handheld scooper or rake and a dustpan
  • Work gloves and boots
  • sanitizer spray and Bleach
  • Some disposable litter bags for carrying away the poop.
  • A vehicle for getting around your client’s houses and carting waste away.

Think a Franchise

Buying one of many franchise opportunities is another thing to consider. But, you need to have some access to funds if you want to be approved to be able to buy a franchise. For example, if you want to include a service vehicle, and franchises take a cut of your earnings, a franchise may cost $15,000 to $38,950. However, you’ll get on a proven business model from a franchise. Also, usually, they offer a support team and take care of marketing.

Do necessary research

Following the local rules concerning disposing of the waste, you need to research. As the most recycling companies use the waste for fertilizer, you can get another source of income selling the poops. You may need insurance to protect yourself and your business when your business grows. Moreover, you’ll need a business name, a business license, and a Tax ID. Also, you may need to make a weather schedule. This is because the grounds are soft and easier to pick poop from in the summer, spring and autumn are the best times to work. But, the ground is frozen and hard; most dog poop scoopers do not work then when it’s winter. Keep in mind, as you can’t expose yourself to germs, so you need sanitizer for your tools and hands.

Legalities and Paperwork

You’re still in luck even if you don’t have $15,000. So, it requires a little legwork to start this business on your own. You can think about getting yourself an automated system when you start billing more than a few people per month. For example, you can get online invoicing and appointment scheduling from “Square”. Moreover, you can get help from “Wave” with the option of being paid and billing clients.


You need not make the mistake of thinking only affluent customers will be interested when you get ready to market your business. It’s that you thought initially, but you’ll find it false. Although most of your clients may be from the middle-class families, customers from all economic levels paid for this service. As preventing family arguments regarding who should have picked up the dog poop, emphasize the benefits of your services: convenience, a clean yard, no stinky poop bin.

Requirements for the job

You have to understand a little about dog psychology to protect yourself other than there are no formal skills you need to be a pooper-scooper. The dog is not ready to play if you run into a growling dog in a yard with its hair up. But, its lips pulled over its teeth and its tail up but not wagging. Quickly arrange with your client to keep the dog inside before you come over again, after backing out of the backyard slowly.


The demand of the UK based pooper scooper business is great. You can earn a lot from this unpopular job. Pet or dog poop pick up service is important for those who have a pet like dogs. As fewer people involved in the pooper scooper service, there is a good chance to earn a lot of money. So, good luck for the professional pooper scooper!