How to Start a Profitable Lemon Farming Business in Bangladesh

Profitable Lemon Farming Business in Bangladesh

Profitable Lemon Farming Business in Bangladesh

Those who are serious farmers they can start a lemon farming business as it’s a guaranteed money maker. It belongs to the citrus family and the cultivation of these fruits is a long-term investment.

This is because of its tree crop and it requires a longer waiting time. And before they start to bear fruits, this can take upwards of 3 to 6 years. But, depending on the variety, the length of time it takes.

Also, there is a recent one that’s genetically modified and its ranges in sizes. Usually, it ranges from 17 to 23 feet tall and the dwarf varieties and they reach a high from 8 to 12 feet. Lemons not only have a high market value in Bangladesh but they are rich sources of Vitamin C which is s a water-soluble nutrient that improves body immunity.

Why Start a Profitable Lemon Farming Business in Bangladesh

Apart from the high market value and rich sources of vitamins, lemons are consumed in a variety of ways. Also, the good news is that this is the fruit that you can cultivate most places in Bangladesh.

Moreover, as the weather makes it very favorable, you can n cultivate them for an economic purpose requires a sizeable land. Besides, its pulp being used as livestock feeds, and its peels used to make vinegar, lactic acid, citric acid, which feed yeast among others.

The other regards of starting a lemon farming business are that its leaves and bark of citrus are known to have medicinal value.

As Bangladesh is a wide populated country, they need a wide scale of lemons to consume per year. So, this might be a great and profitable business idea for many young entrepreneurs.

Steps to Start a Lemon Farming Business in Bangladesh

It’s already said lemon is a tree-based fruit and it needs up to six years to get results. But, as the results don’t come so easily and it needs a wide planning, maintaining several steps and many things related to this lemon farming business. After that, you’ll get the taste of the fruits. Well, let’s know the essential steps to start this business.

First Step: Business Plan

Like any other businesses, a well-researched business plan is important for your lemon farming business. Without a proper business plan, there is a chance to fail in the business. So, a business plan is the constitution of your entire business that comes with all in one. So, you can’t go far from the plan and the plan must include all essential topics of the business like-

  • Sources of business funds
  • Market research strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Necessary equipment
  • Labor and their costs and many more

Second Step: Choice of Land

For your lemon farming business, this is one of the vital steps to choose a suitable land. When doing this, it’s advisable to take your time as it can significantly impact how well your trees grow.

So, the sandy-loam soils are an excellent choice as it’s mentioned earlier. Although a clay content of 10 to 40 percent is ideal, it’s an easier way to know how good a soil would be is to observe other trees around.

Also, a land is likely to be good for this purpose if surrounding trees look well nourished. As lemon trees thrive on well-drained soils, the drainage is another important consideration to make.

That’s why you should avoid water-logged areas. So, the others are not when some water-logged areas are visually evident.

Third Step: Planting Trees

You have to options for these steps and you can either decide to buy young trees from nurseries or grow the plants from the seeds.

Although it takes a longer time, it saves you from mistakes of buying unwanted varieties. You should buy your desired citrus fruits consisting of lemon if you choose to plant the seeds yourself.

Also, you should choose your preferred varieties whether it’s the dwarf or standard varieties. They should be soaked apart in water after harvesting the seeds. And you should separate them into two categories so that you can define easily. Also, you should do it in the water overnight. This way you have to prepare a nursery to plant the seeds in an inch deep.

Fourth Step: Transplanting and Spacing

Taking to transplant your young trees to their permanent location is the next step in the lemon farming business. But, before this step, it’s necessary to have your farm fenced. Also, keep in mind to keep animals at bay from the trees.

Your trees may be damaged by goats, sheep or cattle without this provision. And a fence is necessary to avoid unauthorized access from people for the long term.

You have to prepare the soil that it should be dug half a meter deep and rich organic matter mixed with the soil removed from the hole.

And if we talk about spacing then it should be such that it allows for maximum allowance for the blossoming of the plants. In this case, the standard sized trees need more spaces than the dwarf lemon trees.

Fifth Step: Caring for Trees

It can be significant for the waiting time for your trees. Depending on the variety this normally takes years. Chances of realizing maximum production capacity are significantly increased by providing proper care.

Citrus canker is one of the common lesions on the fruits, which is responsible for blackening and wilting of leaves, and citrus Tristeza. Also, spraying of insecticides can require urgent treatment for several other types.

Sixth Step: Cost Implications

If you want to start a lemon farming business, you need significant investments. And it’s the land that will take up a major part of your expenses.

But, you would have saved yourself a significant expenditure if you have a land your own. In case, you need to buy land, you need more investment in urban areas than the rural ones.

For trees, you may need from BDT800 to BDT1, 500 per stand. And if you multiply the number with your desired amount of stands then you’ll get the total figure you need.

But, it’s good about the business that it’s a one-time investment need not be repeated unless you want to plant more citrus plantations.

Some Other Essential Steps to Start a Profitable Lemon Farming Business

Apart from the above-said steps, there are some other essential steps to follow while doing lemon farming business. Some of them are below:

  • Find the right suppliers
  • Market your business
  • Fill the legal requirements etc