14 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners

14 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners

Need a Profitable small business idea? Here are 14 ideas are waiting for you. Today, thousands of people want to start a small business rather than a traditional job. Here is the mega list of profitable small business ideas that you can start today.

On average, people more wants their own business rather than a good salary job. This article is included 14 profitable small business ideas that are well researched and you can start it in village or towns or from your home. 

As a beginner, you have to understand the business at first. So here are the few tips that can help you to start a business. 

The 5 major tips to start your own profitable small business.

  • Come with a profitable business idea.
  • Find out the reason why you want to start this business.
  • Get the right facts of the business.
  • Make a budget of your investment.
  • Always think big.


Here are the 14 Profitable small business ideas are coming for you.

  1. Make money with google AdSense

You have an opportunity to make money from google AdSense. A few years ago people thought making money from online is only a dream. Isn’t it? But you can make thousands or more from Google AdSense. There are two ways to make money from Google AdSense.

  • From Your own website.
  • From your own YouTube Videos.

According to my own experience, making money from a website is little harder than YouTube videos. In addition, you can earn a lot of money from your website but there required time and depends on your work. I know personally a guy who earning $10K from his new website. Learn how to make $200 from Google AdSense in a Day

  1. Fast Food Shop Business

Indeed fast food business is the profitable small business idea. It can be taken as a part-time business. Almost 65% consumer of fast food are young people who are under 30. So, you have to make a plan. Therefore, the location is very important to get success in this business industry.

  1. Open an e-Commerce business

Most probably you are late to start an e-Commerce business but there has enough time to start.  The first thing to remember choose any product sector and start your own business.

  1. Small scale Grocery Business

The grocery business is one of the best ideas while you’re in busy residential area. Before starting grocery business you have to make a business plan and investment sources. Indeed, a grocery business can be your next profitable small business.

  1. Poultry farming business

Significantly, poultry farming business is a good business idea while you want to start your own business. You can start poultry farming business from your home by using your backyard or front yard. Epically, women are the best for this business. In the south Asia like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan are the most countries for poultry farming.

There is two purposes for starting a poultry farm. One is for eggs and one is for meats. You can take it as well side business. 15 Side Business Ideas while you working full time.

Know how to start Layer chicken farming business.

  1. Wedding consultancy

The wedding is the most costly event for every man. You can start wedding consultancy business. It is another good business ideas with a small investment.

  1. Security consultancy

This is another lucrative profitable small business. House, house, park, and restaurant owner can be your client. Mostly, this business required experience and skills.

14 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners

  1. Web Content Provider

You can make money by writing web content/articles while you doing full-time jobs. There are many ways to sell your unique articles on the web. You can contact with your known website and ask them how you can write for them. In addition, you can sell you own article on fiver.com. I know a middle-aged banker who is earning $500 by writing articles while you work full time. So, it is another profitable small business ideas with a small investment.

  1. Game developer

Indeed, it is the best business ideas in this list. You have to know how to develop a game. This is a limitless income source.

  1. Insurance Agent

Personally, I like this business because this profession is independent. You will earn money while you make a sell. The main advantage of this business is limitless income but you have to do a lot of hard work. Once you’ll be famous or gained skills on Insurance sector you’ll be king!

  1. Computer trainer

When you are expert in this field you can make extra money as a computer trainer. This work well in ruler areas. The people of ruler areas are little behind by using a computer. They know the importance of computer but they don’t have any reliable sources. So, indeed, it is another profitable small business idea for beginners.

  1. Computer repair

Laptop or desktop are the most common device of modern human life. There is no guaranty that you laptop will run for next 5 years. You can start your own business in this lucrative business field. Besides, you can also sell some products like Mouse, Keyboard, USB cable, internet modem, etc.

  1. Car wash

This business are especially for beginners who want to start their own business while they don’t have any big budget. Car washing business is low-cost business ideas but you have a large space. The car owner is the customers of your business.

  1. Be a YouTuber

Ironically, we can say that YouTube is the money making a machine where we input video and output are money. Not only small money but also thousands or more dollars. You can open your YouTube channel based on your choice and interest.  One this you have to keep in mind that you must have to upload your own video. Nowadays, YouTube is little hard because the publisher is doing misuse.