10 Ways to Save Energy Bills

Best Ways to Save Energy Bills

10 ways to Save Energy Bills

Are you spending a lot of cash on your energy bills? Do you want to save energy bills? There are various ways to keep your energy bills down. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can save energy bills.

Switching off the lights and other electrical appliances when they are not being used:

Try making it a habit of turning off the heater, cooling units, and other appliances when you are leaving the house or when the appliances aren’t being used. Turning appliances off which are connected at the power points save more power than at the switch or even remote controls.
We all keep our routers on even when we aren’t in the house. We should try turning it off when we go to bed or when we are going outside. This habit will give us less distracted sleep and also will save our money. A lot of appliances such as computers have energy saving options.

Computers especially go to the power saving mode when they detect a long time of inactivity. So the next time you see your computer going into power saving mode, try turning the computer off. This will help your computer achieve a longer life and also will be pocket-friendly.

Try shifting to Energy Saving LED Light Globes

80 percent of your lighting cost can be reduced by using energy efficient globes. LED bulbs are more sustainable even though they use less power. In conclusion, we can assume that we can use them for a longer period of time by spending less amount of money. Also check: Pros and Cons of Renewable Energy

Shutting Doors and Closing Curtains

There are a few very convenient things you can do to reduce the costs of heating and cooling. You can close the doors of the rooms you aren’t using and can only cool or heat the rooms where you are present. In winters make it a habit of drawing your curtains and make sure it covers the whole window.

In summer always draw the curtains during the day. In warmers days when the sun ray is trapped by the curtains, the house remains cooler. And to protect the cold air stored you can block the droughts around the doors and windows.

Saving money by using another way of washing and drying clothes

A good amount of money can be saved if clothes are washed with cold water. Saving money can also be done by selecting the shortest washing cycle. For example, if you use a washing machine, you should only wash the clothes when the washing tub is full.

Clothes dryers consume a good amount of electricity which means it will obviously increase the electricity bill. So if you don’t your pocket to be empty, you can hang clothes outside and let them dry naturally. If the sun isn’t available and you need to dry your clothes, you can use a fan to dry clothes indoors.

Understanding your usage

It is very important to find out how much your usage is according to the bill. An in house energy assessment will help you to find out the appliances which are resulting in a high energy bill. This assessment will clearly show you which appliances need to be used in a certain limit.

Saving in the Kitchen Fridge

The fridge you have is one of the most expensive appliances to run.
The perfect temperature for your fridge is about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius and the freezer’s temperature should be around minus 15 to 16 degrees Celsius.

A very important thing to do is to seal the door tight so that there are no gaps or cracks which might result to air escape. And a lot of us have a second fridge, we should try to turn the second fridge on, only when it is required.


If your house depends on frozen foods a lot, you should shift the food from the freezer to the fridge so that the cooking time is reduced. When you are cooking it is budget friendly to use a microwave oven as much as possible. Microwaves use way lesser energy than electric ovens.
If you are more dependent on the stove, you should keep lids on pots. This is advised because it reduces the cooking time. It is a very good idea to have meal plans. So in that way you can cook a huge amount of food at once. You are using lesser energy in this way.

Heating and Cooling Management

Every degree above 20 degrees can add 10 percent to your heating bill. In winter, heating can account for over 30 percent of your bill. In winters it is recommended to keep your thermostat between 18 to 20 degrees.

And in summers the thermostat should be set around 26 degrees or above. Some specialized heating and cooling systems have a feature where the heating is turned off automatically when needed and cooling only takes place when there are humans in the room.

A smaller house

If you can reduce the size of your house you can save a lot of money. The average home is about 2,598 square feet. So if you reduce the size by 100 feet to 400 feet you can save a lot of money. Your heating and energy will reduce by a huge percentage.

Insulation of the Roof

A huge difference can be made if an insulated ceiling is used. A lot of money can be saved by simply using an insulated roof. Effective ceiling insulation can help you have a maximum of 20 percent of your cooling and heating costs.

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Solar Power

Solar energy is one of the most popular ways to save energy bills and money. When using solar electricity, you can generate your own energy. Which means you can avoid buying energy from your retailer.

Solar hot water systems are a great initiative to avoid gas charges. They can save gas charges because the water heaters are gas fired. So, if you use solar energy you can cut out on energy bills and also gas bills.