Are you looking for some small business opportunity that you can start easily? Are you become failure because of knowledge on business opportunity in Indonesia? Then I will suggest you to read this article from beginning to end. You must get right direction on small business opportunity in Indonesia.


One important thing that people are afraid to start their own business without capital. But capital should be really a challenge? Did you know that you can start your own business, even if it broke? Come with me, let me not a penny in his name, and when you start your own business 10 ways to deal with it.

1. Furniture: Europe, America, Indonesia furniture for a lot of people from sources other continents. And it will be exported to get on the furniture factory to other countries. You can start this business in Indonesia. Can remodeling furniture company, which also damaged or stakeholder’s furniture look old begin to find for sale.

2. Hotels: Indonesian migrant workers regularly visited by many tourists and business travelers. People who want to earn money to invest in the tourism industry leaves much room for them.

You have to make hotel accommodations for visitors to your hotel or marketing the online service. Hotel prior to his visit to Indonesia and books where people can make money from the beginning.

3. Convert meat packaging: another business idea that would surely steal to start your own business, processing and packaging of meat. You can earn up to his cows on the farm, and then packaged and processed meats can start playing.

4. Researcher: You can make money by connecting buyers and sellers. For example, many people like to source products in Indonesia. But it has never been there, I do not know where to find what. People who use the Internet to help you easily get the items, and you can earn a commission for the service in the Finder.

5. Application Developers: application developers and raking in the cash. You can get a developer of mobile applications software developer. You can use that do not necessarily make a technical expert, you have to get a solid idea of professional.

6. Provider: Internet Perhaps the idea of provider. As is the case in other parts of the world, and Indonesia, due to the number of people using mobile technology to make a lot of money, so it is important that the Internet is fast and reliable in Indonesia.

7.Training dress: the idea of training on dress design. You cannot start a clothing line, or just a group of people from other parts of the world kaftans, where you can sell, wearing uniforms Indonesian citizen.

8. Tax adviser: Tax is the only thing that a lot of headaches give the owner of the project. Many people who are experts, not only for them, but advice on how to reduce your taxes will not be jobs tax expense of failure does not provide outsourcing training outsourcing. Without a lot of capital, and can start these companies.

9. Travel Adviser: Last business idea that people who want to visit Indonesia for business, or for pleasure, for the support account. You can have a guide. Tourist’s offers support or advice from the company. Which helps companies Visa and collect from the airport and drop them progress, booking hotels, tour guides and other services for a variety can start to use.

10. Business Consultant: Another idea is to become a business consultant. There are some people who could have used some companies have lots of tips and advice. We know that a lot of people rely on the business advisers to their business strategies to drive your business to the next level, which can be used to develop their interests. The best thing about business consultant and a fun time to develop strategies and business solutions, and other things and more useful skills that will develop for you.