Small Business vs Job: Which is the best in Bangladesh Context

Small Business vs Job

Small Business vs Job Which is the best in Bangladesh Context

This is a vital and great question that which is the best in the Bangladesh context, small business vs job. And what is the way you go about weighing a corporate career vs small business owner start-up decision? It’s also wondering whether the people who brag about their small business wealth are really living the high life.

Because everyone is always trying to sell you something, most of what you read on the web about starting your own business tends to be over glorified. It’s no wonder that many people have misconceptions about what it’s like to run your own business when all you see are get rich quick taglines everywhere. It can be appealing to independent individuals with a drive to succeed while operating a small business. However, everyone is not perfect for a business.

An Overview of Small Business vs Job

As it’s already said that business or entrepreneurship is not perfect for all people, it’s true. So, you should consider the differences between being a business owner and being an employee before you venture out into business. It could be at stake, either way of the ability to sleep soundly at night. They’d never be happy in the variable world of the small business when some people crave security.

Some other always wonder thinking what might have been if they stick with the solid day job that requires no risk but grants little reward. It’s somewhat clichéd reason to be your own boss. And it’s always given for being a business owner. This is a huge draw to the entrepreneurial life while there are the independence and flexibility to make time for family, hobbies or other activities.

Which one is the Best in Bangladesh Context – Small Business vs Job?

In the contradiction of small business vs job, both are challenging. Business is one kind of adventure without promises. While others have opted for the security of a bi-weekly paycheck that comes from working for someone else, many Bangladeshis have considered entrepreneurship as a means to pay the bills.

Simultaneously, because you don’t have to worry about every aspect of the company gives you a certain amount of freedom being employed. You can forget your work concerns when you’re on vacation or enjoying the weekend.

Moreover, employees receive regular paychecks, which is one of the most significant differences between small business vs job. You know what to expect your income to be and can budget accordingly as an employee.

However, your income will vary from month to month and year to year when you’re a small business holder. As you can never be certain of your financial resources, this may make it hard to plan for the future.

Small Business vs Job – Bangladesh Context

It’s not a factor for getting a job in Bangladesh is the analytical ability. Students are getting a good job with a handsome salary in Software Industry with below average grade. The main fact for getting IT job in Bangladesh is sustainability, legality, responsibility, learning capability etc.

This is all about the IT industry, but the majority numbers of students have not the ability to study higher education on IT subjects. Besides, the government jobs are reserved for the freedom fighters, leaders and government officials. Now, what will you do?

There is the only way to start an own business investing a small amount at first. There are many sectors in Bangladesh to shine in the small business.

So, this is entirely our own opinion that better for you to start a small business in Bangladesh. There are many living examples that a small business made them rich rather than the jobs. Besides, the job market is not available and desired jobs.

These all aspects are leading us to say that the only way to subside the unemployment issue is the small business in Bangladesh. Now, let’s compare the small business mindset and job mindset with some objectives.

1. Starting and finishing tasks independently

Job Mindset

You’re expected to complete the assigned task that your boss or manager gives you a task to be completed within a certain time period and.

Small Business Mindset

There is freedom to work and the business owners know how to work independently. While completing their own work schedules, they’re willing to take full responsibility. If you are thinking about starting a home-based business to take this one step farther, you must also consider that there will be times. Without the company and support of others, you’ll be spending hours working alone.

2. Setting and achieving short and long-term goals

Employee Mindset

You’re working to achieve someone else’s goals as an employee.

Business Owner Mindset

Planning, marketing and overseeing the success of their business all depends on the business owner. The meaning of a successful business is to take the time to formulate and implement a well thought out business plan.

What you’ll need to do these is to write a concise mission statement, an innovative vision for your company. Also, you have to set the short and long-term financial goals and a feasible and effective plan of action.

3. Self-discipline and self-motivation to work for yourself

Employee Mindset

Setting and oversees your tasks and hours by a boss or manager.

Business Owner Mindset

You’re a master of time management and multi-tasking when you’re the successful business owner. While growing a successful business, the self-discipline is a vital factor. If you want to do those things that will keep his/her business moving forward, you must be consistently self-directed and self-motivated.

4. Managing money wisely

Employee Mindset

Rather than you, someone else takes all the financial risks for building a successful and profitable business.

Business Owner Mindset

How do you intend to finance your business when you decide to start a business? Being prepared to handle the financial ups and downs of opening and growing a new business is one of the key factors to start a business.

5. Measuring your success

Employee Mindset

By measuring and rewarding your successes your boss sets the standard along with pay raises, awards, recognition, etc.

Business Owner Mindset

You’ll measure your success your own and set the next goals and steps.