How to Start a Broiler Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh

Starting a Broiler Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh

Start a Broiler Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh

Do you want to start a profitable farming business in Bangladesh with a small investment? In today’s days, broiler poultry farming business in Bangladesh becomes one of the most important occupations. As there is a tremendous increase in the population of the country, the demand for food is increasing. That’s why broiler poultry farm is necessary to burn the hunger of such a great population. An 80% of our population depends on the non-vegetarian food in Bangladesh.

So, its great opportunities arose for the people who want to take a step in the food industry due to these aspects. And a 50% of meat is occupied by broiler chicken among all non-vegetarian food items. Moreover, demand for broiler meat is also increasing as the population is increasing. And those who want to open broiler poultry farm is a great opportunity for them.

An Overview of Broiler Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh

The broiler poultry farming business has become an unparalleled platform for a quick profit, the generation of local employment, and the production of cheaper animal proteins since the beginning of 21st century in Bangladesh. also, the poultry industry in Bangladesh may become multi-dimensional and more stable in the near future as it establishes sufficient backward and forward linkages to input and output supplies according to a critical analysis.

Becoming fully mature, we can foresee it’s passing the very fast growing juvenile stages of higher net profit earning and less responsible. Although the projected demand and production potentials of this sector are increasing, it’s at a slower pace than before. This is because of some important challenges like-

  • Emerging disease,
  • Higher prices of inputs,
  • Consumer preferences, and
  • Strong market competition

But, as it produces healthier and more diversified, the production systems of poultry in Bangladesh are entering a new era according to evidence. It might be the driving forces to support the foreseen transformations when there are-

  1. A better economy in the country,
  2. A more health-conscious population, and
  3. The availability of new and affordable innovations

Steps to Start a Broiler Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh

As the broiler poultry farming business costs are coming down in spite of rising feed and management costs, it’s catching up very fast in Bangladesh. However, it’s hovering close to the production cost when the price of grown-up broilers.

Because consumers are looking at the health of the bird and other attributes like dressing percentage and muscle growth, they are looking at the quality of the reared broiler. So, the farming has to be done meticulously and scientifically under the circumstances. Now, let’s know how to start a broiler poultry farming business in Bangladesh.

First Step: Business Plan

Although identifying your market is part of your business plan, you’ll need more information than just that to create a guide for your business as you move along toward its creation. Another most essential thing for your broiler poultry farming business is capital and that must include in the plan. Specifically, how much you need and how much you have in your hand along with the sources of potential shortages.

Moreover, there is not only should include the different equipment costs but the cost of the chicks themselves. Also, the business plan should be specific, measurable goals that will clearly state some essential strategies like-

  • How many broilers you’ll raise for your first run
  • What the market size is
  • What equipment you’ll need for them: fencing, housing, waterers, and feeders.

Learn more – 20 easy steps to write an effective business plan.

Second Step: Suitable Condition

It’s necessary for you to examine some characteristic of the land such as region, weather, climate, infrastructure and all before choosing land for your broiler poultry farming business. If you want to get great profit from broiler poultry farm and maintaining good health of flocks then you should have a location with the suitable condition.

So, the suitable region becomes an important aspect to open a broiler poultry farm.

But, you don’t have to go anywhere to find those characteristics. Simply continue reading this guide and it will lead you to know all the necessary things to start your farm.

Third Step: Poultry Farming System

It’s very important for successful broiler poultry farming business selecting high-quality productive breeds. As there are numerous local and foreign high-quality poultry breeds available in India, choose proper breeds according to your desired production. You have to go with highly meat productive broiler poultry breeds for commercial meat production business.

It’s known as broiler poultry that is suitable for commercial meat production. They are not only like meat-producing machines but consume foods and convert them into meat quickly. And within a very short time, they grow fast and become suitable for slaughter purpose. According to the condition of Bangladesh, there are three systems are suitable for commercial poultry farming. And they are below:

  1. Intensive System,
  2. Semi-Intensive System and
  3. Extensive System

Fourth Step: Proper Location

Selecting a suitable land is the main and foremost important thing for broiler poultry farming business. Also, this is not only the most expensive but vital part of this business as well. You should select the land area according to how much birds you’ll raise on your farm. Also read Best Tips for poultry farm housing.

And while choosing a land, consider some aspects like-

  1. Need a chaos and noise free calm and quiet place
  2. The area should have fresh and pollution free environment
  3. Avoid setup the farm in the rented land
  4. Ensure a great source of a sufficient amount of fresh and clean water
  5. The area must have to be free from all types of harmful animals and predators
  6. Good transportation system
  7. Consider a suitable market near the farm

Fifth Step: Market Research

Your new broiler poultry farming business needs to figure out your market as the next step. Here you can consider either you’ll sell the fast-growing cross that is the large-scale poultry industry standard or go for an heirloom breed or hybrid. And it ultimately costing you more money when birds raised on pasture may take longer to reach market weight. Also, you should know something more like-

  • Who your local buyers are
  • Whether you’ll sell to consumers directly from your farm
  • How they will know where to find you
  • Whether you’ll sell to restaurants

Some Other Essential Steps to Start a Broiler Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh

  • Know the laws and fill the legal requirements
  • Learn how to raise chickens for meat
  • Raise your chicks
  • Process the birds
  • Sell the chickens
  • Reassess and reevaluate