How to start a Broiler Poultry Farming India Based

Start a Broiler Poultry Farming India Based

Broiler Poultry Farming India Based


Looking for best business ideas with a small investment in India? You can start a broiler poultry farming India based with a little investment. The Chickens are now becoming an integral part of the human food list. Poultry farms play an important role in meeting the demand for protein from chickens in India. Many kinds of chickens are observed on a commercial farm. But broilers and turkey is very popular in India. It is currently considered as a profitable and potential industry. Hard working and intelligent entrepreneurs can start a broiler poultry farm easily with a little capital. In poultry farms, chickens are usually observed to fill the demand for meat.

On the basis of poultry farming, the entrepreneurs get the opportunity to earn huge amount of money. In fact, each type of business needs a proper planning. Without proper planning, there is no any business to success. Successful poultry farming business depends on hard work and a proper planning.

Encouragement of entrepreneurs to start a broiler poultry farming is increasing day by day. Unemployed youths can financially self-reliant by starting this business. Here is the discussion about poultry farming with details for beginners.


Select Location to start Broiler Poultry Farming India Based

The farm refers to a permanent place for commercially growing broilers chickens. There are various types of chicken farms such as egg production farms, meat production farms, chicken production farms etc. Selection of the place in an important business strategy for the successfully managing of farms. During the selection of the place for the farm, the following factors should be considered. Such as,

  1. The farm space should be high.
  2. There should be adequate arrangements for water removal in the selected area for the farm.
  3. The place of the farm should be in the noiseless space.
  4. The communication system should improve there.
  5. There should be the provision of electrical connections and pure water supply.


Accommodation for Chickens – Broiler Poultry Farming India Based


The place to be safe and comfortable is called residence. According to the number of poultry, the chicken house should be built with the need for accommodation, lighting, and ventilation. The fence of Chickens house is made by nets. On winter or rainy days, the fence has to be covered by sacks. Sufficient artificial light should be provided in the Broilers chicken house. Generally, 5 kilowatt light is required in every 10 square feet for broilers. To keep the floor dry of the house, it is best to keep the chickens on the bricks floor or cages. The doors of the house should be large in size and also south face.

Necessary equipment to start a Broiler Poultry Farming India Based

Some necessary equipment must be purchased to start a poultry farm. To start a poultry farm necessary equipment like as feeders, waters, lighting systems, cages, brooder or heaters, nests etc. are needed.


Food management – Broiler Poultry Farming India Based

It is necessary to take food for the growth and production of the chicken body. About 70% of the amount of money spent on manage poultry farms is used to purchase chicken food. Generally, every broiler chicken takes 4 kg of food up to 8 weeks of age. The broiler chicken will always have a balanced diet. Vitamin A, B2, B3, B12 etc. are very important for broiler chicken. Always have to supply food in clean containers.


Water Supply – Broiler Poultry Farming India Based

Broiler chicken drinks plenty of water. So it is very important to keep the arrangement of water supply to a poultry farm. Generally, an adult broiler chicken keeps an average of 200 grams of water daily.


Health management of broiler poultry chickens

The following steps may be taken to maintain the health of poultry and to prevent disease prevention.

  • Keep the chicken house and its surroundings clean.
  • Do not allow wild animals to enter the poultry farm.
  • Vaccination of chicken timely.
  • Chickens are always given to eat fresh food.
  • Provide pure water.
  • Provide chicken balanced food.
  • Every day chickens will have to feed 4 times.
  • Keep the chicken bed dry all the time.
  • Preserve chicken shit away from the farm.
  • Observe the diseased chickens separately.
  • Dead chicken buried under the ground.

Marketing: Broiler chicken is usually suitable for marketing of 8 weeks of age. Broiler chickens have a huge demand in all around the world as well as India. All people are consumers of this food product.

Ability to start a broiler poultry Farm: To start this business, entrepreneurs should have experience and skills in broiler poultry farming. If you want this business can be managed by appointing experienced workers.


Potential profit: It is a profitable business venture in India. In this business, usually, earn 10%-12% profit of the total production cost.