How to Start a Gardening Service Business in Bangladesh

Start a Gardening Service Business in Bangladesh

Start a Gardening Service Business in Bangladesh

You can expect that the gardening service business would already be saturated because everyone is going green these days. Although the business isn’t as saturated as you may think, that’s a fact. Also, you’ll find a portion of people who still think that starting a gardening business may be a dirty business.

You just might be shocked to know that there are some affluent people who are in love with gardening if you’re one of those folks who think same. If you look around you, you would see that nearly every house has flowers in its frontage.

It’s the gift of the green leaves along with ambiance and beauty. For those who know how to tweak things so that you can build a successful business, this is indeed a profitable small business idea.

Why Start a Gardening Service Business in Bangladesh

When it comes to running gardens for profit it’s for this reason that some people would leave no stone unturned. As a result, you may want to consider starting a gardening service business if you’re looking to start a business that revolves around nature. Also, there are good chances in Bangladesh because there are still not grown a large gardening industry.

But, it has a huge demand in the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, etc where there are so many large business ventures along with modern houses with gardens and lawns. Not only for these but the demand for gardening services are found in the universities, colleges and even in the schools as well. So, you can start the business with some simple steps, if you’ve decided to start it.

Steps to Start a Gardening Service Business in Bangladesh

This guide will help you start up and give you a few tips to getting your name out there if you have dreams of gardening service business in huge. It’s not impossible one day you may find yourself exhibiting at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show as a Bangladeshi representative.

That’s why you may want to consider the following solid steps that can help you start and build to success if you’re decided and do not know how to pull things off in this industry.

First Step: Business Plan & Research

What kind of services you are offering in gardening service business should be decided at the first. So, it’s essential to define in the plan whether you want to offer garden maintenance services or you want to build a green haven from scratch. This is because they have own set of pros and cons for both kinds of businesses.

And keep in mind that a designer balcony will fetch more money than just gardening maintenance. As a result, you should include all points and steps on how to start and succeed in your business in details. Besides, if you start on a research note then it will do you a world of good.

Second Step: Business Location

With an easily reached from main roads by all, you’ll need a small office for your gardening service business. So, the offices where some paper works can be done that should have some spaces. In this case, we recommend that you start this type of business in a commercial center and not in a suburb. You can look at starting small as it were if you’re not looking to start this business big. It’s most common to start a gardening business near where you live due to a combination of simplicity and pre-established networking opportunities. But, that’s not enough to think of it as the best option.

Third Step: Skill & Experience

In spite of having background knowledge of gardening, it’s common that you don’t know how to really embark on the mission of starting yours. This is the place where the gardening skill comes in. so; you need to get training in gathering the gardening skills that you require from some vocational school.

Also, you can use your internet so that you can find the tips and tricks about gardening service business. So, ask yourself if you have the following skills before committing yourself to the business:

  • An imaginative mindset
  • Enormous personal communication ability
  • A designing aptitude
  • Proficiency in planting and general gardening
  • Ability for organizing
  • Skills to drive down costs and increase profits etc

Fourth Step: Essential Money

The gardening service business does not only allow you to set up without seeking outside funding but it’s the low-cost startup as well. Your outlay will go towards equipment, goods, and travel other than what you spend on any qualifications. While establishing good relationships with suppliers although you will need a wide variety of equipment from the outset, you can keep the first two down.

It may be wise to combine buying smaller pieces of equipment with hiring the larger, more expensive options when starting up. So, before you know how well your business will be doing, keep your invested cash to a minimum. Also, while using big companies to hire from, shop around at wholesale stores and online for the best buying deals.

Fifth Step: Advertise Your Business

As it’s one of the indispensable steps, you must take seriously. It’s much more than to solve problems is to make a profit is one of the reasons why you are in the business. That’s why you have to select the ways that will make you more visible. For example, you can start blogging through your website.

Moreover, it’s always a good way to advertise using fliers and brochures. And finally, do the free advertise and that’s the word of mouth, which is always a good marketing trick.

Sixth Step: Understanding the work

Although the costs to start and run the business are relatively low, it requires a lot of hard work. While you’re working for a gardening service business, the typical tasks you will be doing. These include are below:

  • watering lawns and gardens
  • brush cutting
  • mowing
  • fertilizing lawns and gardens
  • sweeping and blowing pathways
  • weed control and removal
  • raking, pruning, and planting
  • re-potting plants
  • mulching
  • clearing rubbish etc