How to Start a House Painting Business in Bangladesh

Start a House Painting Business in Bangladesh

Start a House Painting Business in Bangladesh

Not only easy to start but a house painting business in Bangladesh is the cheapest one among others. Because of an easy business to start, you’ll have heavy competition. As it’s a fresh, professional coat of paint, it’s one of the hallmarks of a well-kept home or prosperous business.

However, as it takes a lot of time and skill to do the job right, many people hate painting. It not only takes time and experience but needs to climb around on ladders or scaffolding, and getting paint in your hair also. Apart from these, it could be the business for you if you’re passionate about painting.

An Overview of the House Painting Business Marketplace in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh is one of the developing countries, the real estate business is the fastest growing industry here. It means that if there are a lot of new buildings and apartments, there is a good chance to get a house painting business too. A good and expert house painter earns much doing the painting business. Besides, your startup costs can be relatively low and the biggest advantage is that you can work from a home base.

And it can be both rewarding and lucrative if you like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a good day’s physical labor. When you’ll be working with different types of paints and primers, you’ll acquire experience in painting interiors and exteriors. This way, you can get the winning platform to build your career up with home painting business.

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Necessary Steps to Start a House Painting Business in Bangladesh

It’s popular these days to use authentic historic colors for antique homes, which can be the highest profit for a house painting business in Bangladesh. That’s why it’s important to offer color consultation and expertise as part of your historical painting service. Also, there are many strategies that you have to implement in order to get success in a home painting business. Okay, let’s know what steps you need to start a house painting business in Bangladesh.

Step #1 – Draw up a business plan

If you focus on your business by creating written a document, you can name it a business plan for your house painting business. Whether you will do interior painting, exterior painting or a combination, it goes to you for the decision. Also, you should draw the plan of the target marketplace whether it’s is apartment building owners, owners of historic homes or homeowners in typical, middle-class neighborhoods.

Moreover, if you want to see how well they are meeting your target market’s needs; research other local house painting companies. And the company that you can distinguish yourself from competitors makes a list of ways of the companies. Above all, why not include a section in your business plan describing your marketing plans, pricing, and supplies?

Step #2 – Create and distribute marketing materials

Based on the image you want to communicate to your target market, design marketing materials. There you should focus on what sets your company apart from the competition making a list of them. When the marketing materials are ready, hand fliers on shopping center bulletin boards, distribute door hangers and place ads in local newspapers and websites for a basic.

Also, if you’re marketing toward those looking for higher-end, specialized services then create glossy brochures. Moreover, you should include images of the particular feature if your expertise. On the other hand, as it’s the days of tech and the internet, there is no way of leaving the online presence through a website. Besides, by setting up a business Facebook page or Instagram account, and posting photos of your jobs, display your work to a wider audience.

Step #3 – Understand the Business Concepts

If you have a firm grasp of these concepts, that’s a good idea. As hastily entered the world of entrepreneurship, most business painting company owners are technicians. However, at the end of their business, a few have ever taken the time to be a serious student of the home painting business.

It pays dividends for life when you do this for a short, intense period of time. That’s the reason why you must know the business concept. It’ll enlarge your business with its profits.

Step #4 – Stay in Touch with Customers

Don’t trust those customers will keep coming back to you for all of their painting needs when you have worked with a number of customers.

This is because the painting contractors make is abandoning and neglecting clients after the sale. It means that the causes the cost of sale to go through the roof. And most often this is the chief reason for their failures when you work with a painting contractor who is stalled in sales and profitability.

Step #5 – Set Clear Rates

You need to determine three key factors upfront – production rates, pay rates and charge rates when it comes to your rates. Depending on how long it takes the average painter to paint any given surface the production rates may vary.

So, your only job is to measure the square footage, linear footage, and a number of the surfaces or objects you are painting when you estimate a project. As a new house painting business, you can note the others rates of your area.

Step #5 – Needed Equipment

With a couple sizes of ladders, an assortment of brushes, rollers and paint trays and perhaps a sprayer and a breathing mask, you can start off your house painting business.

But, you can branch out to heavy-duty sprayers and compressors and a set of scaffolding when the business will grow up. Also, you may need a pickup truck to carry you and your equipment to jobs. Here is a list of items that you need to continue working:

  • Pen and paper or computer
  • Paint trays
  • Rollers and brushes
  • Ladders
  • Sprayer
  • Drop Cloths
  • Face mask
  • Paint
  • Scaffolding
  • Vehicle
  • Binder
  • Marketing materials

Some other essential steps to start a house painting business in Bangladesh are below:

  • Name your house painting business.
  • Register your house painting business.
  • Practice estimating
  • Build a Portfolio