How to Start a Landscaping Business in Bangladesh

Starting a Landscaping Business in Bangladesh

How to Start a Landscaping Business in Bangladesh

We’re here with what you need to know to start your landscaping business in Bangladesh from legal considerations to making a profit. Working outdoors is the dream of many people. And working in the “green” industry is a natural solution for entrepreneurs who take this dream seriously and have a knack for a landscaping business.

Just you need a pickup truck along with a power mower, and some experience to start a small lawn-care business. From basic lawn maintenance to complex design projects, the business can take on many forms. So, this is a good idea to work for another company first to gain experience.

In order to market their new business, some would-be landscapers complete coursework. Whether as the groundskeeper of commercial property or the owner of a suburban lawn-mowing business, most end up offering a variety of services.

An Overview of Landscaping Business in Bangladesh

This is a great opportunity for those who have experience because the landscaping business in Bangladesh is not flourished widely to date. If you search in the Google, you’ll find a few, better to say very few, companies are providing landscaping services in the country.

So, why are you not taking the chance? Also, it’s not only a great business opportunity but it must be profitable as well. If you see the global landscaping, you’ll find that the US landscaping industry nets $61 billion annually. While almost half post net profit margins of less than 10 percent, more than half make less than $500,000 in annual revenue. These are only to show you the importance and profit of this industry so that you can encourage your own to start the business in Bangladesh.

Steps to Start a Landscaping Business in Bangladesh

It’s a good idea to actually learn the trade before actually jumping into the landscaping business in Bangladesh. As you need to gain hone, find a job working with an existing landscaping business. When you’ll work with a company, you’ll learn how to do the business side works, and make valuable connections.

That’s why before actually jumping into business ownership, it’s beneficial to do some extra research. Well, let’s know some other steps that need to start a landscaping company in Bangladesh.

Step #1 – Create a Business & Marketing Plan

As it’s said “planning is haft done of a job”, it’s applicable for you to start a landscaping business in Bangladesh. You must wisely include almost all that you need to do for the success of your business. From finance sources to equipment, all must be included in your business plan. Read- how to write a business plan.

On the other hand, if you like to grow your base of landscaping customers, it’s essential to start marketing. As it’s based on your resources, target customers, and specialty, the actual tactics you take can vary. Not only put up some flyers in your community but you may focus on local SEO to market your business through the internet. However, make sure they’re consistent so that potential customers can recognize your business across platforms whatever tactics you choose.

Step #2 – Skills and Training

People those who have a degree in landscape architecture, they’re often starting a landscaping company with a design element. But, if you want to start a mowing and maintenance company, you need not an architectural degree. Although you can start a landscaping business in Bangladesh without an academic degree, you should be adept at skills of mowing, trimming and pruning.

Also, this requires investing in horticulture courses to learn gardening, irrigation and other key techniques for some. Moreover, once upon a time, you may feel the need of businesses management skills is just as crucial to succeeding. In this case, you can join a reputed company to gather experience in this industry so that you can start your one successfully.

Step #3 – Financing

Building the business and waiting for those initial payments, landscapers should have about BDT15, 00, 000 (US$20,000) to survive. This is said according to the Bangladesh aspect, but it’s about US$50, 000 when someone starts the similar business in the United States. Focusing on property maintenance, the venture money is chasing businesses. this is the cost of various items relate to landscaping business along with office rent and some for the future expenditures if you don’t get the jobs at the initial stage.

Step #4 – Legal Consideration with License and Insurance

They open themselves up to liability as companies grow and develop some worth. If you want to protect your new business is the best way through a solid contract along with legal entities and license and insurance. This is because it’s going to be someone who doesn’t like your work or doesn’t want to pay you, no matter what you do.

The must need one is the trade license that you’ll get from your nearest city corporation or municipality office. After that a unique business name and other requirements that need for your business. There is another option if you think these worrying. And that’s to hire a lawyer who will do all necessary jobs for you.

Step #5 – Equipment

As there are various services, equipment and supplies also vary. What you have to purchase usually a sit-down mower, weed wacker and trimmer.

Moreover, when you’ll do gardening business you’ll need shovels, picks, rakes and hoes. Besides, if you want a hedge trimmer or something to lop limbs off trees then the cost increases. But, if you have a truck and a few other small tools, you may be able to get by early on with just a couple of lawnmowers.

Step #6 – Build Your Team

It may also become necessary for you to bring on some employees to scale your business. But, you must be cautious when hiring them with motivation and perform up to your standards. Although it may be difficult to select the right team members, you have to do it wisely. This is because you need to have the right people in your corner to be a successful landscaping business.

More Steps to Follow

Here are some other steps to follow to start a profitable landscaping business in Bangladesh:

  • Determine Your Rates
  • Consider a Specialty
  • Join Trade Associations
  • Learn About the Business Side
  • Develop Relationships with Customers