How to Start a Parcel Courier Business in Bangladesh

Start a Parcel Courier Business in Bangladesh

How to Start a Parcel Courier Business in Bangladesh

You may imagine much time you’re your own boss while earning a great amount to be financially independent. But, confused to start a parcel courier business in Bangladesh thinking it’ll be successful or not. We’re here to help you making your imagination real to make you a boss and financially stable. Although starting a new business is not so easy, we can show you how you can get off to a smooth start by making smart choices and avoiding common mistakes.

If we specifically talk about a courier business, the startup costs are relatively low and your success will mostly be determined by your own efforts and perseverance. Despite stiff competition in the courier industry, providing great customer service and reliability will go a long way toward ensuring long-term success.

Why Start a Parcel Courier Business in Bangladesh

Once upon a time, it takes a week and even a month to get a letter from one part to another part of Bangladesh. But, with the growing economy, the days are gone and you can get a confidential letter through a parcel courier business within a day. Although the digitalization has made thing much easy, there is still the importance of courier services for many issues.

For example, if someone needs a Payoneer Master Card then there is no way depending on a courier service. This way, the courier is essential to exchange official documents, goods, and many more things. Also, it’s to maximize profit potential while starting a courier service specializing in envelopes, small packages or large shipments, or combine all package types and sizes. That’s why it could a great small business idea you can go through.

Steps to Start a Parcel Courier Business in Bangladesh

As it’s a better option, you can start a parcel courier business in Bangladesh. While you concentrate on marketing, managing and building the business, hire employees to make deliveries. But, as competition in the courier industry is stiff, you must provide great customer service and reliability to go a long way.

Not only the customers’ service but many factors influence this business as well. As a result, it’s vital to know them and comply with. So, here we’re with the complete guide of the steps that are essential to start a courier business in Bangladesh.

First Step: Business Plan

You need to make a clear business plan for your expenses, competitive pricing and profit margins like any business. It’s the first and foremost step to have a clear vision of how you will make money and the kind of courier work you are looking for. Also, how you’ll keep client retentions and where you’ll get new business is essential to decide in your plan.

You get can become regular and loyal when you have a limited marketing budget. And make a plan accordingly how you can provide a good marketing and customer service on a low budget. It’ll help you surviving when you’re in a danger in your business. That’s why a well-researched business plan is much more essential for a business success.

Second Step: Right Vehicle

You’ll need a reliable source of transportation to start your courier service. As they provide the largest amount of cargo space to transport the items that you are carrying for customers, many couriers choose cargo vans for this type of business.

We suggest trying to lease a van or you can shop for a used cargo van if you want to lower your monthly payments. On the other hand, it can also be a good option for a pickup truck with a covered bed. So, essentially you should decide whether you’ll buy or lease your delivery vehicle. Not only a practical and reliable one but you need a safe and a good fuel-saving one as well.

Third Step: Right Niche

In order to ensure your success in parcel courier business, it’s important to establish the right niche. And this is an essential step if you live in a metropolitan area with lots of existing courier service businesses. Also, it will give you a “quick start” to targeting your new customers when you’re in a small town though. Whether they are lawyers needing same-day document delivery or caterers needing prepared meals delivered every day at a certain time that’s needed to talk to your prospects.

Also, try finding what they want and then offer it to them at a reasonable price. So, while giving customers what they need or want, it’s the secret of success for any business. And you can provide local businesses with same-day local delivery to fill the gap of the famous courier services.

Fourth Step: Business Marketing

It’s time to start marketing your business when you have your vehicle, equipment, and a name for your courier service. At the start off you can first communicate with your friends and family using your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

When you’re in these social media properties, you have to create a business page on each of these. And you have to find out who needs a courier as the most courier businesses need to market to other businesses. If you want to do it, you need to make a list of businesses that may need a courier service and then cold calling and emailing prospects.

Fifth Step: Hire Employees

If you want to manage the office and leave the pick-ups and deliveries to others, you can consider hiring employees. Before hiring anyone to work for your company, conduct a criminal background check and credit check. When they’re using their own vehicles, make sure all employees have clean driving records and reliable transportation. Either way, you need to check they have the correct qualifications before taking them on. So, if you keep in mind these notes, you’ll get a qualified person to work for you.

Some Other Steps to Follow to Start a Parcel Courier Business in Bangladesh

As it’s a short length content, it’s not possible to write about all the steps in details. So, there are some other steps to follow essentially. Otherwise, you’ll get the problem in the near future running your business. So, let’s know what other steps to follow for a successful business venture:

  • Organize office space
  • Buy the right equipment
  • Name your business
  • Ensure your business
  • Save your receipts
  • Develop a pricing structure for items delivered
  • Legal structure