Great Tips and Guidelines to Start a Profitable Bee Framing Business

Tips and Guidelines to Start a Profitable Bee Framing Business

Tips and Guidelines to Start a Profitable Bee Framing Business


Are you looking for a profitable business idea in the farming sector? Here are all about profitable bee farming business. Wooden boxes are made in conformity with this accommodation of bees. The wooden bee beekeeping is the modern system. It is possible to collect this honey and wax from the localities and different forests. Why this Beekeeping? In this article, I would like to discuss Profitable Bee Framing Business

Necessity – Profitable Bee Framing Business

Usually, the chalk is destroyed during honey collection from the honeybee. During this time, large numbers of bees were also killed. Eggs and children are also lost in chickens. The number of bees is decreasing day by day. With the use of insecticides in the current crop field, the number of bees is decreasing in the face of the population. It also reduced the yield of the crop. It is possible to increase the number of bees through honey being.

We accept honey deprived honey as food. There are many different types of rustic remedies for honey nutrition. In general, the honey was thrown out of the beans. It does not have complete honey discharges from the chalk, and the honey remains in the honey, beeswax eggs, and infant juices and other garbage. Honey beekeeping is mechanically removed from the mechanical way of honey like pure, as well as the discharges are complete.

Wax is available from beeswax, but wax is not collected from beekeepers. If the wax is collected, then the chuck is formed. Bees take a lot of time to make new chicks. After the honey is disconnected, the chicks are intact, as soon as the honeybees are pure again in the empty chambers, so the discharges are completely filled.

Wax is obtained from beeswax, but wax is not collected from beeschup beekeepers. If the wax is collected, the chalk is damaged. Bees take a lot of time to make new chicks. After this, the bees are kept intact after the honey is drained, as soon as the bees begin to collect honey in the empty chambers. Besides, if there is a wooden frame inside the mouth box, bees can make chicks quickly if the wax mold or ‘Comb Foundation Sitting’. That is why it is possible to get more honey in a short time by performing bees.

During the swirling swelling, the bees carry lots of pollen grains in their feet and chest hair. Pollen occurs when one flower pollen is passed on in another flowering womb, which results in fruit. Thus, the bees work through pollination to increase the production of fruits and crops. During the special season when lots of flowers are planted in a garden or crop field, there will be plenty of alcohol on one hand while moving the beaches along the bees, while the production of fruits or crops will increase.

The acceptance of beekeeping as a cottage industry will lead to much unemployed employment. Beekeeping in low-income families in rural areas will provide an additional income opportunity.

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Suitable Environment

The selected area should be surrounded by shade, dry, and surrounding bees, which are suitable for food storage. Some seasonal trees may be planted on an urgent basis if needed. There should be a lot of noise in the area around the selected place and there is no smoke generator.


The box of bee that is performed in the box is made up of different parts. The floor of the floor, the children’s house, the honey cloth, the lid, and the roof are different parts of a mou ball. Wooden rows are arranged in rows and bamboo rows. The bees create chalk in this frame. Boxes are collected after collecting bees and their chicks from any tree holes.

A bee family has only one queen bee, some men and most workers are bees. The task of collecting chalk, raising of children, honey and pollen of flowers is done by all the bees. But if the bee receives honey from the hive, a bee feather will have to take care of the bees. In the different seasons of the year, taking various measures and taking measures to treat their disease, beekeeping information is included. Here is a brief discussion on this.

A) Seasonal management

Bees can be divided into three spheres in different seasons. For example, when there is abundant food in the beeswax, and during the food crisis.

When the number of bees growing in a mouche is growing, when the bees grow in abundance, while the female bees grow, it is time to break the bees. At this time, flowers are seen in nature and bees gather plenty of pollen and flower juice. The new frame will be given to the children in the family. A new queen has to be removed by removing old and defective queen from the bun. Generally, the bees are flanked at the end of the Bronze Age. It is necessary to take the necessary steps so that the bees can not fly anywhere else.

The newly created man, the queen bees, will not be able to fly and move anywhere else. If the number of bees is very high, then they should be divided into more than one box, increasing the ancestry of bees, sometimes the colonies should be kept in view of other problems.

During the saving of food, there are plenty of flowers in nature. The honeybees are fed to pollinated green bees. With honey juice, honey bees make honey and collect honey from the honey. There will be more new chicks in the honey room so there is no shortage of honey. Shake

At the time of the food crisis, there are very few flowers to collect food in nature, so that the bees fall into the food crisis. This syrup was made by mixing sugar syrup at this time to meet the shortage of food.

After the syrup, a bowl or leaf should be given in the vessel that will serve the syrup in the vineyard, so that bees can drink the juice sitting on it. Syrup should be served at a specific time (evening) at night so that other bees in other bunches do not fight for food.

If there is a possibility of loss of rainfall, the entry of the Mouball will be kept in safe and taxable areas by reversing wind and growth. Otherwise, the box should cover beams on the roof and keep the bees from heavy rain. Colonies can become weak during the food crisis.

A box should be placed in a beehive by mixing bees in a small number of four chalks. The food crisis does not occur all the time at the same time. For this, the mausoleum can be moved to an area where lots of flowers can be found. At the time of the food crisis, the bees are more prone to diseases, so be careful about the colony.

B) Enemy and disease

Bees are damaged due to various types of enemies and diseases. Here are the two major enemies and diseases. Mompokha-Vijay, monsoon attack is the highest in climate in Satsang. It is understood by looking at the cover of a spider on top of the Chak slab. A mouthpiece covered with a lid-covered Piper’s mouth is open and inside the dead pupes are found. The solution to this problem is to clean the mouthpiece, remove the old and dirty chests and clean the bamboo floor with potassium permanganate.

If the attack of mumps causes paradychalero-benzene-containing medicines to keep a small amount of box left in the corner, this insect attack can be avoided. In this case, the gate of the night box should be closed and open in the morning. Acarine is usually a disease of the whole bee.

The wings of the diseased bees were split and the English letters became like ‘A’ and many bees were seen walking in front of the chest. In front of the box, there is a yellow duvet like a dump. The bees flutter in the colonies. In many cases, they can be seen in paralysis. The affected queen stops eggs.

It seems to be an aquarium. The remedy for the acarine disease is the vapor of methyl salicylate inside the maujana. For this, a small bottle should be closed with a rubber cork with methyl salicylate.

There is no need for a separate place for establishing the income-expense beekeeping project. In the house of the house, in the verandah of the house, on the roof or in the garden can be placed in the box.

On the other hand, the total cost of setting up maize in 5 maize colonies of Apes Melifera species will be 25 to 27 thousand takas. In this case, mow-box and other machinery and equipment can be used for 10-15 years. No money will be invested. Each of the mellifera species of honey can be collected up to 50 kg of honey every year, whose market value is 50 kg – 250 rupees (5 kg) – 5 boxes = 6,500,500 For setting up the project, it is possible to earn only 25-27 thousand rupees a year and earning up to 60 thousand rupees per year.

This income can be multiplied by increasing the number of quadrangle numbers every year. By establishing such projects in short work, on the one hand, it can be benefited from monetary gain and in the process of indirect support for the production of fruits and crops by providing assistance in the pollination process.


Honey boiling bees or bees are very painful. Only the person who has been victimized by the hilt is feeling irritable. People, even the other creatures, also avoid bees or bees, but many of them are unknown to the venom that can be collected from the bees and bees from Bhimrul’s holes. A company in New Zealand he has heard my message. Not only this, the European Union (EU) has sought authorization for marketing of beeswax poison.

Nelson Honey & Marketing, a company called Honey beetle acting as an obstruction in inflammation of the arterial pain. If you consume a small amount of bee poisonous milk (venom milk) with two teaspoons of honey every day, the arthritis is fertile. According to them, arthritis treatment of aroma beetles is not a new concept. Some clinics are treated with rickets of bee humming. The UK Food Standards Agency said it may be considered next month to apply to the New Zealand-based company.

Professor Alan Selman, President of Authrite Research Campaign, According to him, there is no evidence that the honey and the honey beetle is effective.

Mou Colony Care

Our country is usually a good time to collect honey from the month of January to the month of January. Apart from the time mentioned in a favorable environment as well as exceptions in some areas honey can be collected.

Below are the important points of honeymoon service:

Care of B-Plants in the area.

For the collection of more honey, the colonel is temporarily transferred to adjoining areas of adequate B-plants.

Arrange the colony consolidation if necessary to get honey during scheduled flowering.

Opening the entire part of the movement door during the day. If you have a tendency to leave the flock then you must put the quintet.

In some cases, the Queen Excluders must be placed between the brood and the super chamber.

For the convenience of giving more eggs to the queen bees, it is necessary to place baseline on the Brud Chamber and the old chalk in the middle of the two frames.

In the same way, to provide more honey to the super chamber, baskachak and old good chak can be established.

Honey will be collected with the help of honey extraction system if 70 percent of honey is deposited in honey in the super chamber.

At the end of the honeymoon, at the time of collecting the last honey, at least one chak in the colony will be kept in the house.

It is better to establish another super-chamber temporarily if it is not possible to collect honey in due course.

If you have created male and queen cells without any need, then it will be cut off.

Collected honey will be processed in a modern manner and kept in clean airtight containers.

At the end of the honeymoon, all the knives in the super chamber and extra chains of the Brud Chamber will be dried by sun drying.

In spite of having sufficient bees in the colonnade, at some time the bees are reluctant to make chairs in the super chamber or they do not accumulate honey. In these cases, if the upper part of the 2/1 chak is removed by modusha (partial/complete), then put it in super chamber with superframe and there is good results. Apart from this, it can also be placed in super-frames from any other colony and can be placed in the super chamber of such a colony.

In the last phase of the honey beat, the number of colonies can be increased by dividing some maul colonies. Routine Momic Care will also be continued with respect to this requirement. In summing up, it can be said that one should follow the above-stated tips for bee farming aptly and minutely.