How to Start a Security Consultancy Business in Bangladesh

Start a Security Consultancy Business in Bangladesh

Start a Security Consultancy Business in Bangladesh

There are various duties and responsibilities when some in the security consultancy business. You might find opportunities related to domestic terrorism, physical security system features or securing internal documents and proprietary software depending on your location. You can gain familiarity by completing security classes and attending trade shows while it helps to have industry experience.

That’s why you must be expert identifying security threats and then help their clients defend against them in a cost-effective manner as a security consultant. Because the companies increasingly realize that they need external help and advice in order to plan and defend strategically against security threats, security consultancy services are very much in demand. Also, this is a highly attractive business to first-time entrepreneurs and offers great potential to expand with low start-up costs.

What is a Security Consultancy Business in Bangladesh & Why to Start?

Whether it’s in the physical or online worlds, all businesses need to take security seriously. That’s why there is a strong demand for security consultancy business across the world. Most organizations today realize how important the service is when the loss of information, data or property can be extremely damaging to a business. This is because they defend against security threats in the first place and have in place adequate procedures for dealing with security breaches, should the worst happen.

Thus the importance of security consultancy business demand is getting increased gradually. As a result, starting a security consulting business provides you with a varied and rewarding opportunity with great profit potential if you have experience in the field.

Steps to Start a Security Consultancy Business in Bangladesh

As the security consultancy business in so significant, you’ll need both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of security. Also, you will need to be able to advise them strategically and confidently because your clients will be employing you for your expert knowledge.

Moreover, you must be a good communicator and have a good attention to detail as a consultant. Besides, the things like new security threats and advancements in security technology must be aware extremely. Now, let’s know how to start a security consultancy business in Bangladesh.

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Step #1- Business Plan

Not only for a security consultancy business but for all a business plan is very vital to the success. The business will not go far because it lacks the basic blueprint that serves as a guide to business if you don’t have a specific plan for your business and you start the business.

As a result, you need to write a detailed business plan for your security company as the first and foremost. Where there should cover the security service your company will specialize in along with the estimated amount of capital needed to run the business and how to raise the capital.

Step #2 – Training & Skills

When you’re starting a security consultancy business, it means that you have a vast experience in the area of security. However, in order to increase your abilities to offer top niche security consulting service to your clients, you have to go for specialized security training. Here are some of the specialized courses and certifications below:

  1. Professional Security Protection
  2. Certified Protection Professional

Step #3 – Costs

Start-up costs of security consultancy business are fairly low as it prioritizes the performance most. It’s what makes the business attractive to first-time entrepreneurs. Also, there are some people who start the business from their home and later on they extend when the clients get increased.

Because many consultants gain most of their work through networking and word-of-mouth, marketing costs are likely to be fairly moderate. Moreover, you’ll most likely have plenty of contacts and from this, you may find your clients if you have previously worked within the security industry.

Step #4 – Licenses & Permits

Although you require some permits and licenses to permit you to run a security consultancy business, this is a sensitive industry. For the aspect of Bangladesh, it’s simple and anyone can start this business having a trade license and some other simple formalities.

But, if you want to get a gun with the services then you have to contact your district administrator or Home Ministry. When these all are set, you can start the business with full spectrum. Also, you can contact your legal advisor in order to avoid the stress to collect all license and permits.

Step #5 – Employ Workers

Those who have at least basic security training and certifications must prioritize them. This is because you’re likely not going to run this business alone. Moreover, it’s essentially needed to employ an assistant, a receptionist, an account officer, a legal adviser amidst others to run your security consultancy business.

Step #6 – Advertising

If you don’t create an extensive awareness then your firm will experience little or no progress. In this case, it doesn’t matter how good your security consulting service is and lack of marketing and advertising there is no hope. That’s why if you want to advertise your security consulting firm; here are some real ways you to try:

Sending Proposals to Companies

There may have some companies who require the services of a security consulting firm, so you have to make of them. That’s not all, after making a list send them your proposal. Also, the Government may have jobs for private security consulting firms most times. So, when sure opportunities arise, you can also send in proposals.

Collaborating with other firms

Since each security firm has its area of specialization, other security firms around should not be seen as competitors. While contributing your expertise on a security issue to build the needed business relationship, you can collaborate with another.

Step #7 – Market Research

Before making a plan where you want to take your services, do some market research. What you have to do in this case is to observe at the security consultancies operating in your area. And try to find out whatever they’re offering along with their fees and charges. Also, the research includes whether they already use the services of a security consultancy. Or, whether there is a demand for consulting services in a specific area.

More Steps to Follow

For your security consultancy business in Bangladesh, you have to follow some more steps are below:

  • Insurance and compliance
  • Networking with people in the industry
  • Opt to make introductory speeches
  • Register your company