How to Start a Security Guard Recruitment Agency in 2019

Start a Security Guard Recruitment Agency in 2019

Start a Security Guard Recruitment Agency in 2019

As it’s important to do everything possible to stay safe in today’s world, you can start a security guard recruitment agency in 2019. But, the world often feels very unsafe with numerous random shootings at work and other venues, terrorist attacks, and other crimes.

Private security guard services are playing a much more pivotal role in keeping the peace as well while police and other law enforcement personnel do an unbelievable job of putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

Today’s security guards are often the first line of defense when a dangerous situation happens, trained to perform a variety of security and life-saving procedures.

This is because security guard services are some of the fastest-growing industries in 2019. As there are many agencies that recruits and supply security guards, you also can open an agency for this purpose. Related – 10 Profitable Security Business Ideas

An Overview of Security Guard Recruitment Agency in 2019

There are 300,000 to 400,000 people are employed as security guards by a total of 700 agencies at present at different establishments across 2019.

But, the actual overview of the security guard recruitment agency in 2019 is very pitiable. This is because private security service companies are running their businesses without any specific rules and regulations in place.

As a result, they are growing risk that militants masquerading as security staff may plot acts of sabotage against 2019’s important establishments.

Security service providers are operating merely with a trade license like other businesses. And the people involved in the sector are said that the companies are not being properly monitored as well.

In this issue, Mohammad Shah Alam Sarker, general secretary of 2019 Security Services Companies Owners Association, said that although anyone can launch a security service business with a license from city corporations or municipality authorities, if the agencies want an arms license for their guards, they have to sign a contract and take permission either from the district administration or from the Home Ministry.

It’s good news for this sector that the government is working on integrating all the agencies to check the possible inclusion of militants.

Steps to Start a Security Guard Recruitment Agency in 2019

Since there are many entrepreneurs who enter this field in the hope of getting an early success, the competition in the industry is getting tougher gradually.

However, as they could not succeed in the competition, most fail to give their company a good start. The major reason is that they ignored some basics is the common reason why many such companies fail.

And, among them, some entered the business without doing the proper research of the security guard recruitment agency marketplace. Well, let’s know how to start a security guard recruitment agency in 2019 with a few specific steps.

First Step: Business Plan

A business plan is a first and foremost step for every business to write a business plan, which should be accurate and well-researched.

Also, an effective business plan gives you a clear picture of the market and customers that you need for your security guard recruitment agency. Moreover, it tells about the ways that you would be moving forward in establishing your business.

Your expectations regarding the profitability of the business should come clearly. On the other hand, it not only has to be clear guidelines for locating potential clients in the market but it should present an analysis of your competitors as well.

In your business plan, you must get mentioned their pricing, marketing material, logos, websites, and other things.

Second Step: Business Location

Either rent or buy a business location from the local real estate listings. If you compare prices and locations then you can see what’s in your budget and what would work best for your business. Also, the location is essential when you’ll apply for a license.

But, remember that as clients will likely be visiting you at this location, make sure it looks professional and that it’s in a fairly convenient area.

It’s said that a proper business location can make and an improper business location can break your business venture. So, keep the highest importance while selecting a business location.

Third Step: Business Entity

While incorporating a business entity, it’s best for the promoters of a security guard recruitment agency to opt for a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership.

This is because the security guard service business model inherently involves a few risks.

These include:

  • Getting numerous employees covered under ESI & PF
  • Obtaining licenses
  • Registrations for operation
  • Exposure to liability
  • The sensitive nature of the service

Fourth Step: Startup Costs

At the starting of a business, it costs a lot of money for various purposes. So, you either need to save money for those costs or find financing to meet a huge demand.

And when you research the costs of opening a business in your area, look at potential locations, supply costs, and so on to determine how much you’ll need to start your business.

Although there is one option is a small business loan, you’ll need good credit to qualify, as well as some collateral and a good business plan.

The startup costs are included with:

  • Purchase supplies
  • Rent or buy office space
  • Pay licensing fees, and so on

Fifth Step: Necessary Supplies

Depending on the type of security business you’re running, you can decide what supplies you need. But, along with a way of documenting issues on site, you’ll definitely need a way to communicate with employees. Employees can free up their hands for their job, they will likely need a tool belt.

If you plan on arming your employees then you may also need to purchase firearms. So, the supplies are including:

  • Pen
  • Phone
  • Digital camera
  • Computer
  • Tool belt
  • Firearms etc

Sixth Step: Business Marketing

When it comes to marketing your goods or services, running a business requires that you should be hands-on. You must go all out to employ strategies if you choose to launch a security guard recruitment agency.

Because there are well-known brands that determine the market direction for the security camera services industry, that will help you attract customers or else you will likely struggle with the business.

Also, when they know that you are going to deliver an excellent job people and organizations will hire your services.

And their lives and properties will become safer while going to get value for their money. So, you must make sure that customers will get excellent service whenever they hire your services.