How to Start a Website Hosting Business in Bangladesh

Start a Website Hosting Business in Bangladesh

How to Start a Website Hosting Business in Bangladesh

Indeed, starting a website hosting business in Bangladesh is a profitable business. Sitting in the confinements of their home, many people want to start a personal website hosting business in Bangladesh.

Where there some of them feel that it’s not a very realistic idea and others manage to generate thousands of dollars merely by reselling the hosting packages of top hosting firms. If you want to get success in this business, there are the main two things to focus on.

The first one is to make your business attracting the customers through promoting and marketing. And the second one is to set-up a new hosting business without any technical know-how that can be easily used by anyone to seamlessly. Here it’s not covered the knowledge of running servers is a vast topic in itself. So, why not start a business of web hosting your own?

Why Start a Website hosting Business in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is not only getting developed economically but the internet and technologically as well. It means that the development is spread over all sectors, especially, in the tech sector. This is the reason that many foreign companies and organizations are coming to Bangladesh to invest. The country offers the lowest labor wage along with many more advantages.

Apart from the developing economy, it’s getting to the higher level of technology. So, the rates of creating websites are increasing fast. This is the point where you’ll implement your website hosting business in the country. So, running a web hosting business can be quite lucrative if you’re able to get several back-to-back clients. Although the market is extremely competitive, still there are chances to make a good profit from it.

Steps to Start a Website hosting Business in Bangladesh

You wonder why everyone isn’t doing website hosting business in Bangladesh as it’s so simple to start. Although it’s cheap, easy, and safe to start your own hosting business, it’s not so easy to continue because of a plenty of competitors. But, don’t worry; we’re here to help you how you can survive from this issue. That’s why you have to know how to start a website hosting business in Bangladesh. Hopefully, you’re continuing with us till to the end of the article.

Step #1 – Find What Your Niche is

As there are not fields are kept covered, there is competition in the web hosting business. Although it’s not yet, you won’t be able to compete with the giants of the industry.

However, if you find a specific niche group then you can start from there. That’s why you need to be separated from other companies offering something unique and special. It might be either target a specific community or an additional service like web design or a revolutionary pricing plan.

So, before you get into the nitty-gritty of your hosting business you need to figure it out first whatever your niche turns out to be. That’s why a niche is at the first of all steps of website hosting business.

Step #2 – Know Your Competitors

Apart from finding the right niche, it’s also much essential to research and understand your competitors. Basically, it must be unique what you offer and it’s rare that you’ll have no competitors. You’re likely to have more than a few competitors if you’re getting specialized your market though.

You need to see what they’re doing that works and research their business models. This will help to find out where the room is for improvement. The best strategy for discovering ways to outdo them is to analyze your competitors.

Step #3 – Make a Model of Your Business

Being a part of the website hosting business, we’re here into the business already. What you have to do is to get the details of your niche marketing and invent your brand. Here are the plans to finalize in this stage, such as brand, website design, and business plan with all digital industries.

Step #4 – Define the Type of Server

You still have a few different options to choose from assuming you’re reselling server space from a hosting company.

Dedicated Server Hosting: It’s a server dedicated to a single client as the name suggests a dedicated server. It’s the most expensive of the types while the features are extensive.

Cloud Hosting: Because you don’t have to worry about scaling or infrastructure, cloud servers are great. Its performance remains consistent, even with an unexpected spike in traffic. So, the cloud hosting is somewhere in the middle in terms of pricing.

VPS Hosting: As smaller dedicated servers, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a single server (cloud or otherwise) that is partitioned to suit multiple systems at the same time. It’s not only easily the cheapest option but a good place to start for beginners in the hosting business while space is limited.

Step #5 – Find your potential dedicated server partner

It’ll be vital to your success while choosing the right dedicated server partner. If you pick the wrong data center your clients will not want their content migrated.

Because of this error, you can lose your new web host. As this will end in disaster, avoid looking for the cheapest dedicated server provider. So, keep it in mind that quality service will take more and quality customers. That’s why it’s another essential step to find out who the best potential dedicated server partner is.

More Steps to Follow

Now, let’s know some other steps to follow, which are not ignorable while starting a website hosting business in Bangladesh:

  • Launch Customer Service and Support
  • Legal Entities and Licensing regarding your business
  • Define Your Web Hosting Brand
  • Setup Your Website, Billing System, and Support Channels
  • Find Web Hosting Clients
  • Grow and Expand your business