How to Start an Electronic Bulbs Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

Electronic Bulbs Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

Electronic Bulbs Manufacturing Business

You can start electronic bulbs manufacturing business in Bangladesh with a low investment. With a 25% growth rate, bulb, especially LED bulbs industry is growing tremendously year by year nowadays. And almost every light will be LED-based by 2030.

That’s why you can start LED bulb business in Bangladesh. What you need is to know how to make great marketing for the led bulbs that manufactured by you to start this business, no need for great investment and skill. So, we’re going to discuss manufacturing process, marketing etc of the led bulbs in this article.

Although initiating a full scale LED light manufacturing includes a large-scale factory operation with definitely a complex production process, any individual can initiate an LED light assembling unit as a small and medium scale manufacturing operation.

Why Start an Electronic Bulbs Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh?

Although business ideas are all around us, one of the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs are confronted with is how to know a business that can succeed. Those who are needed the products or services in our everyday life; the rule of thumb in choosing a business to launch is to look out for a business.

If you have the business exposure and financial requirements then starting an electronic bulb manufacturing business is quite good. And the next step to follow is that to write a good business plan if you’re sure that this type of business. The growing economy and the growing demand for bulbs are all to support to start the business.

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Steps to Start an Electronic Bulbs Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh

Although it’s true that one thing to have a fantastic idea cum business plan, it is another thing for the business plan to translate to money. This is because it’s important to assemble a team of experts to work with. And its production process is also comparatively easy and requires a low investment.

But, when you want to start the business, you should follow many steps to make your business stable and long-lasting. Now, let’s know the steps to start electronic bulbs manufacturing business in Bangladesh.

First Step: Business Plan

When it comes to your business and the things that may happen along the road, have a vivid business plan enclosing all the necessary issues and matters that you must consider. You’ll be able to start your bulbs manufacturing business when you’ll know everything regarding this business. See- How to write a solid business plan.

Also, a detailed description of your business should be included in the plan. Besides, you’ll need to divide your time between production, marketing, and customer service for electronic bulbs manufacturing business. The things that you should know are including-

  • Zoning requirements
  • Certain material storage
  • Electrical requirements
  • Requirements of the building structure
  • Location choice etc


Second Step: Location of the Business

The best location where you can construct your new business is the second essential thing that you must take in your mind. And if you want a better result then you must earn a nice relationship with the local planning commission.

Apart from these, they will be your guide and assistance in solving the problems or answering any queries that you have. Besides, if you select the proper location then it will help you avoid mistakes that are costly.

Third Step: Required Tools & the Costs

The next thing to do is to research the equipment that you are going to make use after deciding about the product. Having a background of the vendors that can provide you with such devices and their proper installation is also necessary for you.

You’ll not need to secure a large area because you’re not going to set up a full-scale commercial business. You’re going to start your business in small scale. But, regardless of small or large scales, you must arrange the utilities like electricity, water, and skilled labor. In this case, you have to know about their-

  • Ideal price
  • Pros and cons
  • Their cost of maintenance

Fourth Step: LED Light Manufacturing Machine

As LED light manufacturing or assembling process is complex, basic Knowledge and skill are required in starting any type of unit operation. But, as a whole, it’s difficult to enlist machinery. According to the specific type of LED you want to produce and the raw material, you’ll need to select machines.

It’s advisable to have a detailed project plan or business plan while starting a LED/ electronic bulbs manufacturing business. In this purpose, some of the common machines are including:

  • Lights assembly machine
  • PCB assembly machine
  • LED chip SMD mounting machine
  • High speed LED mounting machine
  • LED tube light assembly machine etc
  • Candlelight assembly machine for LED

Fifth Step: Manufacturing Materials of LED/ electronic bulbs

If you perform a simple search on Google and then you can get this raw material at a very low price. As the total cost of the material is dead cheap, you can also make a different type of led using RC Driver.

But, it depends upon the quality of the product and you need electronic tools like soldering iron, screwdriver and few more assembly kits which are easily available in your local market. The best part of the business is that you can start manufacturing from your home.

And just turning into a complete product like the LED bulb or LED tube or LED lamp only difference is the plastic body; below parts are the raw materials:

  • Heat Zinc
  • HPF IC Driver
  • B22 cap
  • Body and Diffuser
  • Packaging box

Sixth Step: Marketing

Although it’s easy to start LED/ electronic bulbs manufacturing business, marketing is not a cake walk. So, before going to start LED bulb manufacturing, you’ll need to have a perfect marketing plan.

And if you look at your local market then you’ll find that there are a few international and national brands are there.

In the game of marketing, you need to show a clear difference in quality within the price range. And you have a chance to make our price affordable to all as the LED bulb making cost is low.

The retailers will prefer to sell your products if you give great commission to them. And you must ensure that your products are available in electric shops and all the local stores along with general stores. Also, you can consider online presence through social media and your own website.