How to Start Bee Farming Business

Start Bee Farming Business


Bee farming business is a great idea as a business. It is mainly seen in rural area, village side area. It’s profitable business indeed. Entrepreneurs loved this idea to do. Start Bee farming business doesn’t demand so much investment or so much take can be considered as side business also.

Some information about starting bee farming business……

Land and housing

Landowners of the apiaries owned, leased, or food, and accessible sites where they can find a bee when people or animals are a nuisance, it is not. Restrict or prohibit beekeeping, as well as (in the province of California) must be rules for beekeeping compliance, including the settlement of registration. In some places, the cells disappeared for good. Apiaries has completed in other regions is not a fixed position for a period of six or more times a year.

Construction – You can save and equipment, feed the bees and antibiotic treatment, winner of the mixture of honey and will manage the place. Some people use the garage or shed, but what is really needed is a great advantage. Many owners rent a bee farm. Some other “honey house.” Building and construction of facilities, equipment, and other features that owners of beehives to ensure the effective use of notes.
Equipment and Supplies

Cars – Fez bees from one place to another for the necessary equipment or vehicles. And often they are removed flatbed truck for hives, on the one hand, decorated with an arrow in, or is used a forklift to fire. Some apiary owners use car or truck.

Hives – wooden box cells with four aspects of the framework that the bottom of the bees builds combs to keep the batteries. Each basket has a bottom plate and cover. Bee glue a small incision in the article “bee glue” (populist) with. In a cup in the said part of the region. It is glued wax (base) with a plate of relief to the edge of the central structure of the new cells. Base and raise more on both sides of the knife on the colored beeswax comb cells. The cages are used to store food comb, groups, bee child, and air conditioning.

Start Bee Farming Business

When the queen bee stripping the size of the grating (or drone) to prevent the worker bees, which will be able through the passage of a wire or plastic, which is to fit with.

Drawing is a means of additional pairs RIM linked bees provide absorbent pad place of drilling, such as with paint, smoke drives the bees out of the box.

Cover feeders that usually corresponds to the hole in the upper part of the Council of Ministers, to cover small holes gallon box. Wax or plastic or wooden backs similar to the size of the device and suspended poured syrup was removed.

Reduce the blocks recording of wood or plastic, that trip will be partially closed to the penetration of the entrance to a cell or mice.

Continuous ventilation screen cell trip to the entrance ramp.

Council and used in accordance with Article or frame, as the beehive of certain parts of the separation to the maximum.

“Naked” (Basic) is a hive of small boxes specially designed frames 04:57 NUC queen bee, keeping and breeding refers to 2-5 frames or food.

Brush long angry bees, Jamar brushing with a soft brush.

He fled on board a port that breaks like bees in a hive box in the direction of devices and is placed in a box with the other passed.

If you smoke is used for cell-cell to break the links between the components of the populist tool was not able to calm the bees stabbed the veil and prevent the hat.

Smokers and things of everyday life of the tool used cell.

Dress white clothes to protect and prevent bites.

Elbow, bee gloves away from maintaining the exterior and interior.