How to Start Broiler Farming Business

Broiler Farming Business

How to Start Broiler Farming Business

Broiler is a species of hen. Its raise so firstly and that’s why broiler farming business is too good to do. As a family enterprise offers profitable employment and recreation to the members of the family. If it can be managed properly than benefit are easy to have.

There are some issues which should know and follow to start Broiler farming business. These are as follows:

Location or house management:

Broiler farming business demands not a large area sufficient. If it is possible then one should have a permanent place to keep the boilers. It must be located in 25 m. radius from sources of ground and surface drinking water. It’s better to locate the nearby water source.

Food Management

• the replacement of commercial feed for broiler chickens fed coating on May 1 for several weeks and then feeds the birds.
• is fed any delay in the diet of fattening directly at the age of eight weeks of marketing.
• Enhance added fattening chicken is raw material to contain commercially grown. Chicken production of food additives fattening profitability of farmers and help to fight the disease.

Health Management

• cannot be the most economical method is achieved and is ideal for combating diseases, good management, good health and have an effective vaccination program. A program that is best suited for their business, please contact your veterinarian.


• alternative distribution channels for the company, and even to start questioning the market at the time of harvest must be weighed before making any decision. Freezers in hotels, restaurants, cafes and buyers from institutions and supermarkets and can be created using the marketing system.
• Manufacturers or cooperatives Association of market structure, so as to reach an agreement on the total price. Organizer, they have the market power of the manufacturers selling price.
He evaluated manufacturers that sell profitably poultry or buses are advised to prepare and is sold on behalf of the company or the market.
• (1, 6-1,9 kg chicken is selling for optimal weight. Body weight).