How to Start a Cow Farming Business to Produce Meat

Cow Farming Business to Produce Meat

Start Cow Farming Business to Produce Meat

Why you should start a cow farming business is consisted of various reasons and they also depend on you mostly. For example, if some raise large herds to sell then others raise them to sell their milk in the case of dairy.

Even some people raise cattle so that they can show at fairs and other local events. But, many families are deciding to raise cattle for their personal use in today’s economy of Bangladesh.

So, if you one of them who are thinking to start cattle farming then you must have to know how to start a cattle farming business and all other things related to it. In this case, the most vital part is the fund of business and you must have to have or arrange sufficient funds or resources for starting and operating this business successfully.

Why Start Cow Farming Business to Produce Meat

Starting a cow farming business has a lot of reasons. Although you may consider raising cattle on large scale for meat, some people want to raise dairy cattle for the purpose of selling milk.

But, whatever your reasons are, the great positive point is that there are great demands of cattle meat in Bangladesh. After the consumption of chickens, cattle meat is the second position that is eaten frequently in Bangladesh.

Also, the needs are increased in the various occasion like Eid ul Azha (the largest festival of Bangladeshi Muslims). Moreover, people prefer to feed cattle meat to their guests while there is a marriage ceremony. Thus, there are huge demands of cattle meat across the country and across the year as well. That’s why those who have the ability to start the business, they can get a good revenue from it.

Steps to Start Cow Farming Business to Produce Meat

There are a few basics about how to start a cow farming business, whether you want to start a commercial operation or want to have a few animals for your family’s need. In the prospects of Bangladesh, cattle farming are one of the most common as well as profitable animal farming business.

Despite starting with a minimum number of animals and expand gradually, the business comes with its own fair share of challenges. That’s why there is no alternative to perform a deep market research, economic and cost analysis and definitely feasibility studies. Well, let’s know what the required steps to start a cow farming business in Bangladesh.

First Step: Business Plan

This is the first and foremost step for all business to make a good business plan for starting and operating your own cow farming business.

You’ll need to research your area and note down anything that you think might cost money. For any unforeseen occurrences, it’s also a good idea to plan for emergency funds and reserves.

And if you want to attract investors or partners and also if you want to obtain loans then a good business plan is also very useful and helpful. Moreover, a business plan comes with all that is needed for a business and it must include all the expenses like:

  • Overheads and costs
  • Business funds
  • Cost for purchasing animals
  • Establishment cost,
  • Cost of salary for staff,
  • Pasture management
  • Cost of feed
  • Cost for animal care and many more

Second Step: Farm Location

Another most important thing is that you should select a good location for your farm. So, try to learn whether raising animals is permitted in your selected area or not while selecting a location. Also, if there are good transportation and other required facilities available in the selected area then it will be good. Although you can either use your existing land or purchase from a vendor, it will cost you more in case of purchasing land. If there is a higher population or land is in higher demand than in other areas then land prices generally tend to increase. In this case, you can consider buying an existing or abandoned farm or ranch. Besides, if you contact the local agriculture extension office then you can get the information about the-

  • Soil type,
  • Vegetation,
  • Stocking rates
  • Carrying capacity for pastures,
  • Market demands etc

Third Step: Equipment & Machinery

Yes, you’ll need to purchase some equipment and machinery depending on the size of your farm. So, when you need to know what you need for current facilities, equipment and machinery, operation type and financial situation to determine your farm size. Among the other added assets are-

  • Fencing,
  • Watering facilities,
  • Feed bunks/troughs or
  • Bale feeders

Fourth Step: Cattle Shelter

As shelter is a must for keeping your animals safe, you’ll need to build multiple buildings and if you want to raise dairy cattle then milking parlor with stanchions. Also, you need a calf bard and a barn for holding cows because beef cattle require less housing facilities. And if you can just keep them safe inside then they will be good.

Fifth Step: Choose Breed

After determining the purpose of your cow farming business, which is to produce meat, choose your desired breed. Although there are hundreds of cattle breed available throughout the world to choose from, you should consider the availability of your desired breed in your area.

And avoid choosing the breed that is not easily available in your area. You can consider some popular dairy cattle breeds if you’re willing to start dairy cow farming business.

But, you should consider such breeds which are known for their good temperament and also which are not labor intensive in the case of beef production. Some of the best beef breeds are below:

  • British White,
  • Galloway,
  • Hereford,
  • Red Poll
  • Shorthorn
  • Angus

Sixth Step: Feeding Animals

As the part of cow farming business, feeding is much essential for both beef and milk production. If you want to keep your animals healthy then you must have to ensure quality feeding. And it’s the best option if you produce the feeds of your own.

That’s why you should find out the amount of pasture that will be required for the animal. Because purchasing from another source can cost you a lot, producing hay of your own will be good. But, it will comprise large feeding costs and you should be ready for all these.

Some Other Essential Steps to Start a Cow Farming Business

  • Purchase cattle
  • Take good care
  • Keep records
  • Type of cattle
  • Amount of pasture